The BEST Tank Tier for Tier in World of Tanks?

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World Tanks – T67. Today Reisen_Udongein is going to show why some think the T5 turreted destroyer is the best tank Tier for Tier in the game!

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  1. Way tooooo good…

  2. would of thought this was good if it wasnt a t67

  3. bad gamę… T67 vs bots

  4. Not fun anymore QB. Sweeping tomatoes are just not fun anymore… Give us clash of titans…

  5. Its a UNICORN, no wonder he carried his team but that fire at the end was something no one could have predicted…..

  6. The fire at the end tho…….cheers.

  7. Too bad he was lucky
    Then again who doesn’t

  8. M4 Sherman with 105mm. So much fun in this. Over 1.4k games played.

  9. Seal clubbers wet dream

  10. What a good player. Crapping on mid tier tomatoes in a blatantly op machine. Definitely deserves a showcase.

  11. yaaaaaaa hes good but this was luck. He should have died so many times but people kept trying to snap shots and missed him.

  12. Of course, quickybaby loves his OP tier 5 tanks..

  13. We all know the T67 is the best tank tier for tier. It’s the most cancerous and heavily statpadded low tier tank in the game, and WG doesn’t care, as it’s tier V, and all the paying players are in 8-10.

  14. No way, this guy was just super lucky.

  15. I want the RNG of QB.

  16. Someone must have been wearing their brown pants.

  17. Quickybaby should play War Thunder as well as WoT

  18. t1 – MS1
    t2 – T2 light
    t3 – Strv m/40L
    t4 – Matilda
    t5 – T67
    t6 – Cromwell
    t7 – T29
    t8 – VK 100.01 (P)
    t9 – AMX 30 B
    t10 – obj 907 (obj 140)

  19. last time i play this its was the T49 lol

  20. This player is a complete stat-padder, playing mostly at low tiers – 2900 battles in a Hummel! Playing a T67 is for noobs and people with erectile dysfunctions only. After 870 T-67 games, I’d expect a result like that. Nothing to be proud of here.

  21. Best tank for padding wn8

  22. ugh.. a T67 sealclubbing stat padder… surprised he didnt use more gold…

  23. Vilmantas Simpukas

    Damn I wish i could end 4th set of missions with t67

  24. Man, I honestly like the Wolverine better.

    Sure, it’s a LOT slower, and the armor isn’t as good as it used to be (because WG inexplicably decided to nerf it to hell) but its gun is even better than the T67’s, and its stealth is still really good when maxed out. In fact, apart from the AT-2, the Wolverine has the best non premium TD DPM at tier 5.

  25. As a 2.7k wn8 guy, i gotta say T29 t7 american heavy, and T-54, t9 russian med are one of the best tier for tier.

  26. Only so much APCR…well that’s a player I can have respect for.

  27. I wonder why WG have never nerfed it? It’s such a fail player tank…

  28. Best tank for it’s tier is currently the Panzer V/IV if you have a good driver. Best spotting range with kitted out crew/modules (445m), Solid DPM, absolutely epic gun handling with great dispersion values (T10 russian med values), effective armour, big health pool and great ramming potential.

    Coincidentally it’s also great for dispatching of T67 sealclubbers since you will spot them easily due to the great viewrange and your DPM/gunhandling will make sure you out-trade them.

  29. Luck and skill!

  30. Professional seal clubber farming new players in an OP tank. Obviously nice plays there, but… meh.

  31. Love this tank on Blitz.

  32. I think the E25 is one of the best tier for tier tanks tho

  33. World of Tanks Replays

    one of the best for sure…but type 64 can be THE best.

  34. This tank needs to be nerfed

  35. Aivaras Andrijonas

    The best tier for tier tank? Skorpion G. I have it one, you are good even against tier 10s. Skorpion G is like tier 10 TD with less HP.

  36. Was expecting he blows the head off the O-I, but guess fire will do 😀 You just can’t pull off such a game without luck… And he made only 1 mistake (not aiming fully at T-34-85), otherwise he played it well.

    For me one of the best tier for tier is the T9 WZ-11111111111-4, that is just… what the f*** tank…. It might not have the armor, but the gun and speed…

  37. So I free Exp T 67 just to see how broken this TD is, 100 battle, 65% winrate with 1600 wn8, still not even 100% crew trained, still don’t have sixth sense.

    WTF, I just realized this tank is absolutely broken.

  38. Hi QB, 3:40min of your video, he should of engaged the enemy tanks who were shooting his team-mate next to him; in my opinion he played poorly especially shooting too late at the enemy tanks given the low velocity of the gun on that tank; have it in my garage;

  39. O-I EXP i think thuis tank have armore is’nt slow and can ram verry goed

  40. b-but Raisen is from Touhou game

    and Touhou doesn’t have an animu


  41. Age old mistake of enemies coming at him 1 by 1 to die, so stupid of them.
    I think T67 missed a Fadin’s medal by firing the last HE round a second too late after it was loaded.

  42. So the patch will hit Thursday next week?

  43. Best replay I’ve seen on here in years, haha.


  45. T29 is still the best tier for tier

  46. QB this replay has bothered me. It’s not an epic replay like you usually have. It’s an epic result don’t get me wrong and fair play to Reisen it’s a great match for him and we would all love to have a game like that. Usually you show epic gameplay and not someone having the luck of the world on his side in an OP T5 seal clubbing noobs coming at him one at a time and missing shots…..

  47. Oh my god , QB u changed your wallpaper !! NO.. it was iconic :c

  48. Would have to say the T29

  49. I urge you QB to stop spamming this BS at your channel mate. Aside of huge luck this lad shows no skill. I learned in many tricks in various sports, just so I don’t fall in them.. but never as a way of it. So show us skilled non gold ammo videos, but I guess its too much to ask for you and this game in general. However another poor BS!

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