The BIG Boom. – ISU 152

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. What’s the box in the replay? Gun mark%?

  2. best part of the day is watching your epic battles

  3. Zakk Wylde called and said he wants his beard back.

  4. Circon “Sponge Fingers” Flexes

  5. Anyone listening to the countdown to check if earphone is broken or not?

  6. How do you always get these idiots on enemy that drive in front of you sideways and don’t even notice you after you shot half their hit points? My luck reversed

  7. Is that MoE a mod on the bottom?

  8. Circon, what is that camo?

  9. And what is that % thing?

  10. you missed to paint the barrel of ya big boom ;D

  11. Reduce RNG through food

  12. I’m waiting for that type 62 replay

  13. When did the ISU-152 become more mobile then I remember?

  14. DA comrade, give tier 8 Russian TD 750 alpha, 260 pen gun with 3000 DPM, good balance comrade

  15. I wish you would post a loss. you show all these great matches you have you making me feel insecure about my game. but when I see enemy object 257 just totally fail I guess we all would play good in that case.

    • Devvan Butler Yeah he seems invincible and never hardly ever misses a shot.

    • It amazes me that the whole enemy team completely ignores him as if he isn’t even there. I’ve never had a game like that and this guy has them every day of the week. My games are as if the whole enemy team is targeting me and every tank I wanna shoot is looking straight at me.

  16. For me the BL-10 never worked like that on the ISU, my shots went all over the place. The RNG seems to be much better on this new gun…

  17. who says TDs cant be played in close to medium range? I feel sad for all those noobs humping bushes saying that “TDs must snip”.

  18. what does that counter count?

  19. i cant find that MoE mod, can anyone help ?

  20. What are the mods used in this, I can see a few obvious ones such as XVM and the crosshair mod but i’m mainly interested in the average damage per game for the marks of excellence.

    • Oh whoops thats my mistake, I went into his modpack after the vid to try find it and saw XVM, I guess I typed it in by accident after seeing it and then asking here haha

  21. i love your videos . You make videos whit tanks that i love to play . And you are really awesome player.

  22. You know US/UK keyboard layout doesn’t even have umlaut keys so they’d have to copy paste or use alt codes to write them.

  23. where is circs girl at? i miss the ocassionally beard play… ?

  24. Am I the only who strongly dislikes the changes in WoT 1.0? It’s just not the same, everything feels so crowded and stuff.

  25. Exactly what Samthing said, our keyboard doesn’t have the key and I’m not going to copy paste the alt code every single time I type Lowe…

  26. Some day he’ll be shooting HE in a Maus.

  27. Russian guns, the bigger the dispersion number the better it aims!

  28. 7:02 – for anyone else, the IS would have 1) moved closer to the rock preventing any shot and wasting someone’s time 2)shot would have hit the top of the hill.

  29. In blitz I have the ISU and in PC I have crappy tanks

  30. how is it possible to roll 400 with HE against 15mm of Skorpion side armor?

  31. Oh look whos eating again

  32. Do you know the Muffin man?

  33. I’ve no idea why you shot the Skorp’s side and not his turret, just why?

  34. are you going to upload the LTG overlord replay?

  35. 350m, snipes the only visible cupola. Soviet accuracy is best accuracy

  36. Talks to much Bollock and he not that great

  37. Should totally send to jingles. He loves a good ISU 152 replay.

  38. snowisthebestweather

    Accuracy is an important stat.

  39. No Problems with balancing the Gunstats if it was really OP…but what the Hell for changing name and look of the original Tank?
    I wouldnt want to drive it looking like this 🙁

  40. I hate the infernal Soviet commie TD. I cant slap it with HE like the Borsig or Grille.

  41. This guy is cleary cheating. Shameful

    See how he goes to front with his TD? That’s not the protocol. He has to stay back at the base like the rest of us. If he stays back he will learn how hard it is to win games in TDs.

  42. fuck me, i feel like a scrub…here with my damage record at 7000 in a IS4, and here circon goes beating that in a tier 8…fillsbadman

  43. WHAT were the IS2 and LOWE doing in the back ?

  44. Am I the only one that enjoyed watching the 132 screw with the heavies?

  45. Were gonna see the ISU-152 with the BL-10 back as a prem most likley.

  46. link for the MOE tracker please.?

  47. Inmiss my bl 10 🙁

  48. Ive had an ISU152 roll 200 high on my tier 8 heavy before. Literally hit for 960….

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