The Best Tech Trees In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

I realized that I never really talked about how the various tank tech trees in War Thunder play, mostly just about vehicles Gaijin could add them.

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Songs used (in order from first last):
Subnautica – Into the Unknown
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Armored Crew Voices

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  1. I started with the US tree. I’ve always thought that was the best thing for me because it forced me to play smart and learn where and how to kill enemy tanks. Fighting tigers and panthers was extremely hard at first but once I got my game knowledge up to speed I’ve never had a problem with any other tech tree especially bow that I’ve started to grind the Russian tree.

  2. Sorry i love you but this is terribly wrong in MANY different ways

  3. Are you able to do i giude on how to play tank RB. I’ve been playing warthunder for 3 years and still havn’t made it to 8.0 on my main tree (Russia) because i struggle alot past 4.0.

    • Added note: i play on consol so i don’t have access to alot of fetures that my opponants have which puts me at a huge disadvantage.

  4. American tanks are actually on the right side of the road

  5. i agree with the British being moderate based on the lack of APHE but i found that once i got to 7.0 ish the British really improved.

  6. After fully grinding the US tree i went to germany, as soon as i got my first pz 3 i knew how the germans worked against conventional rounds in low/mid tier. Its all about working those angles, the tiger 1 is by far my most played tank and my definitive favorite overall. If you angle the hull at around 40 degrees theres a weak spot that almost nobody i go against knows. And people write you off as another dumb tiger and try to pen the front plate. Its just the german teams can be…. Special… Sometimes.

  7. sweden from 4.0 on is likely one of the nastiest ones out there.
    italy also really shines. the only downside at this point is they nerfed the top tier apfsds round so the arietes leave more than a little to be desired, but the addition of the dardo makes the tree worth grinding not to mention the centauros still being some of the best wheeled vehicle in the game

  8. Enjoyed your opinions. Will definitely follow you. Maybe you can visit me sometime too 🙂

  9. Italy tree: i am a joke to you?

  10. Regis Costa Lattaro

    in short, i took GB as my first tech tree (1 year and 3 months ago when i started with WT), i’ve quite enjoyed playing it in low tier, decent to good firepower, some gems with reliable armor like Valentines, others with nice mobility like Cromwells, although, where one has a lot, another has little, it demands adaptation. Mid tier is a pain and joy rollecoaster, requires patience, the lack of APHE is almost compensated with APDS, mobility is decent to poor, but 76.2mm guns pack a nice punch when you learn where to aim, same with the 83.4 mm guns. By this time im commenting, far i’ve reached are the Centurion Mk 10 and the Ratel 20, the british 105 mm gun is delightful to use, HESH is a little tricky but does the job against light armor. I’m grinding all ground trees, except for China and France right now.

  11. Арсений Фастов

    Britain is good, you suffer a bit at 8.3-9.0, but you can mitigate it by taking the SA tank tree first

  12. Italy is like the US to the max even less armour and even more speed and I absolutely love it and yeah french low tier is a pain even as a perosn who has stayed with the game for 6 years I just cant touch it again

  13. I saw tech trees and thought the video was about trees in warthunder…good video still…

  14. Is this Subnautica BZ music in a WT video?

  15. USA USA USA USA USA USA USA WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (btw the su-122-54 is a beast in downtiers. Glad to see someone else plays it)

  16. Be warned: Japan has little ammounts of lineups for any BR apart from 8.0

  17. Man, I hate british up until 5.0 . Guns feels very unacurate and weak, there is almost no reverse speed and flat armour.
    China is basicaly Russia and US together, so some are bad and good at the same time because russia and some are meh and fun because US.

  18. Yeeaaa, Italy is kind of a pain most of the time, but the vehicles are good at midtier

  19. Spookston recommending the chinese tech tree

    +1000000 social credit

  20. My opinions are very different from yours in this topic

  21. Nageswararao Appana

    I started this game grinding us tech tree.
    Now I am grinding Germany. And it kinda feels akward handling the German tanks

  22. The best way to play War Thunder?
    Don’t play it

  23. germany tanks on this game has been made so weird against allietanks. first german armor, just how can allie ammo penetrate on angled 80mm or 100mm, even bt5 here is somewhat overpovered, 1 hit on stugs armor, goes trough front wheel, tracks, front underhull, driveshaft and transmition..and i cant kill with 88mm t34 or plain sherman with dicker max, 3 hit on last round on turret, nore i cant take even barrells im shooting he-rounds all time..and complaining for every shit on game. but, soviets has made great game for soviet cheaters..and how many times good shot on mostly soviet tanks sides, over 70 procent dont do anything or bounces from the tracks..not even breaks them..and again, allie kills my german tank just by scratching the paint..

  24. Eating Scabs For Breakfast

    I bounce more rounds with british guns than any other in Warthunder… I hate playing that nation. France just melts tanks but british tanks just doesn’t do it for me. Their SPAA is shit until you get the Falcon and CAS is “Eh”.

  25. Sweden is the only tree that I’ve found really hard to work with all the way through

  26. Hoew to properly come to halt in order to fire, find & bind Short stop/short break ot whatever it’s called

  27. The fact that someone said that the Soviet tanks are hard to master made me happy, because usually all I see from players how utterly easy it is to play. And, it is. But only if you’ve played with the tanks for a while. The Soviet guns are powerful, but can be God awful to aim and use on more angled terrain. Soviet armor is amazing (if you learn to angle). Usually I just use the Soviet tanks as close range brawlers, because their armor and speed are often good enough to circle around heavily armored enemies, and their guns really shine at close and mid range. Anyway done with the rant.

  28. Italy is not that bad of a nation. it’s true strength comes at 8.7 with the centauro and the OF 40 MK2. the sidam 25 is also a really good AA at that BR.

  29. dude says britain isn’t very fun to grind despite literally playing none of the tanks in the tree, ok

  30. Germany, its Germany

  31. Sweden is amazing at 8.3 and up, before that it is just pure hell

  32. Recker_YT -StayFrosty

    I love subnautica background music. Thats all

  33. My favourite tank in wt is the M4a2,a true jack of all trades master of none

  34. I’ve recently started playing warthunder. I only play Italian.

  35. Italy low tier has collectively 4 mm of armor

  36. excellent topic to talk about. air next?

  37. I would argue that sweden has better low tier than germany BUT only when spaded

  38. Ironic that you said germany was the best for beginners when their new players have a tendency of being really bad

  39. Despite my hatred of weebs, I’ve been playing Japan lots because of the small tree. I’ve been playing US for years and got frustrated with how long tier 6 is to grind.

  40. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    “Russian insane angle performance”
    >irl be like: LOL **SHATTER**

  41. British is a super boring tree but I have been LOVING the SARC armored cars and look forward to the rest of the South-African sub-tree.

  42. 3:46 i think ur just bad at the game
    at 1 tier they have one of the strongest armoured tanks in the game that being the which despite having 40mm of armour almost everywhere can eat shells for days,
    i once played a game on poland with two cap zones that take forever to capture and for the entire time i was on this cap i was shot at from their spawn and survived with small damage to my right track

  43. I started playing in 2015 and have never settled on one tree, I balance them all out but my highest is Germany. I have barley touched America, I’m farther in Italy than America

  44. Is it bad that I legit like tier 1 France mostly because with some tanks if you angle you pretty much become invincible

  45. I miss the jumbo at 5.0 it was balanced

  46. I’d say if you’re a new beginner to this game…

    Leave. Leave while you still can.

  47. “id-a-lee”

  48. VSSR - VR Socialist Soviet Republic

    Sweden was actually fun to grind for me. So many low tier apds slingers. Mid tier you get all the heatfs you could ever want. Play them like you would play any glass cannon.

  49. I think Britain is good if you use the right ammo type. Most of the time, you will want to use aphe

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