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Following the last vid, we sidegraded to the 15cm gun! BIG FAUST INC!
Upload your replays here: !


  1. watching this 8 minutes after upload.

  2. Thanks Circonflex your videos are totally awesome

  3. Sircon: what is it about this “ja ja ja”??

  4. Royal_Blood Gaming

    “Here we go. This is terrible matchmaking”

    Where did I hear that before? Oh, right. In a lot of Circon’s videos 😀

  5. Tibeau de ganseman

    i only played with the derp mostly using ap and did reasonably fine

  6. What the hell are you drinking in that mug Circ? lmao

  7. that mocking face needs to be made an emote on twitch…

  8. i really like the big gun. It works for me and I have great overall performance with the rhm.-
    Its my favourite TD. But id rather have way less premium pen on the heat and more on the AP, than the way it is now. Its just the same matter as with the E-100 and T-54. Wargaming should really rework this the way they did with the T-54. Because most high dmg games in the rhm.- are played with the 15cm. Its either because of good luck or heat spam.

  9. USE 50% ap and 50% HE..

  10. 8:12 NOOOOO HYPE

  11. hahaha the sarcastic rant at the end tho 😀

  12. Derp gun BTWeyeyey

  13. Circon finally dropped the filthy pleb gun

  14. Oh no!
    Next retarded IS-3 player that researched turret 1st instead of a gun…

  15. Also: Circon, now the Sturer Emil
    (and TBH only thing bad about the S.Emil is the top speed. If it was like 35 or even 40 then it wouldve been an amazing tank)

  16. Last 2 minutes of the video are golden xDDDDDDDDDD

  17. DrFanta - Tech - Games - and more

    big faust

  18. And here we witness the final fraying Circon’s mental state. LOL

  19. Lmao that rant in the end. HOW can you not love Circon seriously?!

  20. AC 48 and IS-3 were platooned… hmmmmmmm…

  21. I’m waiting for the day, when WG decides that they want to drop their last big Community Contributor for calling them out on their bullshit. Thanks Circon for still being the voice of the players!

  22. Syahareen Sha Rani

    You should do more HE memes like load more HE in your Rhm Borsig 150mm gun 😀

  23. Angus Donald Smith

    All HE plz

  24. I dont get why that gun gets so terribly punished… i mean 0.4 accuracy on a 150mm but the other td guns with 127mm guns have something around 0.3 accuracy and incredible pen … I think it should be buffed to like 0.38 or better, maybe getting lobger reaload but also much better pen, its a bigger gun, even if it has lower velocity, the punch should still be stronger….

  25. The 215 pen is so war gaming makes you shoot all gold or all he no joke

  26. I run the 150 cm only, and I carry 10 HE. This works great for shoot and scoot, and bleed hp from the enemy.

  27. You know the game is good when Circon plays

  28. “balance of high alpha gun” => points at ISU 152….. 750 Alpha ->260<- pen 860m/s speed (prem's 1050m/s speed) Borsig :750 alpha ->215<- pen, 645 m/s speed. ....... yea balanced as FK. (prem's 516m/s speed) p.s. KV-2 DERP HE SHELLS SPEED =>525 m/s ….. faster than RHM’s HEAT’s …. #wargaming PLEASE 🙂

    #kappa Circon 😀

  29. These last 4 videos or so have been fucking golden, some great content btw-ey-ey

  30. Nice goldspam fam

  31. nice vid circon , that rant at the end was THE MEME

  32. You are a great player circ, but why use so much prem ammo? Is it to feast on the tears of your enemies?

    Re editing my post here, I can more or less agree with the ammo part, I still disagree that the ISU had to have a pen nerf for whatever freaking reason(no one complained about it)

  33. Cheese and rice at that pilot player spamming the ping…

  34. Prolly shitty pen to comp the turret and stealth field generator. Cant have cosy campers now that arty cant rng roll

  35. If I had a job I would sub to you for life dude, the commentary, the play style, love it…

  36. HE only faust?

  37. I_am_not_stupid _

    That last Wargaming imitation was halarious, I laughed so fucking hard!! 😀

  38. Ha, the shitty is3 that rammed at the start was platooned with the AC 48 that pushed him later.

  39. 11:25 – ahahahahahaha

  40. rolling with the durp fo the memes

  41. I have got so many ammo racks using the 15cm gun firing ap. When the numbers align, bye bye baby. Goodbye. Stock 15cm works good on the tier 9. One shot killed an Is3 yesterday. Not a happy bunny ?

  42. oh the rng the unicum gets

  43. That Lorraine…. I’m on your team I swear…

  44. that is3……

    he drove to the center…..then back to base….. then went up the center (which was sorta a good play as he did get behind everyone….but had 0 support)
    and died doing 0 damage….

    even when i derp out…. i can at least get 1 or 2 shots in that cause damage…..

    players like him are why the is3 gets buffed…..

  45. And it didn’t come to a surprise….The two idiots in pltn1, died as one of the 1st…the IS3 and AMX 48

  46. PhilMcCrackin13 phil

    Console is getting a lot of the PC updates next week, but we still have the 850 alpha TD’s and the 270 pen on the Heshstar haha

  47. How you can tell it’s Circon playing (aside from the facecam and commentary, obviously): He’s got a non-Russian derp gun equipped and still hits everything.

  48. YES!! The fun gun! It doesn’t need HEAT in MM like that, the AP works well at slapping people that give a weak plate to you. And HE just ruins modules and crew

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