^^| The Best Tank in World of Tanks.

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Source: SirCircon

Best Heavy-Medium-Tankdestroyer--Tank in game.


  1. Circon, this is your best commentary yet. I could tell you were in a good
    mood when you recorded this. Keep making more videos man. Please and thank

  2. Gg

  3. 8k dmg, 2k base XP with a Skorpion G. Only 1k was from over 300m because
    I’m not a sniping pussy.

  4. They should make the bottom of the e5 cupola (the little ring bit below the
    machine gun) still strong, and make the actual machine part weaker. If they
    made the actual cupola, it would be very bad for the tank

  5. Top Tier Golder………. good Noob Noob…

  6. is dis from asia server? cuz Aku means “I am” in malay…so IamGamerTiger?

  7. Screw cupola buff, I would nerf the damn lower plate to the pre-HD levels.
    So you can still hull down pretty nicely, but when you are out of position,
    your lower plate gets fucked…you know like in 90 % of heavy tanks. The
    lower plate is ridiculous, with weakspots in the corners, but good luck
    hitting that if the driver is competent, in his ”fast traversing, aims
    quicker than your med heavy tank”

  8. This guys ammo management makes me wanna fucking puke.

  9. (Pls puff up my ego and like this comment so Circ might see it)
    Since you asked for them, here are two of my replays from this patch.
    This replay showcases the glorious balance that is arty. (for the memes)
    Im actually proud of this replay. I was playing the Maltida IV as a rental
    and had this game. If you do the math, I do more damage in that game than
    my entire team combined.
    (Pls puff up my ego and like this comment so Circ might see it)

  10. What’s funny about this replay especially is that the dude playing the E5
    ain’t that good. But the tank is dank so who really cares

  11. 1 vs 13 and winning! Kolobanovs, Pools medal, 1 short for Raiseinai medal
    1641 base xp

  12. meme’s are real with this one

  13. would you take a console replay? it’s on YouTube and I don’t know if you
    would be okay doing that

  14. How about a kick ass replay that doesn’t involve an OP tank?
    Would be a nice change of pace don’t you think?

  15. ,,mising shots gold amo for what i dont like this play style ,,but e5 ovp

  16. http://wotreplays.com/site/3123527#ensk-vinylist-t57_heavy_tank T 57 Heavy
    6 Kills and 8K DMG on Ensk 🙂 Stronk Map for this Tank

  17. I really enjoyed this upload. I especially enjoyed the advice and strategic
    explanations. I wish you had the time to make more content in the same

  18. snails pace going backwards and easily ammo racked are the two weaknesses
    of the E5 that bug me when playing it

  19. Can you do a replay cast of any of the T95 mediums?

  20. 1k gold say Circon can have a battle like that in that server.every
    battle,any tier.lmfao

  21. http://wotreplays.com/site/3116335#stats
    from when i got a kolabanovs in my 13-90 in a tier 10 battle

  22. AW is removing arty…WG TAKE A HINT! :P

  23. Instead of making the cupola a weak spot again, I would make the lower
    plate weak again and maybe reduce the track traverse by a little bit. It
    would force the E5 to play a bit more like your usual ridge line American
    heavy tank, a tier 10 brawler-heavy tank shouldn’t have such a huge turret
    weak spot: the IS-7, E100 (if angled), 113 all have pretty much
    weak-spot free turrets. One thing i would definitely do is reduce the HEAT
    pen from 330mm to 300mm, that is plenty IMO.

  24. I came here expecting a Chi-Ri replay.

  25. Asia server gameplay! Next level stuff.

  26. Muffins [ALMOST NEVER] Weekly


    Says almost every unicum besides Circon, Foch, and Sliphantom.

  27. That tiger 2, won’t be suprised if he stopped playing this shitty game with
    its stupid +2 mm, ABSOLUTLY unbalanced

  28. Wow he’s such a big noob lol, just spamming heat and playing op tanks

  29. the only awkward thing about the e5 in my experience after ~500 battles in
    it, is the ammorack. te lower plate is not reliable, (yes, it’s very
    strong) but if you pen it, it’s ammorack.

  30. This comment section is cancer.
    Everyone saying e5 is balanced is either stupid or padding hard in it.

  31. waaaw i never thought my replay will be reviewed by u as well circon , its
    my honor to have this 😀

    anyway about the gold ammo shots , i was completely forgot to change it
    back to standard before i really i almost wasted most of em unnecessarily
    lmao . and same as you , i got my 3rd way more than a year ago 😉

    and about my name , it means Aku=i Tegar=hardcore
    so basically ImaHardcoreGamer kinda lol

  32. “Unnecessary as balls” :’D

  33. gun broke but he dont give a damn, i also want to highlight that e5 dont
    work for me but that is because i am unlucky player (the level of: bouncing
    side of grille with my e100 and i loaded he- kind of unluck)

  34. Whys he shooting heat at the VK B when all you need to do is aim and the
    gun port?

  35. That was a situational game that highlighted e5’s strong points, but few
    games are like that when playing it. Also, it seems that he had a very good
    crew and the enemyes did’t know where to shoot it when they had the
    opportunity. Apparently they were all set for the cuppola.

  36. He obviously forgot he was no longer fighting the VK-B in the HEAT of the

  37. As long as the best tank in the game isn’t Russian I’m happy

  38. i have 2 ace tanker games in your favorite tank, the t110e3. one on a
    defeat even. i also have a wonderful example of arty balance and map design
    on sand river
    http://wotreplays.com/site/3103045#paris-rbj1997-t110e3 8k damage on paris
    http://wotreplays.com/site/3103045#paris-rbj1997-t110e3 8.2k damage on
    siegfried defense. (ace on defeat)
    http://wotreplays.com/site/3103045#paris-rbj1997-t110e3 stronk game design.

  39. Here’s a replay of mine for you, Circon.

    Wolverine. 11 kills and Kolobanov’s

  40. 9:05 Do people still not realize you can do that with nearly if not every
    tank in the game?
    It’s always polite to take advantage of up track into hull shots.

  41. This tank makes my german E100 obsolete. Its flat armor has no function to
    the heat shells, the 150mm gun cant do nothing on AP and HEAT bounces on
    the E5’s rounded profile. Nerf it or give the E100 some buffs…

  42. The cupola was stupidly annoying because it was so easy to pen and easy to
    hit. E5 needs it’s LFP nerfed back, strong hull down is fine but sat in the
    open and you can’t pen the LFP or it trolls you isn’t fine.

  43. I do have a 6k damage game in a KR lol that was a good game

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