THE BIGGEST BRAIN Play I’ve seen | OBJECT 685 Gameplay (War Thunder)

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BIGGEST BRAIN Play I’ve seen | 685 Gameplay (War Thunder)


  1. *Have a good Sunday Phellas! Be safe also to all the Hockey phans out there. ITS SO CLOSE* opening night opening night opening night

    • Very cool video of the object 6A5!

    • Phly I’d like to inform the smokes and how they affect thermals smoke from the smoke launchers can actually block thermal sights while smoke from the exhaust can’t about smoke shells don’t have info on that, and uh you can just swap ammunition directly by clicking teh greyed out ones just because it is grey does not mean it is not available.

    • 9.3kg vs. 15.9kg mass on the projectile dear Phly. Maybe thats why one is slower… =P

    • Андрей Badrak

      PhlyDaily it’s six hundred eighty five

      In Russia we never pronounce numbers like this separately

    • You know what else is a big brain play? Players (*especially* in planes) scouting and posting in chat–for example–“1@A 3nA” to let teammates know that there is 1 enemy at A and 3 more near it.

  2. I think the reload time is good but to short for the creew
    Super doper video Phly? thank
    (Sory for my reating y an a baguette??)

  3. Family isn’t complete without Ob. 934 Judge.

  4. Attempt 3:

    Phly, can you do a video on the SB2U-2? It is one of my favorite naval bombers of the american tree, and I want to see how you play it.

  5. Insert Nama Asli Gua

    Waiting for the Sprut-SD the youngest brother of PT-76

  6. too long for the repair. its 30 second when your crew its almost max out. i got 2400 hours in game and i dont have a single crew all max and i have a prenium account

  7. Driver: *Dies*
    Commander: OK Tavarish your turn
    Tavarish: But I don’t wa….

  8. Let’s bring it to a more smaller round. It’s like a 7.62 vs a 5.56 round. 7.62 it’s big, hit harder, but slower than 5.56. Which the 5.56 is smaller but fast enough to penetrate. Same exact concept for the bigger rounds. All because of drag.

  9. Who peeped that brass ejection from the tank. Lets get that on all the french tanks

  10. Hey Phlippity phlop, you do more blankets for your designs. I would love to buy a team phantom blanket to drape over my sofa.

  11. nah dude, he was like, kill that blind object 685 not me, see? he is there, kill him


  13. Hey Phly, this is just a suggestion but could you try getting a kill with the Schrage Musik cannon on the JU 388J in either tank or air rb?

  14. Im still waiting for them to add an A-10 worthog.

    High BR of corse. Cause I would pay hella money for that.

  15. What song plays in hangar?

  16. you think this is the big brother? wait till they add 2S25 Sprut-SD/Object 952

  17. Ho-229 Pl0x

  18. whats the song playing at 1:00

  19. 0:09 Ah yes… the “HEY YOU BLIND GOPNIK, OVER HERE SHOOT THIS GUY” play.

  20. Hey please do the Italian M47 (105/55). I find it really annoying to play as it is basically tin foil.

  21. this game is gay like 90% bots

  22. You can actually just choose the other shell and it will swapped them automatically

  23. michael bruun pedersen

    the repairs are just right not to long for when you need to repair and not to short to not be able to do a flank on a repairing tank.

  24. 16:21 will phlipphlop persue his musical ambitions? Find out on the next episode of PhlyDaily!?

  25. Attempt #68
    Pls play the British Conway at 7.0, u haven’t played it in yrs bring the amazing tank back to battle and destroy anything in its path. 🙂

  26. It’s big brain time

  27. Aqua Airways Channel

    Only big brain people can play this right

  28. Aqua Airways Channel

    Leopard 2A4: **shooting phly with full of hates**

    Phly: Maybe he was saying good job

  29. Repairs to long phly

  30. I only complain about repair time when I knock out two crew members in an enemy tank plus their main gun as they knock out mine. Yet they somehow repair and replace crew before I can because max level crew levels.

  31. when I’m playing …too long. When I think about it. Needs to be a longer more involved process for realistic and sim. Works fine for arcade right now.

  32. Hey phly you know that even though when you wanna switch the ammo at the begining of a game if its dark you can still click on it and it will move it in that spot

  33. Looks a bit like Russian Tank with Tiger turret ?

  34. Gayjoob will add either the BMP-3 or the 2S25 on the next patch

  35. Maybe…685’s swim looks like Ka-Mi’s? (only with extra pods…not included in game)

  36. Repairs are too short

  37. No 3% WT store discount anymore?

  38. repairs are far to long

  39. Phly just going to let you know that when selecting ammo on a tank before battle you can click the greyed out ones to move them 🙂


  41. Reloads should depend on teammates proximity. It does seam strange to have 25 plus seconds when youre alone against 2 enemies. Personally I would have designed the repair to encourage team to play as a team and help out. Drrr, that’s what the repair assist is for?

  42. Hey phly, you can select round type order by clicking on the ammo even if it isn’t highlighted. I was annoyed by it and was doing like you at @4:24 before I tried selecting the ammunition type that wasn’t in color and it actually works! You don’t have to select the other ammunition type and switch again!
    Hope it also helps other people frustrated like I was and like he is.

  43. 887m/s is a copy paste from D-10 gun ballistics in game… BR-412 rounds all fly at about 890m/s… But in all reality this might or should be higher in later gen guns, like D-10T2S for T-55 and this gun on object 685. Late production BR-412B and BR-412D should be slightly more powerful, higher pressure than WW2/postWW2 production for standard BS-3/D-10T/S… Anyway it could be up to 900 to 915m/s, so not that much more. Gaijin has to work on this, on the details of these rounds relative to ancient or modern guns and all… Not just copy paste stupid stats taken from 6.3 SU-100.

    On the other hand, the object 906 sports a vehicule mounted variant of a dedicated high pressure AT gun, the D-48 (early 1950s), this 85mm gun was specifically made as an AT, taking inspiration from the PAK-43, they used the shell casing from 100mm, and reduced the projectile size to 85mm, making a huge powder load behind a 9.5 KG round vs the 16KG round of 100mm. This leads to 1070 or 1040 in tank version, m/s velocity for the specially developped APCBC, BR-372 (a variant of the BR-367 for standard 85mm medium pressure guns (T-34-85 etc), itself inspired from Pzgr39/43)… So, it’s not astonishing that the 100mm is lagging behind this 85mm in raw pen.

  44. bcause 85mm is lighter than 100mm. 85mm can travel faster & higher pen


  46. 13:43 “charlie is naked”

    do you hear that its the sound of youtube demonitization

  47. That callout hurt my head

  48. Hey can you help me to fix shemering problème on war thunder

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