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  1. 🚀Get 3% off WAR THUNDER LOOT🚀 – o7o7
    BTW the Honda Odyssey was my phirst car. I loved it so much. What was yours?

  2. Don’t quit your day job 😆 landscaping isn’t your strong suit

  3. Gaijin market is ungodly expensive now, even simple crafts can be $80+…. Lucky you can grab these things, I just want a mig21pfm and elefant lol

  4. This tank is Ikea puma 🤡

  5. It’s a Stug, but on steroids and meth.

  6. did gaijin nerf leopard 2A5 and leo 2A6 top speed?

  7. Im glad im not the only one who gets clay textures on the planes every so often 5:34

  8. Using that tank is like showing up to a pistol draw with two revolvers

  9. Hunter Bidens Crack Pipe

    It’s like a st.chamond for ww3

  10. That thing insane! 😮 it spins on the spot faster than most tanks turrets traverse… and with 2 BIG guns! Wow, that was extremely enjoyable to watch! 🤟

  11. i actually have heard of it

  12. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think Breslau is one of the best urban maps. Plenty of snipe spots, ambushes and hiding spots.

  13. 6:31 “Oh pf” pf kuh “YE-“

  14. You can totally Tokyo drift with that vehicle🤣 damn I need this vehicle

  15. The little rotating light is just a cherry on top for this absolutely bonkers ridiculous vehicle. This feels like cheating!

  16. a falcon or type 87 rcv vid? and its footage of phly just shredding those wma’s and PTLO’s. The most fun i had around that BR is killing the WMA’s that go straight for our spawn 1-2 minutes into the match. One even popped up in the spawn radar.

  17. Had an enemy that started spawn camping within one minute on Japan , absolutely disgusting

  18. I´m sorry…no matter how much WT pays you to tell us, this thing is “SO GOOD! Just look atit´s stats!”, i know it´s BS. For a player like you since day 1 it might be good for few rounds, but let us be honest: there is a reason you do not see this thing! Aiming and armour is shit. I tried it myself on testdrive. Yeah, go ahead all of you telling me how I don´t have skills to andle it. OK. I am fine with that. But be honest, 99% of the rest don´t as well! I´m sorry Phly, but WT made you their selling b*tch for crap that isn´t any good.
    I can not be subscribed to you any longer now. Stay safe and have fun. However it is unlikely we meet again in this game. Bye.

  19. Nix Ryu The Sergal

    I remember seeing this on the store way back when for like $5 bucks because nobody wanted it. Wish i had bought it then. 10:30 also seriously trying to run a double barreled auto loader out of shots? Not the brightest idea. And a tip for you phly, lead with your secondary gun, that way if you miss and need to make a snap second shot its with your dominate scoped cannon.

  20. Another amazing into. Thank you daddy phly

  21. This vehicle I’ve wanted for z very long time I just cannot justify spending so much for a single vehicle

  22. Definition of this tank: “so I started Blasting”

    I should have bought it after the event when it was like 40 bucks

  23. How do you know on things like that witch gun will shot U-SH 405 has got 2 guns and i dont know witch gun im shoting

  24. When can we expect some British 7.3/ 7.7

  25. i’ve some players put bushes on this thing. hard to spot if u hv no thermal

  26. this thing was the best (old) event grinder in the game. You got the 15 caps needed always, flanked so hard that you got the 5 kills in single life done and the regular kills task got done partway during the cap chasing.

    I usually just uptiered it to g.91 levels and grinded the plane tasks in ground RB at the same time.

    Previously i could do both air and ground tasks within 10 games. But with the current score system that aint happening ever again.

  27. That was intense. Really loved it

  28. phly just discovered the absolute most filthy rat position

  29. lock stock and two smokin barrels! 😎

  30. The Tank Museum in Munster Germany has one of them

  31. I have this amazing vehicle but stop useing and eventually forgot I have it because the hull aiming was so garbage back then

  32. Why does this thing have a stabilizer? It’s not really possible to shoot while driving.

  33. Price went up, after this video. xD

  34. This thing is the Wall-e tanks swol big brother.

  35. 19:22 I fell in that exact same spot with a T-34 85 and got stuck the whole game…

  36. ” Ive got to finish this guy off real quick” 😘

  37. Modernized stug3.the proud grandchild

  38. at this time where the guns from you dont need to roll the R 😀

  39. I love taking this thing for a drive

  40. I call mine Mater because I tow my friends and can still reach my tope speed.

  41. This is my Most fav tank IRL and ingame i gave it the lovly name AmazonPrime cause the tank is fast as fuck and delivers some deadly shots. some fun facts yes there are 2 engine in the tank 1 normal engine second was electric for sneak/stealth fight (mechanic is not in the game) and 1 gun is a autoloader gun second loaded with hands

  42. Hey phly i have a challenge for you.
    The challenge is to drive any tank of your choise and go into a nornal batlle. But if you get hit and get penetrated once then you have to leave your vehicle. I have done this before and it is really frustrating. And i thought your frustration might be a good emtertainment for us.
    Edit: you must not camp <3

  43. The cut was perfect

  44. Phly can you make a video on the 3.0 puma at 8.7 and up it’s super enjoyable

  45. Can u make a vid on the ru251

  46. Phlydaily Is so funny, you really good at surprise. I think is a stabilise? in all tank but is so weird 😔

  47. Those flashing lights reminded me Aliens: get away from her you pitch)

  48. 2:40 Joe Rogan moment

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