The BEST TANKS in World of Tanks | The Best Tech Trees To Grind

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Source: DezGamez

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Chapters in the video:
00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – with the Data
02:53 – Tanks Based on This Data
03:22 – Giveaway announcement
06:22 – Giveaway Details
07:40 – The Best Light Tanks
12:50 – The Best Medium Tanks
16:38 – The Best Heavy Tanks
20:38 – The Best Destroyers
25:55 – The Best Artilleries
27:23 – Conclusion

► The Best Tanks article:

Because players are not able to use reward vehicles in World of Tanks Ranked Battles anymore, WG decided to release some data, statistics about the best performing tanks in World of Tanks, according to the ranked battles statistics.
So, let’s take a at it, one by one, vehicles class by class!

Good luck some free 30,000 Gold, my friends! 😉

Have a good one!


  1. So, which tanks are your favorite and the best line to grind, specially for beginners?
    Don’t forget to take part of the giveaway, for the DEZNATION! PS, going to announce winners for all the giveaways at the end of the months, Stay Awesome! 😉
    Chapters in the video:
    00:00 – Introduction
    00:45 – Article with the Data
    02:53 – Top Tanks Based on This Data
    03:22 – Giveaway announcement
    06:22 – Giveaway Details
    07:40 – The Best Light Tanks
    12:50 – The Best Medium Tanks
    16:38 – The Best Heavy Tanks
    20:38 – The Best Tank Destroyers
    25:55 – The Best Artilleries
    27:23 – Conclusion

  2. Username: Ranven
    Server: EU

    I think the best line for new players is the 277 one, every tank from this line has some advantages over others from different factions and also most of the tanks forgive players for making bad decisions.

  3. ID: Hem_MO
    Server EU

  4. Maybe IS-7? I think it’s quite good and beginner friendly
    Username: lukaubica1
    Server: EU

  5. noor70 (EU)
    430U or Leo lines the best.
    Good luck everyone!

  6. Name: Coronach76
    Server: EU

    In my opinion the best line to start with and getting to grips with the game is the IS-7 line.
    Thanks for your videos and this giveaway!

  7. Username: Siph24
    Server: EU

    Personally the best branch of the tech tree for new players is the obj 705A. There is no tank that sucks, in addition it is a Russian bias. All the tanks in the branch are easy to play so I find this to be the best branch for new player. Sorry for the grammar, i am french. And where is my buff for my AMX 30B ????

  8. ID: The_Pessimist
    Server: EU

    The best starter friendly line is for sure the is 7 line. Or just take any Russian line, you have a medium tanks that are unpenable, fast heavy tanks, lights with the heavy armor, TDs with huge ass guns and OP armor and more 😀

  9. I think the best line for new players is the goood old is7!
    Nickname: the_devil_in_i
    Server: NA

  10. When is ranked battle?

  11. User name: Rapid_Gti
    Server: Eu
    I think the best techtree is obj. 140.

  12. Super conquer is the vest tech tree. High tier tanks have depression, turret armor and dmp. All good.
    Pastagus, eu server

  13. User name: To_Live_Is_To_Die
    Server: EU

    Best line for beginners on my opinion is E3 Line!!!

  14. I’d say Obj 430U line is more fun than IS-7 although maybe not as easy, so it is better because this is a game for fun after all.

  15. Russian mediums. They are just the best all around and it is a good chance to learn the game with generally forgiving tanks.

    IGN: WombatKing

  16. Username: Med11c
    Server: EU

    I think that the Obj. 430U is the best line to start up with. Its an easy tank to play 🙂

  17. obj 430u , great all rounder and easy to learn
    SiliconWolf / EU

  18. Malakaz; EU
    IS7 line for more yolo action – you can go in front have impact and go for next battle ; OR Grile for more bushcamping players – again easy to find bush and make dmg (unless some french car spots you).

  19. Hi Dez, ur great 🙂
    I think the is7 line is the best for new players, like me. I enjoj it quite.
    Eu server

  20. Username: Eunski
    Server: Asia

    Best beginner tech tree should still be the IS 7 for the heavy tanks. For thr mediums thr 430U would still be the best even with the nerfs.

  21. _Just_Mani3k
    EU server

    The most starter friendly tech tree has to be the 277 line.

  22. Username: Fed_Fey
    Server: HK

    In my opinion is French LT nither Track line or Wheel line tho, It’s easy to play only just spot then ez win these tree tech line is ez to play also good speed hard to spotted.

  23. Konstantinos Soursos

    Hands down the best tech tree for newbies is the Russian one. Now for the best tank, I think 430 and 430U are crazy forgiving tanks. Especially 430, these bounces, the alpha damage..

  24. Username: darkredzane179
    Server: Asia

    When I started playing wot back in 2012, it was all just having fun but until I decided to actually commit to a Tier10, I did me some research and back then all the videos I have watched points out to T110e5 as being the “current” best Tier10 HT back then. Also, since T29 was inarguably the best tier 7 HT also, it kind gave me some ease while I was still learning the game (like doing research on every weakspot of almost every tank since my traumatizing encounter of the enemy KV-1 with my T1 HT). So, that’s how my first Tier X came to me and it was T110e5. Even today, I can still remember my first game and every “clutch” games (when I was still a noob) I had with T29, T32, M103, and my first Clan war with the e5. One of those memories that I probably wont forget.

    P.S.: Pitiful 277 that just got casually ammo racked

  25. Hi Dez, a great tech tree for beginners is the Russian/Soviet medium line. Enough armour at each tier to bounce some shots, they have a number of gun options to choose from and if you yell “Russia” with each shot your chances to hit and pen go up by 17.5%. LOL. Solid from top to bottom. IGN: Winterlander on the NA server.

  26. Nick: leopard123412
    Server: EU

    I think, Obj 430U or Obj 268 V4 are still good tanks for beginners, because armor and russian bias guns!

  27. Server: EU
    Username: thesquatlobster

    Best line I’d recommend is the classic American Heavy line – teaches you how to play hull down and have to think a bit more about the map and your positioning than for example the russian heavy line, and makes you more aware of the maps

  28. I think that the best tech tree is the strv103b ‘s the best becouse of the pen. Region:EU Name: The_Original_Layer.

  29. Dušan Filipović

    Best tech tree OBJ 430u, even after changes in 1.10. Simply it is a beast.

    Server EU
    Username: SwaGGerM

  30. Username: Eisbaer_Lars
    Server: EU

    I think the most starter friendly tech tree is the is7

  31. username: tonyhack
    server: NA
    i Think the S.Conqueror will be one of the top choices. LOVE YOUR CONTENT DEZ` ! 🙂

  32. definitly the tree that goes to the 430U 🤣
    Server: EU
    Name: Leno_Drk

  33. Username: Tanyaburg
    Server : SEA
    The obj 277 line is probably the best for new player, since it fast, hit hard, and the crew layout is the same from tier 7 to 10 so you dont need to reset the crew skills

  34. Nickname: Niki_33_5
    Server: EU
    Well, obviously the most beginner friendly lines are obj 430u and IS7…Russia who thought about that…

  35. Obj. 430 U, easy but strong
    cermes99 NA

  36. Username: Mithrandir1998
    Server: EU

    I will go with the flow and say IS-7 line along wit soviet mediums. Also i´d highlight the British heavies. In general new players will most likely benefit from tanks that have good armor and decent mobility.

  37. Server: EU
    Username: ruta0523
    just Russian tanks in general

  38. Server: EU
    Name: taji13[ACRO]

  39. Username: Doem_27
    Server: EU

    In my opinion the easiest tech tree is the russian HT IS-7 or the MT Obj140/Obj430U

  40. Server: ASIA
    Username: ArticArson

    in my opinion, the best and easiest tech tree for beginners definitely Russian tech tree.. Any of them other than K-91 lines are solid and easy to learn.
    But if i need to pick then its definitely Object 277 line. no tanks is underperforming in this line and easy to use. and one of my favorite tier X Heavies too. Fast. decent armor even for current meta. and pack punch.

    Honorary mentions is maybe Progetto 65 lines. my current fav Tier X tanks overall, so maybe its kinda biased. LOL

  41. Obviously the Soviet Heavy line (both the IS-7 & Obj. 277 are great). Easy (almost no effort) tanks that are just better than most other tanks of the same tier (KV-1, IS-3, Obj. 277).

    Username: Nikolaj
    Server: EU

  42. Server: EU
    nick: bacon_mohican

    best starter line, easy – the Russianz

  43. Username: Regiux48
    Server: Eu

    Pff clearly tiger 1 and tiger 2 line is the best its the most feared tank in ww2 😀

  44. Nick: VojvodinaSilbas
    Server: EU

    for beginners, IS-7 course 😊

  45. Username: Dutchy_legend

    My favourite line is the rusian medium line leading to the object 430u

  46. Username: fazeclan99s_brother
    Server: NA

    I would say the 430U line is a good line to go for, considering it has a great (maybe OP) frontal armor scheme. In my opinion it’s best for average or even some beginner players just because it’s a all around branch. It’s overall pretty easy to get the hang of and it’s fun for anything.

  47. eric011001
    Server: NA
    The best line that everyone should do is the obj. 277 the speed on it is so good.

  48. Username: fazeclan99s_brother
    Server: NA

    I would say the 430U line since the tanks come with good armor, mobility and firepower. 430 and 430U are relatively forgiving in terms of frontal armor and they are a blast to play. I’d recommend it for average or beginner players as the solid HP pools can allow for minor mistakes. 430U can do everything, from snipe to flank. Just pray to Tovarisch Stalin 😉

  49. I think the is 7 is the best starting tech tree because of the good armor. I play in the EU server and i have 0 gold i hope i win NAME -Alokin2006N

  50. Username:lioneo1000
    Eu server
    For the beginers the best line is the heavy japanese line because it’s pretty simple to play with it imo

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