The Best Tier 8 Tank in World of Tanks???

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What’s the best Tier 8 tank in World of Tanks? DrBabylon shows why the Skoda T-56 arguably is!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. LOL I quit playing and wg just proved me right again.

  2. well st II now really needs a buff since these things exist there is absolutely no reason to play it i mean tier VIII having better damage, better burst damage,a LOT better intraclip reload, almost if not equal good armor profile and whole bunch of other things than a tier X tank i mean cmon who is wg s balancer i need to find him and make him change his bloody job. before yall start spazzin yes im aware that this is PrEmIuM tank yes its tier IX disguised as tier VIII but we can compare VZ 55 its better in every way aswell their balance team is just terrible. anyways props to this dude plays this op thing like a free to play player deserves some respect

  3. Don’t forget fellas. It’s not pay to win. It’s pay to grind faster…!

  4. I’ve stopped playing regularly a while ago after knowing that reward vehicles, and premiums are better than tech tree vehicles. The Chieftain meta made me hate Tier 10 games, and OP tier 8 premiums made me hate playing my tier 6s, 7s and 8s

  5. A pleasure to see a player performing without being a stupid goldspammer, thanks God it still exist in this game….GG to him….shame on gold spammers

  6. its basically a tier 9 tank at 8

  7. Shooting tier6 and 7 with 130 gun is like pigeons hunting.

  8. It’s the defender crisis all together again

  9. Even in tier 2-3, tanks do not deal so much damage relatively to their hp

  10. this game is not p2w, trust me!🤣😂

  11. Yeah, really powerful against a Tier 6 American Heavy. Any Tier 8 Heavy will always kill a Tier 6 American heavy anytime. Nothing special here.

  12. its a good tank maybe OP vs tier 6 tanks. But it got problems against good armored tanks, i remember to kill 2 of them with the Super pershing and they cant pen me when the tank first appear

  13. Ya till they nerf it like all the other pay to win tanks

  14. Yawn, so tired of the next Premium tank coming in OP. I’ll wager that the next Premium tank comes in OP, unless it is German or American. In reality during WWII, Russia had to send 50 tanks to win against 10 German tanks; but not in WoT. One Iron Curtain tank can defeat 15 German tanks. Zero reality in a pay to win world of tanks.

  15. You need your team to be shit enough but not too shit to pull something like this off.

  16. RC Tanks - World of Tanks

    Awesome Exciting game Well Done DrBabylon

  17. Gediminas Zubrickas

    welcome to plus 2. Boring video

  18. I ha e question not in theme, is 4800 damage blocked in IS3 a lot or not?

  19. Mach.. Mach… MACHETON

  20. PaHo188_iron_phill

    well pene isnt the best…for me rene is better

  21. 1:45 75.01 K**

  22. It’s sad we are living in a world of tanks where I feel the need to give props to the enemy arty for not drowning themselves.

  23. Come back of the year? I think not lol. Just another reason why I stopped playing at last patch after 10 years.

  24. Please bring the old intro back! /Day 6

  25. move over Progetto 46? there should be non-pref mm for tanks like this, +2/-1

  26. WG will take some more cash for this and then nerf it into oblivion.

  27. again shows this game is pay to win, glad Im not play it, this game is the same old stuff. Nothing new with the same crap maps.

  28. Kroxigorman or Dom

    I could swear that the ISU-130 has been on sale on all the servers except for the EU server. Does anybody know if it’ll ever be sold on the EU server?

  29. the strv killed his teammate and himself xd

  30. I can’t stand this tanks’s gun handling

  31. Of course it’s a premium tank

  32. Every time I face this tank, no matter what I’m in, I think “jesus that thing is busted OP”

  33. lol another broken tier 8 prem. So much skill needed

  34. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    110 Best tank after buffs

  35. Ist Just so brutal that this tank can outtrade Most Tier 8 Tanks with a single Shot, and then He geht’s two of them

  36. Curb stomping videos…. i hate it. Screw this tank and screw WG.
    QB please do not feature OP tanks in your channel apart its review.

  37. Retropaintball clips

    Of course it’s best! It’s the newest and it has always been like this. Next tech tree or premium will be the best and so o and on…

  38. That S-51 bounce lmao
    Been playing since 2012, i’ll never touch this game again

  39. Its more like the S1 didn’t want to fight

  40. Got over2k base in a 112 a few month ago.
    if u see just how easy it is for this tank to farm dmg its unreal.
    the chez heavys are cool but man are they op 😉 nice game

  41. Powercreep tank :|, op. Good armor and speed, and good gun handling.

  42. “I didn’t know it was going to be OP”. Don’t lie, you knew full well what was going to happen. You need to call it when you see it, doesn’t matter if hundreds buy it because you say

  43. For the notice: QB said “DrBabilon” 37 times in this movie. Just fun-fact 😉

  44. Wg culture of torturing free to play players , until they buy something from them 😢

  45. So what am I doing wrong with the Skoda? I didn’t play that much lately but I get a damaged ammo rack EVERY time i get hit, or alternatively set on fire. I literally had like 7 ammo rack damages in 5 games, which resultet in 2 ammo rack explosions…

  46. lot off luck top tier not so skill in op tank in tier 10 hi is joke

  47. that t29 is the definiton of why i hate people lol

  48. QB is all about the turbo lately and I can’t even complain. I’m digging it.

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