The Better UDES! – UDES 14 Alt 5 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

The better and more fun UDES of tier 8!


  1. Tier 8 Udes is an underrated gem. Also enjoying the Tier 9 a lot lately, gun is kinda derpy thats true, but its fine. I just find that the automatic siege mode is a bit of an annoyance at times.
    Cant wait to try out the T10!

    • The tier 10 is good but the lack of ammo at 40 rounds total really holds it back. Been more than 20 games where I’ve done between 5-8 k damage and have run out of shells. The reload at about 9 sec is ok and the alpha is good. It has less turret armor than the tier 9 though, and the copulas are way larger and far easier to hit.

    • @Challenger 360 The worse armor is kinda worrying, though it doesnt seem to hold you back all too much lol

    • @Nickelchen Those games that I told you about is when there is no arty to hit me. On average arty will do around 500+ if it lands anywhere near you. That and the tier 10 MUST be played far more cautiously. You have to be even more reserved than the tier 9 . A 4+ skill crew is really needed to bring out the best potential to, as anything less really hinders the performance.

  2. Yeah good matchmaking 😀 *sees object 257 aight imma head out*

  3. Loved the tier 8, but the tier 9 just felt clunky AF.

  4. Tier 8 Udes was way more fun than tier9

  5. I really enjoy this tank… apart from the trollesh armor. 1 night some time ago in a 11 game session, I had 8 wins, 3 games scoring between 1290 and 1390 base exp.

  6. The tier 9 is fun, the turret is really good.

    • You are talking about the top turret right? The stock one can be penned by anyone looking in it’s general direction.

    • @sigurhel, yeah, hell, it suffers from he hits. But the top oneis very troll. Just don’t sit still long. And of course use the hell out of the gun depression , otherwise you get the roof overmatched.

  7. the shell velocity is amazing

  8. send them udes pls

  9. Bet the swedes love the Norwegian flag on their countries tank ;P

  10. Tier 9 is freaking amazing too. Most enjoyable grind I’ve had in ages.

  11. Loved this tank, can’t understand people who complain about it cause lack of armor. I was a bit sad that the shell velocity went south after t8.

  12. took a 4 year break from the game is it still the same crap or has it improved in any way?

  13. Cant wait to get this tank I’m on the leo and not having much fun with it maybe due to poor map rotation I seem to keep getting mountain pass most of the time also the gun seem to miss and bounce more than I would have expected , the t10 look very nice really hope its worth the effort time will tell

  14. While other streamers hated this tank for being a paper tank, you Circon likes it a lot, just like how I like playing this tank too rather than playing the tier 9 or tier 10 version of it.


  15. The only thing that kept me from enjoying this tank is how the gun, for me, felt incredibly inaccurate. Those few shots Circon took at around 7:30 are what this gun did to me all the time.

    • It.s one of those tanks that you have to pay wg 10/20k every game to actually hit targets at 300+ meters, but even with the misses it’s a solid performer, just very,very frustrating to play sometimes.

  16. The tier 9 gun is just garbage, especially now that I have been playing the leo.

    • Cezar Stefan 'SEGH' Jucan

      Get nearer, no matter how good of a performance you would have, the Leo is support & you rely on your team.

  17. i hate this tank

    • Jurgen Huisman different people, different opinions. Personally I love the tank, definitely a keeper, which is why I’m grinding the lunar new year event for a crew to put in my tier 9 – keeping the tier 8

  18. I never play the Swedish tank line cause I can’t decide which one should I go TD, Med or Heavy (A little fact that I’m a F2P and I have limited garage)

    • Syahareen Sha Rani Mediums are easiest grind imo Bc none of them suck. I’m on the T8 rn and I like it. The T8 and 9 heavies (im also on the Tier 8 rn) suck stock but are quite nice upgraded the TDS are pretty nice and campy which i don’t like as much and the tier 6/7 are pretty bad imo (on tier 7 rn) but if you like sniping they are the best at it

  19. I’m liking it too even though I’ve only got the 2nd gun. The 1st gun is a load of doggy poop, not surprisingly. Playstyle is pretty similar to the tier 6 and 7, careful ‘cos the armour’s crap

  20. What t10 is better as a depression/ridge medium, Udes 14/15 or STB-1? And what tanks in these lines are worth playing and which better to skip?
    I have swedish heavy line unlocked, so udes line open till t7, but I didn’t touched japanese medium line. Having collected free exp and blueprints from christmas wondering what line to go…

    • RavenShugo Skip Chi-Ri it’s awful I’m almost to the STB-1 (on Type 61) and hated that and Chi-To but Chi-Ri is def worse. I think Stb and udes are both ridge line beasts-depends if you want DPM or alpha to pick one

  21. The tier 9 gun will troll you. To me it just felt lacking compared to other western tier 9 meds.

  22. William Wikström _

    I actually really didn’t like this tank, never quite understood it.

  23. I really dislike this tank, when you are getting looked at you just die.

    And the Suspension is super clunky if you have to poke.

  24. Great game, great commentary.

  25. Enjoyed the strategy comments Circ. Thanks.

  26. This match in a nutshell: ”SU flushed his shot again”

    • That’s the SU in a nutshell for me. Aim dead centre, clip the tracks. Maybe mine is just cursed?

    • @rigsta su-130pm is the worst paper TD, it has just nothing, no armor, no speed and the worst gun(RNG/accuracy) possible for a longrange sniper, just absolutely useless, the t-103 is better than this crap.

  27. Good guy Type61 – before dying, taking artillery with him

  28. 15k xp and i got it..

  29. When you compare this to an M4 Revalorise, it just blows it out of the water, and the rev used to be an alright tank. It has a comparable gun overall, but then it has better maneuverability and speed, a better profile, camo, and gun depression.

  30. I agree about T8 MM, WG did a good fix on it so cudos to them. Now the 3 arty in mid tiers………….

  31. It’s a shame that you stopped showing post-battle stats. Voicing them out isn’t the same

  32. the hero Type 61 killing the arty with his last breath

  33. This tank has trash accuracy, i.m grinding it these days and it’s horrible without premium consumable. I just despise guns that are unusable at range and this one is exactly that, it has almost derp dispersion. Other than this it is a solid tank but bad dispersion ruins it for me.

  34. 105mm gun and 360 damage
    Cries in the tiger 2 with 320…

  35. I have kept mine, because I enjoyed it so much.
    I would describe it, as like a Charioteer, with a bit more versatility.
    You can scout with it to tho…
    It is sitting crewless right now, as the crew are in the dissapointing tier 9…

    I was very interested, when I heard you say that other’s, had described the tier 9 as derpy?…
    I have been very frustrated by the tier 9 personally!
    Shot’s tend to go wtf sometimes… to many times…

    I pray that the tier ten is not like that!?
    If it is like the tier 9? Then that crew go back to tier 8!

    It will be interesting to see & hear your experience with the tier 9?

    Thanks, enjoyed your vid’s for a long tiime.

  36. Cezar Stefan 'SEGH' Jucan

    Lol, weak enemy lts & having so much more back-up that the foe, your team did great, their arty ignored you on purpose.
    Tier IX & X is where it is at. Tier VIII is the gimmick.

  37. The Italians are better. After the buffs I think the STB is better than the Udes but that’s just me. Swedish tanks are just memes

  38. Circon chickening out of doing the KV-3. Kappa. Take on the challenge, boi!

  39. tier 9 udes 16 is underpowered bad speed bad gun by the way the gun stats are awful low velocity apcr and dont forget everyone penetrates you cause you dont have enough gun depression from the hull to shoot back hull down target so your strength become your weakness as you showing them that hull and dont forget they sniped my commander hatch so many times in udes 16
    iam surprised your driving udes tanks with food which i dont recommend tends to barbecue alot

  40. I am so disappointed you aren’t getting a commander or better yet, commanders skin from WOT.

  41. Like my 14/5 Far Better than the Uded 16…. And I do tend to play it more TD at the Start, but I have also been Far Too Aggressive in it some Games….. 24K from the 15/16 right now, and been Playing it on the Test Server…..

  42. Maybe you should bring “Snake Oil” over from Crossout and try that in WOT…… 😉

  43. you sir are brilliant. Keep the great vids coming and stay safe

  44. I just unlocled this one,so this video is great timing.

  45. You might find taking shots with the sides like 5:10 difficult in the Tier 9 as it is much lower and has fewer depression that way, it has more hydraulic depression to compensate, which is only available to front and back

  46. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Nice game, nice explanations, nice strategies. And, well played in all the senses.

  47. circon: it’s nice because it has 2 apcrs
    WG: okay comrade, set the next premium’s ammo count to 2, blyat

  48. The tier 9 has kind of the same gun handling as the tier 8.
    0.1s longer aim time is the main difference.
    Maybe the worst part is the low pen on both standard and premium ammo.
    But overall a fun tank ?

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