The Best Troll Tank in the Game is Actually Pretty Good!

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. First dude??

  2. good commentary here vampire boy, looking forward to the next one. Also, are you ever going back to NA?

    • He doesn’t seem to be going back, to keep his WoT “Career” alive, he needs a semi-alive server, and with NA dying, EU is the better server for him.

  3. The 57 is such an infuriating vehicle. I have one and love it, but dear GOD do I hate them

  4. hey RUSH , wow are you really up, that’s cool ;P

  5. why are you up?

  6. Top 3 troll tanks

    1. EBR 105
    2. T-100 LT
    3. AMX 13 57

    these lightly armored tanks are the most armored and when you hit them you actually miss them because the shot just randomly disappears…

  7. GREAT GAME LEM , I loved it ; P

  8. It’s no credit maker, but soooo much fun!


  10. …next, Lemming in an Even 90? 🙂

  11. Good content 🙂 Also, this might help with JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis):

  12. “My experience has taught me that going up against 5 tanks is not a good idea.” LemmingRush 2019

    Best advice ever.

  13. Always liked the look of the 13 57… 😀

  14. Azegul Star Rider

    More streams the better. Any day that stretches out the week.

  15. Agree it’s a fun tank…but way to little ammo 🙁

  16. I really need to git gud in LT-s.

  17. Xミスタークロ

    One tier 7 with more dmg expected for 3rd mark than some tier 9 tanks

  18. Are you gonna try Ranked?

  19. E25 is a better light tank…

  20. still wish you’d turn on xvm for your replays. so we can see if you are dominating a bunch of tomatoes, or if your are dominating other good players…

  21. Do you know your xp multiplier goes to your tank only and doesnt affect the crew?

  22. my fav tank

  23. I’m on the Asian server. My 13 57 only has 4 shells?

  24. Hey lemming, I was just wondering if you’re gonna do a vid on the Italian tier 9?! Or the Italian tree in general!?

  25. That Jimmy Broadbent intro tho :p

  26. Can you please do a video on the updated Leopard and STB please? Really enjoy your videos!

  27. Jonathan Larkby

    Wow zero effort in the field cost your team tanks. This video is going to birth brawler scouts.

    • The Raging Tanker

      Yep it’s because of videos like this that you can get anyone to scout in scout tanks anymore! With one patch I can fix that problem though! Actually create a scouting line and those tanks can only get credits and experience when they have spotting damage! If you don’t spot then you get nothing!!

    • Funny how people still think light tanks should yolo scout on unsupported flanks. You know that that centurion has better base view range, do you?

    • +The Raging Tanker spoken like a real TD driver or arty klicker. Should he just die or be usefull? I did often spot a lot and no one is shooting… get a life or play better…

    • +A. Schoenaf no he doesnt we both know this

  28. Lemming, stream every day pussy, ruin your life and your health for our benefit.

  29. why do you move your tank so much, even if you use bino’s and camonet??

  30. The Raging Tanker

    Thumbs down for encouraging players to not scout in scout tanks! Doesn’t matter if the map is bad! When you pick a light tank that is a scout tank, you are telling matchmaker you are wanting to be the eyes for your team! Players that don’t scout for their team are not helping their team! Yea in the end his team won but if west flank actually had eyes, they could have done better! Scouting 101 spot enemy tanks and never fire your gun unless you can one shot what you’re firing at or to track a tank so your team can put shots into it and possible kill it! When spotted run away! If the opportunity arises, break through enemy line to take their arty if they have any! A scouts main job is to spot for their team! Enjoy spotting damage! Only fire your gun when the enemy tanks are at a low enough health level that you can one shot them! Another video that just shows a player being selfish !

    • There were literally two other lights in the field… How did it work for them? Did the team help? And how is dealing top dmg not helping? Good lt driver knows when it’s worth to scout and when not. Why should you scout the field with zero support? Also what sense would it make to play autoloader without using your gun?

  31. Friday is ok .. the other days as well?

  32. Lukáš Vanžura

    I had no idea you like to play this tank 😀 And and another day of streaming would be awesome.. basically any day except for Friday would be great 🙂 ~Jaggermout

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