The BEST Tech Trees to GRIND in 2023 (War Thunder)

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Source: Heavy Gamer

In rank order I let you know which is the best to grind in 2023.

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00:00 Cinematic Intro
00:35 Overview
03:40 USA
08:10 Russia
17:15 Germany
21:10 Britain
24:55 Sweden
28:40 France
32:05 Israel
34:50 Italy
38:06 Japan
41:20 Conclusion


  1. US helicopters are in a really bad situation. Right now their performance is underwhelming because of the Hellfire trajectory and how the tracking “works”. However if they would’ve been given fire and forget missiles they would become insanely OP

  2. whats that intro song bruh?

  3. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    I have 18 medals and all ground vehicles for Germany and I see japan mains in the comment and I would say japan as first main nation is not a way to go (HOSHIOKA_5)

  4. As a France main don’t play France 👍

  5. As a Japan main, I’m quite sad the Japan is in dead last, but it’s understandable. Japan has been all but fully forgotten at this point right now. I’ve never used any viable cas, what is laser guiding, we got no good SAM options, armor on basically everything is literally paper, lineups are small, and I’ve seen so many nerfs. The type 89 got nerfed like 4 times, zeros got moved up in br, a lot of the Ki platform planes got upped in br, the R2Y2s got upped in br, and quite a bit more. Also jets in the Japanese tree are abysmal until the EJ Kai. I love the T-2, F-1, and the F-104J, but no flares at those BRs means certain death. Also, the Kikka has just been broken for the last few patches.

    • All true. It saddens me to have to make it last.

    • The rcv can and still runs he’ll at 8.3, that 25mm puts in work with apfsds, aside from that it’s a good tech tree with high penning guns but little to no armor, at least at low to mid tier

  6. British rank 3, 5, (kind of)6,7 are good. It does kind of take only playing Britain to get used to the playstyle though
    (My opinion)

  7. Obviously pick the closest one to where your from and be a toxic 1 tech tree main crying about everything instead of enjoying the game and playing a little bit of all of them

  8. Tor m1 worst AA in the game right now

  9. Sweden main here to say sweden best tree


  11. btw do you thnk norway will come?

    • If it comes as a separate tree I wouldn’t mind it. But I think Gaijin is on track to make it a sub-tree like Finland.

  12. Currently flying top tier US and USSR. It’s been dominating & an amazing experience, especially with the F16A ADF. The MIG 29 has a really amazing Radar search as well, you can move that boi around to track targets.

    • Yes, I love both of these planes. As the game adds more variants of those jets things will get even more exciting.

  13. Ive had had all top tiers for years and i can say without a doubt swedish top tier is top 3 (IMO #1). It has not only 2 122s (played right you will rarely die) now throw in the finnish 2a6 and the T80U + the cv120, a 9040c or Bill then add the best AA for planes in game the Ito90, for air you can throw on the attack viggen with 2 mavs and the Mi28a plus a drone that everyone gets if needed.

    The only reason swedes arent known as much is you could play 30 games of top tier and you probably will only see a top tier swede in the like 5 of those matches since Ger, USA and Rus will always over populate top tier. Even china has a larger top tier player base then most minor nations.

    The swede grind can be painful at certain BRs but the end result is well worth the effort.

  14. Take a like small youtuber you deserve it keep going.

  15. player friendlieness doesnt matter at rank 7/8 since everyone has already played upwards of 800 hours

  16. By the way AHG, this is my ranking of the tech by player friendliness and rage quit index only. It’s mostly influenced by your rankings.
    1. USSR
    2. Germany
    3. China
    4. USA
    5. UK
    6. Sweden
    7. Japan
    8. France
    9. Italy
    10. Israel
    What do you think?

  17. 14:45 ZTZ99A and the new added WZ1001 have good mobility

  18. I like how you said as we get into the future, the US tree will get better.

    Problem is, most nations are already at their best production tanks, all at 2010 or more year dates.

    The US MBT line is still from the 1990’s. It’s unlikely they will get even newer things if they think ots balanced as is. If they actually model DU armor, how is a BVM, Chally, Leclerc etc supposed to compete vs an up-armored 2015 M1A2sep?

  19. As someone who played this game for 2 years now.. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY EVERY JET IS TRASH COMPARED TO THE US f14 TRUST ME AND GRIND THE 14 nothing can compete with it

  20. Honestly, I’m regretting I ground out the full German ground tech tree. And yes, I’m gonna complain about Sweden. Sure, Sweden has a harder and more rage inducing grind, but Germany has become irrelevant against Sweden in top tier. Why? Variety and lineups.
    Germany has 2 11.0 tanks, 1 10.7, a SAM, a semi-decent fighter and a good helicopter.
    And I know, I know, minor nations these, minor nations that…
    Sweden has a copy paste of the 2a6 and two improved 2a5s, a capable light tank (cv90120) several good autocannons (cv9040s), the viggens,the ito which is better than the flarakrad although their apache sucks, and they also have a wider range of uptierable vehicles. In air, Germans get only copy paste while Sweden’s air proposals are better in almost every way.
    TBH if you want to play top tier leopards, go to Sweden and avoid the German tree

  21. Centauro “light tank” xD

    Gaijin are funny
    I stop playing Italy when they nerf their shell and rename the Centauro a light tank and nerf they’re shell, it’s a anti tank with wheels not a light tank

  22. Nah I brought the MiG 23ml and I regret it I wish I had got something like the j35xs or something rip🥲

  23. Nishitha Sapukotanage

    An absolutely legendary video for how informative it is and you deserve all the views you’re getting + my sub

  24. USSR and SWEDEN

  25. I just got a T-44 in USSR and my man T-44 now in 6.7 is almost unplayable
    you can’t pen anything
    you have to flank everyone to try and do that
    there’s maybe 2 or 3 maps where this tank is usable
    and the rest, you just get smoked by a no brainer german tank that doesn’t need to know any soft spots as its already fucking broken to start with (in terms of gun power)

  26. I’m grinding the Brit’s rn and I just got the fv4202 and mmm it’s good, although if your playing a td like the well box behemoth the fv4005, you will have to rely on your team for cover which in my experience is not the best but it is a absolute blast to play and is worth the risk of bad teammates but yet the hesh round is questionable at times but I’m on my to the cent mk3 but yeah the grind hasn’t been bad and I’m excited to get the swing fire cause even though I play Russia i didn’t go down their td line so I never used their missiles nor have I on their mbt’s

    • @ALPHAPLAYZZ Oh yeah, I’d skip the tortoise, not really my play style, but just having the vent mk1, charioteer, fv4005, skink and the ratel 90 mmm devastating line up

    • @EatSnow AndDie especially since the 4005 has gone down to 6.3 from 6.7, it’s amazingly fun

    • @ALPHAPLAYZZ I didn’t even know it was 6.7 but it’s great at 6.3, even the Conway is a beast seeing as you get that monster apds round from the start to shred anything you look at

    • I grinded the whole air tree and some of rank 7 ground, it’s really underrated

    • @mike WIZZ unfortunately high tier air suffers for britain now, with the f16s, f14s and mig 29s facing your slightly-faster-than-usual phantom

  27. Always been an Italy main and yeah top teir is meh on it but I just play for mid teir where it has the best rounds in the game for the opponent’s you get to verse

  28. the mig29 will come to germany dude it will do fine for air top tier

  29. Playing Russian tanks against American CAS is hell.

  30. I feel like the ROC vehicles would have been better off as a subtree for Japan. Add SK to that and the Japanese tech tree would be a lot more usable. Of the PROC tech tree really needs a sub nation give it NK.

  31. Ur talking about high tier stuff but people have to grind through the shitty low tier tanks that have bad armor and bad guns with bad penetration

  32. Just downloaded WT this weekend and have been loving it!! BF2 vibes without the infantry. Playing the game maxed out graphically on my xidax laptop. Looks beautiful and hits hard. Thinking of buying some premium vehicles. I play Italian tech. Any thoughts or opinions?

    • Nice. If you enjoy Italian ground and are just starting out try the Turan II and see how you like it. Its not the best but it will give you something to get good with while grinding. If you want to try higher the M26 Ariete is ok as well.

    • @Alpha Heavy Gamer ok thanks. Turan II it is. I actually like the grind though it is awfully……grindy lol definitely an awesome game. I’m just disappointed there isn’t artillery vehicles to devastate the enemy.

  33. china main suck !!! dont play it !type99A is worst than the data shows.

  34. What comes to F-16 only ITA has Sparrows. In every tree is something interesting. SWE has very interesting and effective designs just pick something up fly (sail) or drive. I started with Germany and U.S. 10 yrs. ago and dont regret. I also love spit. very much.

  35. Im a german main and germany top tier in RB is not really good, me, with the MIG21 BIS SAU, i cannot do anything to any F14s, F16s, MIG29s or MIG23s, they can turn better than me, best one is the MIG23 MLA and nothing more, with the SU22UM3K, I bomb a base (if can be there without any of the jets i mention killing me) but then when i try or to fight or no return to the AF, i get clapped by everything,dont know why they didnt added a German MIG29, so that germany can have a 4th gen fighter that can accualy fight f16s and f14s….cant wait for the MIG29 ( if isnt obsolute when it comes out)

  36. Temptation Drumming

    As a US Main I’d pry sub with Russia as their vehicles are pretty good.

  37. Americans 3.0 to 7.7 have a high rage quick ratio. The tanks are terrible in this game

  38. The Russian tree definitely benefits from Russian bias. American planes in fourth gen and beyond are just objectively better then Russian so it’s going to be dumb af how they make the f-15 nerfed vs Russian shit

  39. They should add a South Korean mini tree to the Japanese one to expand it. Maybe add Poland to the Italy tree.

  40. German or Italian, which is better, please help who plays at a higher level?

  41. Rasmus Emil Larsen

    British tech debth vid

  42. My advice is go British and dont bother flying anything other than the Hurricane for the next ten years. A sweet and perfect monster of a plane.

  43. 0:45 who is the artist of that picture?
    i really like it!

  44. Hey!
    I just downloaded War Thunder, I want to try the game for myself. I have 10k+ games in World of Tanks. Are these games comparable? What is a line/tech tree you recommend for new players?
    I know armor layout and stuff like that, dont know how usefull it is in this game tho 😀

    • I don’t think they are comparable. I played WOT for awhile as well. Generally, some tactics and good habits from wot work in wt but things like no hit points for example make it completely different. But I do like wt more than wot.

  45. Red heavy • 1 year ago

    Yeah I’m struggling picking a nation i keep switching lol.

  46. for me USA tech3.3- 3.7 pretty solid to grind forward long term.

  47. What do you think about IS-3 should i play it ?

    • The IS-3 was a solid heavy but the time for all of them has sadly passed. The problem with playing them is you encounter vehicles with HEAT ammunition which completely negates your armor advantage.

  48. Oops… i gues i made the same mistake as you in 2022 and started my main line as france… im at 7.3 right now but beceause of the lack of a solid heavy tank (besides the premium one i dont have) they are pretty squishy and volumetric fcks with france really hard at that br (in my experience)

  49. Stupid Sexy Flanders

    Funnily enough I’ve got T4 in most trees, but I still haven’t got past T2 in the US tree. I find it a bit too boring

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