The BEST Tier 1 Tanks in War Thunder Ground Forces – Stronk!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks – Best Tier 1 Tank in War Thunder!
War Thunder Tanks – Land Battleship!

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  1. first!!!!

  2. good Job Baron.

  3. For the last fucking time, BEST TIER 1 IS T34 PROTOTYPE

  4. best tier 2 is the t-34 1942( YES i know its OP)

  5. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    best tier 2 = the M4A1 callilope rocket monster.

  6. Choo choo battleship coming thruuu

  7. Carl Wilhelm Hesser

    +BaronVonGamez is defenetly Panzer IV F2. love that thing

  8. Best tier 2 tank is the premium kv-1e. The armor is very stronk!

  9. best tier 2 gotta be the m4a1 ive got like 700 kills in that thing !

  10. When is the next Squad Gameplay with Slick and Phly? It’s been too long!

  11. Panzer IV F2

  12. SMK is stronkest tonk of the motherland’s glorius teir 2s.

  13. Either M4A1 Callilope or T-34

  14. BEST TIER 2 , T-34 shreks american dogs and nazi pigs !!!!!

  15. kv-1 zis

  16. Best tier 2 is the Pz. IV F2

  17. Panzer IV F2???

  18. Vlado Stračiak (WoWa)

    T-34 1942

  19. The best tier 2 ist the Panzer IV 2.
    Or atleast the most enjoyable.

  20. weird that the t-50 didnt win it is like a bt-7 but with better armor and
    apcr. and it is just as fast

  21. 2:53 What do you mean , thoose turet ones ? cuz ones in the hull are

  22. t-34 e

  23. baron E-100 derp master is coming

  24. Worst tank in my opinion, one shot in the right lower turret on the front
    and it’s dead

  25. M4 Sherman is the best tier 2, just sayin. XD

  26. kv 1 zis 5

  27. Pz. IV F2 – more than 20 frags at least once a week. It’s awesome.
    Mobility, gun depression and awesome shells fragmentation (and penetration
    is just gorgeous).

  28. t 34 stalen girl

  29. StuG with the 105mm

  30. Best tier 2 is the Pz.4 F2

  31. Kurt “OberstReinhardt” Reinhardt

    Best tier two has got to be the T-34E (not the STZ) prefect battle rating
    and great armor. Over the past like 100 deaths with that thing though I’ve
    only died from fuel tanks exploded, so be careful.

  32. m4a1!!! that thing can even kill tigers!

  33. Panzer F2 for the win

  34. Best tier 2 tank easily T34-42/41. 20 kills per game no problem.

  35. You can do so much better with t-50 in tier 1 than with this obsolete thing

  36. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Best tier 2 gotta be the Panzer 4 F2

  37. m22 locust hehehehehe

  38. Raudonasis Riteris (Lietuvis)

    PZ III L

  39. best tier 2 has to be the M4A1.

  40. KV-1 Zis

  41. The Marder 3 plez

  42. Best Tier 2? Any undertiered op t34!

  43. Su-122 just don’t lose your loader!

  44. E-100 hype!

  45. t 34 first one

  46. Pz.IV F2

  47. KV-1 with L11 gun
    (ZIS 5 is stronger but has 1 point higher br)

  48. Best tier 2? The “slightly” too undertiered T-34 1942 beast!

  49. Best Tier 2? Well, the obvious choice might have been the SMK… BUT THOSE
    Hnng so much freedom… oh god so much FREEDOM! Oh god, Yes! YES, OH GOD



  50. Best tier 2 m10 still devastating

  51. Smk russian supah tank Will healp yuo comrade

  52. M5A1. Hands down. Great speed with a decent gun.

  53. T35 is not best it is the sturmgeshutz a

  54. T 34-42 in Finnish colors or calliope plz.

  55. best t2 SU-122

  56. Best tier 2 would be t34, Stalin’s safe house.

  57. Best Tier 2 Tank: Hotchkiss H35 no ? no ?

  58. Best tier 2? gimme Sherman 105mm Durp

  59. what is the most heavily armoured teir 1 and teir 2?

  60. hey baron can you do the best tier two is M10 pleasee that thing is awesome

  61. panzer 4 f2 is best tier two !

  62. But when they add the finnish Bt 42 in game?
    its epic tank!
    no machine gun, weak armor and giant turret with 114mm.

  63. In my opinon the panzerkampfwagen IV F2 is the best Tier 2 tank , but the
    t-34 1942 is still OP

  64. t34/40/41/42

  65. “2 Fast 2 Gulag” best comment in the video +1 internets that person.

  66. Best one is M4A1

  67. M4

  68. PZ.38 HETZER!

  69. baron do you love meh?

  70. whats the best tier 5 plane? F2Hiv

  71. Neacsiu Demostene (dEMMosTEnE)

    Best tier 2 is the T-34 1941 as it has a lower br (3.3) than the 1942 and
    the same gun and armor Thumbs up so he plays it!

  72. Stug A is tons better that this shitty propaganda tank

  73. Panzer 4 F-2

  74. T34 stz or the calliope,since we don’t have British tanks yet

  75. Panzer IV F2 Best tier 2 tank

  76. T-34 1942

  77. M4A3 105mm. Seal clubber extraordinaire.

  78. The best tier 2 is without a doubt the zis-30

  79. best tier 2 t34 1941

  80. the best tier 2 is the pziv f2 for sure

  81. I think the best tier 1 is the PzII with the 20mm APCR. Takes a lot of
    skill and trigger discipline to play, but you can kill people left and
    right before even having to reload in that thing, plus the great angled
    front plate below the viewport.

  82. best tier 2: panzer 4 f2 hands down. might be saying m4a1 calliope but
    thats for the people who cant aim and use rockets

  83. Well the best tier 1 is the T-50 but oh well

  84. KV-1 L-11 pls

  85. best tier 2: panzer 4 f2 hands down. might be saying m4a1 calliope but
    thats for the people who cant aim and use rockets

  86. Best tier 2 T34-1942

  87. Damián “Das Deutsche” Pinedo

    M4A1 Calliope. You got your freedom rockets and a freedom 75mm.

  88. I had a lot of success with the KV-1 L-11 in tier 2.


  90. For me best tier 2 tank is KV-1 Zis-5

  91. The BEST tier 2 is the “Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausführung F2” !

  92. My Russian line up for T1 is BT-5, BT-7, and T-50.
    My favorite T2 tank is M5A1 but I like light tanks.

  93. calliope is bestest

  94. StuH 42 g

  95. StuH 42 g

  96. Panzer 4f2

  97. t-34 FOR STALIN!

  98. Baron, when are you going to play Heroes and Generals again. Miss those
    episodes with you and the crew.

  99. Best TIER 2 ? I think it is the M4 Sherman Calliope … for sure :)

  100. Best tier 2? Finally my time to shine!
    Sherman 105 or Alcatraz! (Day 11)

  101. Deffently the p.z f2

  102. you should do best tier 2 for each playable country

  103. Panzer f2 best tier 2 our t28 !!!

  104. So has to be the panzer 4 F2

  105. Best tier 2 has got to be KV1 ZIS. The armour too good.

  106. Aaaaaaright Baron. you have been sued today.

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  107. Best tier 2 m10

  108. DeadFrontierBySeba17

    T-34E same BR as T-34 42 but better armor its just rekting everyone!

  109. Best Tier II is the T-34-E. The extra armor with minimal degradation of
    performance makes it a beast.

  110. My FAVOURITE Tier 2 us the Panzer IV F2, but the best is the T-34 1942.
    Seal clubbing at its finest.

  111. M4A3 HVSS The 105 brings the hurt

  112. m22 locust so fast, ninja tank, I go round the back of tigers and kill them
    from point blank!

  113. Pz. VI F2 is the best tier 2

  114. Alex “Draco223” SV

    pz iv F2

  115. Stronk KV-1 is best tier II! Well, that or Pz. IV F2

  116. +Baronvongamez the Stug or Stuh

  117. best tier 2 is ze panzerkampfwagen 4 f2 or the t34 but that is just

  118. Pz.lll L

  119. +baronvongamez pz IV F2!!!!

  120. panzer 4 f2

  121. wow such tonk much premium such cash $$$

  122. Panzer 4 ausf f2 all the way

  123. Best tier 2 ? The T-28E is definitly the most hard to kill, and it has a
    good gun (with the BR shots, not the explosives ones)

  124. best t2 premium Russian the SMK

  125. Zis-30! Stalin’s Rocking Chair!

  126. KV-1 from Russia with love

  127. Best tier 2? T-34 1942!

  128. T-28 m8

  129. The kv1, it is just amazing

  130. best tier 2 is the beast T-34 1941 or ya go to the gulag!!!

  131. Sherman 105

  132. it would be nice than War Thunder adds like a boss fight against the P-1000
    “ratte” like a player vs IA, because it will be damn good.

  133. Su-122

  134. Best Tier 2: T-34 1942 :)

  135. best tier 2: 3.7-cm Flak 36 auf Selbstfahrlaffette Sonderkraftfarhzeug 6/2

  136. C’mon guys, M-22 Locust too OP


    the best tier two is the m4a3(105)

  138. T-34(1942)

  139. Best is the Pz. IV F2 no joke

  140. Sander Berge Telnes

    kampfwagen IV F2

  141. pz.IV F2

  142. Pz. IV F2

  143. Best T2 ? Pz IV F2 because: mobility, gun depression and an A-MA-ZING gun !

  144. best tier 2: T34 STZ

  145. m22 locust

  146. I think the T34E premium tank or the Pz.IV F2 are the best tier 2 tanks

  147. I’m extremely surprised to see people vote for the Pz IV F2.My personal
    pick ,T34 Series. Ive been playing these 3 tanks for a long time and I
    quite frequently get those 20+ kill matches with 1 or 0 deaths. Move back
    and forth while angling your armor properly and it’s nearly impossible to
    pen the T34. As for firepower ,the gun has good penetration and excellent
    damage potential. Penning and killing Pz IV F2s has become a routine for
    me. 1st shot : If enemy is angled ,hit right turret portion ,boom! gunner
    out. Next 1-2 shots : fire at the turret and kill every crew member as they
    replace each other. 1st shot if enemy is not angled : Fire at driver
    viewport high ,boom! there go the gunner and driver( tank completely combat
    ineffective for 7 secs). 2nd shot : Fire at same place after cre
    replacements ,crew knocked out. Average K/D in T34 Series : 6-8/1.Pro tip :
    It ain’t OP ,it just has a very low skill floor (simple to play) ,a good
    tank is nothing in front of a good tanker! Next 2 bests : M10 (bouncy
    frontal armor ,beast gun) ,Stug III F (railgun-level penetration ,hard to
    aim for frontal armor weakspots ,scary looks)

  148. T-34 with 76mm !! best tier 2 tanks

  149. My machine !

  150. best teir 2 the mini leopard 1 aka the panzer lll.N

  151. kv 1 zis-5 is the best tier 2 for me, but t34 1942 and pz IV f2 are good

  152. Leopard

  153. M4a3 105!

  154. Panzer 4 F2. That thing is a beast!

  155. best t2 the m105 sherman

  156. tbh i have no idea how some people can put up with such an unbalanced game.

  157. KV 1 zis 5 is the best tier 2 tank. Good gun, absorbs shells and it will
    destroy the panzer 3 and 4s.

  158. best tier 2: panzer 4 ausf f2

  159. best tier 2 is the SU-122

  160. T-34 STZ

  161. richie thach (KidBricks 45)

    Pzkpfw IV F2

  162. richie thach (KidBricks 45)

    T-34 (1942)

  163. How did the early Panzer IVs get ignored? Those things are straight up

    Anyway, best tier II, that would be the T-34 1942.

  164. Disliketin vidiäsi

    panzer IV f2

  165. I think the best is the pz4 H (tier3) because there is a bug to play with
    the tier 2 😀 same for jagdpanzer4… their battle ratings are 4.7..
    enought to play with tier 2 :D

  166. Kv-1e is best tier II tank on my opinion.

  167. Smk, hands down

  168. I played out the whole American tank line, finally switched to Russian
    tanks. I got the T-50 and my first match I went 13-0. Then 18-1, and it
    just kept getting better.

    T-50 hands down best tier I

  169. Pz. IV F2!

  170. T 34 1942 :)

  171. The Business Gamer

    Pz. IV F2 For sure.

  172. I took out a T-35 with a Pz.II C on realistic in war thunder.

  173. T34

  174. Best tier 2 is T-10M

  175. 30 second unskippable ad… Dislike

  176. from obligations brand is your computer baron?

  177. fulgencio ruiz jaraba

    foro russia KV 1 zis 5

  178. PZ.IV.F2 or PZ.III.j1

  179. best tier 2 zis-30

  180. panzerkampfwagen IV F2

  181. M10 Wolverine

  182. The best tier 2 is Stalins chariot the SU-122 YES YES FOR MOTHA RUSSIA

  183. M4A3 105 Death star

  184. Take out Pz.IV FüR DAS VATERLAND. Die Deutsch mini derp cannon

  185. I don’t know why people voted for the T-35, I think it’s terrible. As for
    best tier 2, I reckon either the Pz IV F2 or the M-10.

  186. gewoon een random nederlander


  187. lol if the Pz IV F2 is the best tier 2, why are german teams getting
    slaughtered by russian T-34s? The gun has pen but does little damage and
    the F2 has no armor whatsoever.

  188. smk is op


    Best tier 2 is KV-1 nice gun great armor

  190. T34e in rub

  191. American medium tank: M2A1

  192. defently panzer 4 f2

  193. oops meant defenitly

  194. Panzer IV F2 without a doubt

  195. Tis is teh moost stronk tenk in war tunder

  196. The Pz. III L the German mini tiger, or Pz IV F2

  197. Im just gonna say the SU122 because its my favorite :D

  198. KV1 Zis-5

  199. 6:00 you said that in ze next patch you will be probably able to use all
    these mg’s at the M2.
    Right now you can use them.
    Ah do the pz.F2.
    best tier 2

  200. panzerkampfwagen IV Ausführung F2

  201. t 34 1941 hands down

  202. So the best Tier 2 tank comes from mother Russia again. The T-34 1942.
    Guided by the hands of stalin!

  203. yes, Panzer 4 F2, the glass can opener

  204. Panzerkampfwagen 4 Ausführung F2 and the Panzerkampfwagen 3 L

    Greetings from Germany

  205. I can just imagine the idea behind this thing.

    “Hey you know what would be a good idea? Lets build a tank and give it like
    three more guns, wait four more, no FIVE more! Add all the guns!”

  206. What sucks the most is that the best game mode was ruin shortly after 1.45
    came out and if u don’t know what I’m talking about is that the true
    meaning of “TANK SIMULATOR” is the most false most unbalance most bullshit
    game mode in war thunder. As of now it should be labeled “TANK/ MOSTLY AIR
    SIMULATOR” which would make more since the one up date. SIM battles in
    general have been number to a few tanks, but they added Airplanes which
    some like but let me explain when a small update came out for Simulator
    battles were move to “event and tournaments” also they added planes in to
    the Tank simulator battles which is the most bullshit thing ever. The
    update makes the Germans face the Russia and USA and also adds the most OP
    unfair Attack planes to the mix such as the 2 big offenders P-47 and IL-2’s
    are OP and the spawns the map spawns are pretty balance locations
    but…..In sim they aren’t balance at all…. Since Americas and Russians
    have faster tanks they “ALWAYS” get to the objective First also since no
    one plays the SPAA or any form of resistant. The most Occurring airplanes
    are P-47 or IL-2s so they have the most OP advantages but not only they
    have control of the sky but they always spawn camp Germans spawns and if
    not worse Germans have the slowest speeds and maneuverability in the game
    so there’s no defense against any plane in that matter and 95% of the time
    i play the new “TANK SIMULATOR” I either died by airplane or lose due to
    the other team getting to the cap first. And Quite frankly its going to get
    worse with this new update…..

    So please go to my Forum Post like or just view it any maybe the dev’s will
    see it

    Thank you, for reading my Rant


  207. T34 1942

  208. t26-4 is really good as its prone to one-shotting tanks at all ranges

  209. Pz.IV F4!! Beastly TII

  210. cornellius cornwall

    Ze Panzer IV F.2—– es ze superior third reich nazi war machine!!! Ze
    Russian und ze American tanks will be crushed undar ze Panzer,zey will
    stand nien chance!!!!

  211. I love how this is meant to be a T-35 video, yet 90% of the gameplay was of
    the BT-7….. People voted on the T-35, not the BT-7! Come on Baron,
    atleast have the decency to call the video BT-7 gameplay.

  212. the KV-1 ZIS-5 it has best armour and a great gun

  213. I’m going to say the Panzer IV F2, bit of a glass cannon but certainly the
    best gun at its tier and br.

  214. no no

  215. it is the pz4 f2 it wrecks great tank play it baron

  216. Pz. III J All time favorite tank. Amazing for one shots too!

  217. panzer 4 f2

  218. Panzer IV f2

  219. T-34 1942

  220. best tier 2

    Panzer IV F2. no contest.

  221. As others have said, Panzer IV Ausf. F2 is the best tier 2. Although I have
    had a bit of luck with the T-34 1942.

  222. best tier1 should have been stug A but best tier 2 is panzer 4 f2 hands
    down. Best tier3 i would say tie between tiger1 and kv2. Best tier4 is
    jadgpanther. Best tier5 T-10M

  223. theodosis polytarxos

    pzkpw 4 F2 with the monster gun for tier 2

  224. The best teir 2 is the m4 Sherman

  225. Maurder 1 by far is the best if you like long range tanks

  226. By far is the T34 STZ or the KV-1 Zis-5

  227. M10 wolverine

  228. No contest. pz IV F2

  229. T 34 1942

  230. Best teir 2 = t-28

  231. The M60 and use the FSHEAT and HESH rounds Baron

  232. I think it’s between the sorta MBT of all the tank countries. The panzer
    IV, M4A1, and T-34

  233. kv1 zis 5 is amazing at t2.

  234. Who’s kidding themselves about the best tier 2 tanks, (hint, it rhymes with
    teeth hurty oar)!

  235. panzer 4 f2, Der German tank

  236. Everyone is saying Panzer IV F2, but it’s not borderline OP like the
    Calliope, the biggest pay2win premium in the game, but my vote goes to
    Calliope as it’s still the most OP tier 2 after all and thats the rule

  237. T-34 all the way

  238. callipoe most op tier 2 can kill mauses

  239. M4A1 Sherman PLEASE! 😀 FOR MURICA! and put my comment in the vid please!

  240. Play the t-34 1942

  241. Panzer IV F2 best tier 2

  242. The best teir to
    two in my opinion is the panzer 4f2

  243. The KV-1 L 11 is the best.

  244. hardcoreminecrafter9

    everyone is arguing about the best tanks…c’mon guys, isn’t it obvious,
    the M2A2 is the best tier one!

  245. panzer 4 f2 FTW

  246. From using it myself to getting killed by scrubs, the Panzer 4 F2
    definitely wins.

  247. Kv-1 Zis-5 best battle rating for tier two and so fun to play

  248. Best tier 2 is without a doubt the T34 1942. Great maneuverability, amazing
    76mm gun, and fantastic armor for its tier. Plus, everyone I know who own
    this tank love it. Please Baron, for Stalin

  249. T-34E-STZ


  251. panzer 4f2

  252. or kv1

  253. The Call Of Duty Guys

    Could you play the tiger p sometime?

  254. Play the KV 1 L11

  255. Pz.Kpfw. E-100

  256. Idea??? Can we see more vids with your buddies like phly or devil, etc?

  257. pz 4 f2

  258. KV1 L11 best tier 2. amazing armor and gun.

  259. BEST TIER 2 PANZER 4 f2!!!! BARON

  260. M22 locust

  261. Hey baron man love your vids! But think you could play more mount and blade
    napoleonic? I’ve already watched them all ! 🙂
    P.S. keep up the good work!

  262. Best tier 2.. Pz.IV F2.
    With 75mm of german power

  263. 105mm m4 Hvss Sherman or m10 gmc

  264. the best teir 2 tank is da M10 wolverine

  265. Matt “TheWizardNamedMatt” S

    M22 Locust, the most OP tank in Warthunder! :)

  266. Best tier 2 tank is OBVIUSLY the T34 1942 STROK TANK op shit

  267. Do the t34 e stz extra armour plating

  268. PZ IV F2 yo

  269. Best teir 2: without a doubt the t-34 1942 or 1941 ( arguably a better
    turret) ether tank stomps its competition

  270. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    the stug asf g

  271. Was the audio early in this vid to anyone else?

  272. วีรภัทร ธานี

    PZ. IV C. !

  273. Baron ze KV-2 is ze best Tier 2

  274. T-34 1942. I swear this might be the best tier 2

  275. +BaronVonGamez I watched alot of your videos and noticed how you often go
    into battle with a full load of ammo. That is totally unnecessary. Its
    almost impossible to use up all the rounds in a match for a single tank (at
    least in arcade) and is made more difficult since you also get 3 lives, let
    alone a fraction of that amount. Cut down the amount of shells you have by
    40-60%. this reduces the ammo racks inside your tanks. Based on battle
    field statistics, high tier tanks thats performing well will usually fire
    10-20 rounds average (from personal stats). Cut down that amount and youll
    see some parts of the ammo racks disappear. this reduces weakpots that will
    easily trigger ammo explosion, and significantly improving battlefield

  276. Chelsie Gordon-Gilliam

    best tear two m3 lee

  277. i like Russian tank but this has to go to M10GMC

  278. Everyone please stop being disrespectful or racist to other races, every
    tank is good, it is the player that makes it horrible or
    overpowered.Panzer4 has a really big gun but flat Amor all sides,t34is very
    amored with a good gun but easily penetrated by other guns of its
    tier.Sherman,m10 and others also have their own pros and cons m10 has no
    Amor but it has good penetration so please stop cursing other religions

  279. The Combat Commission

    never laugh about the M22 Locust I’ve seen it kill Tigers and Jagtigers in
    my books for light tanks in rank two it’s the best

    but the best rank two tank by far is the KV-1E it’s a Bloody mobile Pillbox
    if you play it right that means RB not ab

  280. M22 duh

  281. Took one of those down with a t70 an hour ago…

  282. Can you play catarina the bommer ?

  283. because i don’t have war thunder yet and got no clue what tank is in what
    tier. but to hell with it baron drive the m3 lee

  284. premium t34

  285. CRYSTAL-CRAFT Elite Kemp

    Anyone know which country has the best tanks or planes cause each country
    has one advantage over another and I wanna find out

  286. Best tanks for tier 2: Best overall PzIV F2
    Best Spammer: T34 1942
    Best long range: M10.

    The M10 is one of my favorite tanks, but it is not as versatile as the F2

  287. I like how a BT-7 can fly off a cliff at 52KPH and suffer minor damage, but
    ramming into rubble with a Panther G at about 30KPH knocks out the gun, the
    transmission and kills the driver.

  288. Panzer 4 is an all around good tank at every first two tiers but after that
    is no match for t-34-85s and m18 hellcats

  289. did you know if you look at the apple logo really closely and close your
    eyes and open them the apple logo will look like an apple

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  290. I want to see the T34 next.

  291. If you don’t get overtiered the best T2 tank is KV-1 Zis. You can take so
    many shots and kill everything. There is a good reason they try to spawn
    camp with this tank almost every game I get into. My 2nd Fav tank would be
    the M4 Sherman because it kills planes better than the T34. M10 also wrecks
    everything. Hard one to call really.

  292. Best tier 2? Fletcher class destroyer, best tank in war thunder.

  293. t-34E-stz

  294. KV-1 ZiS-5 vodka propelled!

  295. M4 with ballistic caps

  296. Panzer IV F2 is da best tier 2 tank

  297. m4a3 105 herpaderp

  298. That discussion do..

  299. Best tier 2 is the panzer 4 f2!

  300. T-34 is best in tier 2, awesome …

  301. I know it’s basically going to be no contest pz4 f2 however imo the M10 gmc
    is the best tier 2 it gets late tier Shermans’ gun which at its tier can
    one shot most things as ap can pen pretty much anything you see with
    maximum fragmentation.

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