The “Big Three” Problem | War Thunder

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Today we’re going to be discussing what I feel is one the major issues holding back war thunders growth. I’ve chosen to call this the “Big Three Problem”. Let me know what you think of this topic in the comments.

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    • @Unoriginal Choice idk if its true but france and germany made kind of a ((deal)) that france will have the hull of a leo 2a5 and the germans will have the france technologies for better performance idk if it can be added in the game that will be cool tho

    • ​@Carl Smith Well, you have a bad example. TAM is builded by German company on a base of a German IFV Marder, just for Argentine. C2A1 is just German Leo with additional armor. So they both German vehicle, just modified for a another country purposes.
      The right example would be Merkava, cause they are almost completly Israel’s, who is an ally to USA.
      But still you are right, and it would be right to ad an ally vehicles to a tech tree. BUT that’s the moment where next problem appears. As i know the only ally of a Japan is USA, which vehicles we obviosly can’t use. Other asian countries are simply not in good terms with Japan, like North Korea for example.

    • @Mihanya and the south korea ? Its kinda more capitalism that the nord one ?

    • @Carl Smith Yeah sorry, my bad. I mean South Korea. Of course North Korea is out of question.

    • Britain definitely isn’t a “minor nation”

  2. My favorite tech tree is the US, mostly ground, but I hope they add more French tanks, please oh please give them more love.

  3. need more french tanks

  4. This is sorta a problem. But its pretty easily explained by the fact that us, germany, russia, and uk have been in the game for much longer and so have more tanks in the game. As well as just making more and in general better tanks irl. And seeing as a decent few people complain when they put non existent experimental tanks into the game its kinda weird to then say they should go dig up some extremely rare prototypes/tanks no one has ever heard of just to fill out a tech tree. The only real problem I have is them adding premium tanks before at least making a decent tech tree

  5. 漢族本土主義者Han Nativist

    I think the biggest issue in this game is the repairs cost and repair time.

  6. Playing japanese tree past 4.7 is like playing warthunder in permadeath mode.

  7. ok but the thing about france is those damn autoloaders that sit at 7.7 france is no way bad at any br other than reserves. I dont have enough time to grind that nation but it isnt bad

  8. News_Internationale

    Yeah, no excuse with France. They’ve made tons of varieties of armored vehicles.

  9. I like the Hoi4 music in the video.
    When I played WT to grind Rank V for the Maus a few weeks ago it was an entirely different experience (how it felt).

  10. Preach….preach…
    I agree with you about Japan and France. Its fun to play Japan, but goodness gracious…it’s a tough slog.

    I’ve been trying Britain and while they are fun…its strangely not as fun, because even though you don’t have explosive filler for the most part, it doesn’t feel like I have to “try” hard.

    Where as with Japan, you HAVE to play really well and actually try or else you die and the repair costs come for you.

  11. Realism is better than being fair

  12. Me waiting for more high rank vehicles for Japan and China :/

  13. I’ll be honest, I bought the Type-74G and used it to get to 10.3, and even then it was a struggle against XM-1s and even T-55s

  14. It’s simple, they added lots of nations to sell broken premiums. Nations like Italy and Sweden didn’t develop tanks for most part of the 20th Century and relied on foreign designs so it makes little sense to have them in the game at all.

    I also would like to add that when this game was only Ger, US and USSR, top tier was MUCH more balanced due to having less combinations possible. Minor nations were a mistake.

  15. Well, regarding the event vehicles, these tech trees already push out anything they have our could have had to actually form a tech tree. If they go out and make a prototype an event vehicle, that’s one less option to add to it. Also, if I main USSR or Ger at top tier, I wouldn’t be as much interested in grinding days and days for a mid tier japanese prototype that was never fielded simply because their tech tree is struggling. Adding them was a mistake, period. Gaijin should have focused on an International Tech Tree so Japan, Sweden, China and other minor nations could be combined into a single one, more competitive tech tree.

  16. Yeah I obviously play Germany but even fighting the same tanks over and over again gets monotonous. I want to see other nations be viable in such a way that it feels like a proper fight if we were to put one of the big three up against one of the “minor” nations.

  17. I think the premiums for the smaller nations should be cheaper than the big three, you are paying the same amount for a far worse experience by simply not having an environment

  18. I noticed how Italy wasn’t mentioned this video. To be honest I think they perform better than the UK in ground, lineup an performance wise. Generally they’re way more developed than most of the other minors. If not all.

  19. Britian needs the churchill AVRE asap.

  20. Why is china in the game they Qq most of their vehicles are just lend leased tanks and aircraft from america and russia none of them are different or special from their original counterparts and they have no purpose

  21. Lile i tried to play with sweeden and came up to 5 br
    But like sweedish tanks are made by plastic
    You actually lose silver lions except earning with sweedish tanks cause of repair costs and plastici tanks which gets destroyed easily by just a simple lmg

  22. whats funny is he talks about nation ballance and doesnt even put the union jack in the fucking thumbnail

  23. Now i like russian planes same as the next commie, but GAIJIN PLS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD UPDATE ITALIAN PLANES

  24. I remember there was a guy on the forum who I think held a survey and it turned out Italy was the 4th most popular nation. A bit surprising but interesting to see.

  25. I started playing this game because of the type 74. I have just reached the chi nu and it was painful.

  26. I’m a Sweden player and there is not much of an in between from 3.3 to 5.0 correct me if I’m wrong

  27. The weak should fear the strong

  28. Also hits hard after finally getting back to your italian air tree then get out-meanauvured by even a BF-109. What happened to Italian turn rates? T~T

    • @Nameless Entity Sadly, at least air match mechanics make sense! If not entirely well thought out.

      The same cannot be said about ground forces battles where P2W matter much more, healthy lineups matter much more, you can get spawnkilled many times, you always get bombed and revenge CASsed and helicoptered, slope friction has been utterly sabotaged thereby effectively not letting tanks work as tanks, net coding can protect you from penetration by the wiggle tactic, volumetrics defend soviet armor and the Jumbos, allies have much more survivable vehicles than axis, Italy and Japan are just scams and their WWII tech is outright debilitated by BRs, computer performance and monitor resolution matter much more, due to the lack of inventiveness all game modes suck which do not have 3 cap points, top tiers are uneven, nation per faction number implementation is biased, WWII vehicle implementation for existing nations is abandoned due to greed towards higher tiers, and 80% of the maps are horribly bad or only favor russians and americans.

      EAC was implemented into WT just because gayjin’s own hacks got leaked.

      I wouldn’t advise giving up on air battles. If you play WT anyway, you should just temporarily adopt to the antagonizing implementations and use big brain tactics until you will eventually unavoidably not play WT anymore. And always remember to instruct everyone not to give money to this company!

    • @Rudolph Antler I dont even buy anything T~T
      But I just rather have the BR matchup to be better than being slapped in the face by 20mm cannons against my literal fabric wings. I dont care if Ground Forces are broken and stuff.. I just want to have at least a small chance of my success. Ground forces gives me that.

    • @Nameless Entity I respect what you perceive, but I see way more chance of success in Air matches. I was drawn to WT because of tanks, but I find refuge in the relatively more calming experience of planes, sometimes it’s therapeutic.

      And I’d say the best 20mm cannons are on Axis planes. And tanks too to be honest.

    • @Rudolph Antler Shame the minors didnt get that treatment *shrug*

    • @Nameless Entity Well two minors did. Italy, and 2 planes of Japan. And a few additional planes throughout the game. For historical reasons.

  29. CovenantSlayer Gaming

    ok but why is this whole video so true

  30. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    Ah yes, the big three issue. I remember saying this in one of my vanned accounts multiple times around the Abroomz OP whine era that they should add more direct contemporaries to compete, instead of nerfing to death or bringing in new flavor of the month BS [often stupid fake stat prototype] vehicles under tiered as all hell.

    This just walks back into the annoying community problem. Any solid ideas will be brigaded into the dumpster by people wanting their flavor of dumpster fire to be the best. This skub is ever prevalent with the glaring CAS problem where non arguments will get sent flying en mass to burn down a thread looking to sort it out. I bet those HVAPnstein Von Nordwhale of KillcamTiltenberg Revenge 1,000 Kilo Hollow players feel good about themselves.

    • With a decent company, a supposedly dumb community would definitely not be an issue.
      But alas, this is faaaaaaaar from a decent company.

    • Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

      ​@Rudolph Antler If we are to be accurate, it is a Hard-R company. What ‘R’ means is irrelevant because Russian companies are synonymous with it anyway. Combine Hard-R with Soft-S community and you get Wurld Stah, idiocracy.

  31. yea, that’s why Germany should get Leopard 2A7 now

  32. Reactions:

    1. “Big Three” problem? No. Big Four. Britain is by all intents and purposes a big nation by now, and has been for like 1-2 years. There is no reason to feel sorry for Britain. It has one of the most numerous access to heavy tanks, has quite strong unique MBTs, has ships and helis, and now has approx 4 possibilities of top tier fast vehicles with the new light tank they get now.

    2. Not enough vehicles possible to be added to Japan and China? No. First of all, top tier, as you mentioned this effect at that range. China is basically itself and Taiwan together, but even alone could have a huge array of vehicles, some of which are really competitive MBTs that even look good. Japan is missing several variants of the Type 10 MBT, a prototype, a preseries, a production, and a possible Late variant. But when not looking at top tier, true China has more problems, then again the cheapskate company opted to implement copypastes before domestic designs! China & Taiwan could have fun vehicles like Chi-Ha SPG or M10 GMC with 105mm Type 91 field gun and in Cold War BRs they have like 40 candidates. Japan? Google Mai_Waffentrager’s original Japanese tree proposal. It was like 4 times as large as Japan is currently, even before the Type 74!

    3. Giving event vehicles to the big FOUR and not giving them to the other nations has it’s merit. Event vehicles are seasonally available, and after that they become basically premiums. Also some have the price of a premium but lack the premium bonuses – yet another infuriating detail. Event vehicles are thus removed from the tree. Additionally, if the event itself is performace based, not time, then it is also removed from most of the playerbase because gayjin forces competitive matchmaking on every live server player. If smaller nations have lesser pools of vehicles to implement, it would do them no good to lose potential vehicles to events. Event vehicles out of the big four nations take away from playability!!! The AUBL/74 HVG is EXTREMELY missing from the normal tree! It’s rarity in the game is a spit on the face of all who’d want to play the nation but lack lineups! And the player hate the vehicle gets from the brainless masses is disgusting.

    Some of the most disgusting corporate filth that has happened to this game are:
    – the premium implementation of the Type 74 G/Kai, the most numerous and most long lasting variant of the 74
    – the premium implementation of the Celere Sahariano while neglecting to implement other WWII vehicles into the Italian tree, not investing enough modeller money to create additional WWII vehicles, and when choosing copypastes, they first went after post-war lend lease ex-Allied tech before giving Italy it’s German tech

    Also by this time, it has become EXTREMELY OLD that whenever a prototype is considered, especially for “minor nations”, regardless of how many were made, they instantly become a premium due to it’s historical aspect, while the tree itself suffers the lack of vehicles!!!
    The Celere Sahariano has been also implemented as a premium, yet here in the original forum suggestion the fanbase clearly outright wished for it being a free vehicle!!!
    This is the polar opposite of listening to the community!

    All this, and many other reasons, will forever dictate that logical people will never give money to gayjin the company which is racing for the title of the worst game company ever with EA.

    The doom of the “lesser nations” and gayjin itself is a self fulfilling prophecy. Less vehicles for Italy/Japan/France/China/Sweden, less people play them, less vehicles for them, less people play them, people get turned away, leave WT and gayjin goes bankrupt in their own stubborn stupidity.

  33. Sigh, Italy didn’t make shit late war (hence why they have to copypasta USA vehicles), Japan didn’t make shit, Britain went through a huge recession starting in the early 70s so for quite a huge chunk of time they weren’t making shit, soooo…what are they supposed to add? Everyone gets royally pissed at all the copypasta but they are already having to make shit up with crap like Ho Ri Production so unless you want them to make up BS there are some trees that are just gonna suck. The only way I can see to fix this is either more copypasta or maybe add a cobelligerents to the Axis so they can have some German stuff added.

    Finally as for adding event vehicles? Yeah…the QF 3.7 Ram is selling for $8 and the VFW? $41 and climbing. Hell just the SKIN for the German T34 goes for more than the British Whirlwind P.9 which tells me the players just don’t value these vehicles like they do the big three. I mean when the tier I German HE51 Float bird goes for more money than the super rare French 9T? That should tell you how many players care about the non 3.

    So while I agree they need to flesh those trees out more it can really only be done in a lot of cases by making shit up or copypasta. I mean there is talk about adding Korea as a damn tree, they didn’t have shit until 1945! If you think China is a mess wait until Korea comes in!

  34. Its not that the devs are bad its that these nations are minor nations when it comes to military power and funding in real life which makes it less likely for new vehicles to be added.
    also you started off with japan which instantly makes you a weeb

  35. That Dude Over There

    I have to admit I honestly do agree with this. There were a couple of times when I looked at the Japanese tech tree and said, you know what? I would actually like things such as the Type 74, the Type 90 but looking at the tech tree that gets me to them always drives me away from that thought…Probably the only thing I don’t agree with in this video is that Britain isn’t really much…Having played the British tree (fair enough only to like 6.7/7.0 , since those vehicles have in my opinion been rightfully moved up the BRs) I don’t think they were ever really bad to play, yes the whole thing of not having explosive shells in most cases does take some getting used to, it really isn’t that difficult once you get the hang of it all and get familiar with the weakspots of opponents, but frankly if you don’t take full APDS loadout (trust me in the most cases you really don’t need it, if anything it might just hinder you) you’ll do just fine, not to mention how you have massive advantages like the Stabilizers… Then again I have heard that British top tier isn’t much, or that the Chieftains tend to struggle sometimes, however, I can’t comment on that, since I haven’t gotten to that part of the tree, nevertheless I stand behind what I have to say about the way up to 7.0.

  36. They’re the most relevant nations in the game no one cares about other nations. If you chose to play French/Italian tanks etc you’re just a moron

  37. I feel like Warthunder is going downhill rapidly at this moment, gaijin is focussing its effort on getting money, money money money and nothing else. They apparently have 0 interest in fixing the game at this point even though realistically it would probably provoke more people to support them and buy stuff from them. Gaijin is digging their own grave.

  38. Schu1tzey the Yeet King

    I actually never knew about the big three problem, I mean I did kind of know because playing any tank besides Russia, Germany and US is a strugglefest, but I’d actually disagree when the planes are involved. I think Russia gets booted out of that Big Three, and Great Britain gets inserted in there. The Tier 1 planes are a strangely great bunch to dogfight with as far as Britain is concerned.

  39. We also need separate tanks from times they were used I dont want to play tiger 2 with atgm vehicles or helicopters

  40. I dont care about my lineup, there are tons of unfair and unbalanced bugs. The most i dislike are the unrealistic maps and forcing very often city knife fights. Placing a 25m circle to force to cap is nonsense. And after 1k games you get bored of driving again and again to the same spot otherwise you lose.

  41. Are the big 3 also used as a sort of matchmaking pins in terms of who faces who in ground forces?

  42. carl Fletcher starr park employee

    its true like sweden does have a nave and helis but wt does not whant to give other contrys other than Germany and america and ussr

  43. Another reason why I don’t play minor tree much is repair costs. It’s just horrendous with every minor tree.

  44. I-it’s almost’s almost like the “the big three” made things. Also you counter your own arguments, what the fuck lmao.

  45. Guess gajin can add more copy and paste :))))))

  46. Im agree with you but the problem is just at hes start for me because gaijin didnt put the russian mbt of the other country. The Peru is a good example because they have russian tanks like MODERNIZED T55 and T90S MODEL. Gaijin can decide to put them. In 2001 when us invade arabic people us have their m1a1 and arabic people had… Russian tanks
    Soo this is why for me its just the begining of this mentality where we need to put almost identical tanks in the same nation
    And i dont even talk about the t90M and the T95 black eagle

    Ps: we can put the peruvian m1a1 for help the top tier US lineup. Why not put the leo2a4s ?

  47. I love how Britain is just such a decent tree but everyone ignores them 🙁

  48. laughs in airplane

  49. There are many more big issues with the game that I don’t even mind a bad lineup.
    Really bad map design
    Spawn Camp problem
    No volumetric armor but, volumetric shells…

    I can live with bad lineup.

  50. I checked WoT tech trees and the minor nations have huge trees. Gaijin is lazy. I quit playing this game 4 months ago because of issues like this and lowering german tiger and panther to 5.3

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