The BIGGEST GUNS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Big guns mean hard hits in of and the E 100 Jagdpanzer and aim to deliver for you today!



  1. Awesome number 1 love your shit mate! Been here since 2012

  2. Nepriklausomas Media X


  3. Ah yes the Fv215b 183

  4. The biggest Gun in the Game was the Brumbar 300mm gun.
    Funmode when u all remember.

  5. Ang Dong yi (Qss)

    You should do a video about which is better? E-100 or Maus.

  6. Just as i unlock the E 100 you post a video about it. PERFECT

  7. That love push on the wz was something else

  8. the jpz gun is used when you need to kill a tank behind another tank

  9. Dellinger the fighting fish

    I remember the time when it was T92

  10. I really do hate this “SPGs aren’t tanks” argument. All while driving a Jpz E100, a Self-Propelled Gun, more precisely an Assault Gun, which by definition isn’t a tank either.

  11. Enemy Arty: hitting front – 1500 Damage
    Me playing Arty: hitting weakpoint – 200 damage 🙃

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I remember I took a direct hit on that 420 HEAT from the Jagero and did 0 damage it hits my gun and destroyed it but didn’t received any damage in my T-54 Lightweight

  13. HE nerf ye hiting stb for 714 with GC arta no pen : )

  14. How about the longest gun….

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