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  1. They could make heavy tanks face only conventional rounds if the matchmaking made sure a certain number of players on each team had heavy tanks

  2. Current armour meta seems to be:
    – uptier your armour does nothing.
    – downtier you are a god (when played well, with some luck mixed in).

    Side note: Something I have noticed is that I enjoy playing the nations that aren’t from the big 3 (British and French mostly, which is solid shot galore). I will admit that I often have little to no sympathy for the “struggles” of the big 3, because the counter arguments usually involve “but this other vehicle from the big 3 has this”.

  3. you have a hole in your plane!

  4. I full heartedly agree, heavy tanks are pointless above a certain threshhold, i’d even argue anything above 6.3 with armour is pointless because of nations like italy and sweden which 300-400mm HEAT for no reason like what.

    Japan could easily join the armour meta if Gaijin introduced the prototype Japanese SUPER heavies like the O-I which aren’t invincible and have weak spots but introduce armour meta to another country instead of mario kart: HEAT-FS edition

  5. warthunder used to be so much more engaging, now it’s basically who can spot someone first and take a shot, no angling, no out running their turret, no aiming for a niche spot, just point and click

  6. This is classic Phly.

  7. 17:10 im still puzzled af right now… how did that wound happen on your plane i rewind and rewind i just dont get it

  8. I like the idea of making heavies fun to play!
    Nice video, thank you!

  9. Basically all the heavy tanks except several of the Russian heavy tanks are really bad. I also believe the US has one of the worst 7.7 line up.

  10. The engineers and designers were like, “how big of a target to you want it to be”….” yes”

  11. Yep. Wish I could play my tiger without having someone melt right through my front plate like butter.

  12. There is an M103 at a museum near me and they are freaking massive. You really can’t get a feel for how big they are in games, but they way bigger than like M48s or M60s which themselves are extremely larger vehicles in their own right.

  13. from playing the T14 with the mass amounts of churchill 7s atm, i think it should be a case of u need to flank the heavy tank to kill it because personally i think thats rly fun

  14. Finally after 4 years

  15. I think there should be an option to split que’s and the game between during-WW2 and post-WW2. Always feels crap using a king-tiger being hit by a BMP missile

  16. Phly, the problem is that IRL heavy armour meta was done before WWII ended. It wasn’t a good idea in 1945 why would it be a good idea in 1955?

  17. with a hole that BIG in the F3D you would think that thing wouldn’t fly that good at all and have a lot of drag from that hole

  18. Assumption in War Thunder is like playing Russian roulette with 5 bullets.

  19. IS-7 on 7.7 will be 100% legit now

  20. It will be nice if that will come with the heavy Tanks I unlock the Maus Last tame and I sonst wanna Play It because I’m every time get a one Shot from the front thats so annoying all that Armor for nothing…

  21. The m103 is definitely one of the Tanks ever!

  22. Yeah, M103, IS-3, IS-4 is a pain in the ass to play

  23. My favorite tank in the entire game, man! And IRL!

    Glad to see you posting again, brother. Hope all is well.

  24. Geezus, that’s the king of all holes blown outta your plane

  25. Me expecting the video to be posted a year ago: wonder when the next one would come out
    *Sees 13 hours ago*
    I have ascended

  26. 0:40 nice insert there mate, really like these little details 😀

  27. Watching Phly go in a tank doin stuff and doin CAS is the best 🙂

  28. A vid about the FCM2CBis would be awesome ! 🙂

  29. Rips flaps* oh yea yea yea yea yea

  30. Good idea

  31. Glad to see you back in action , i stopped playing war thunder ground , as it was disappointing being yeeted by a APDS or HEATFS etc , while i am struggling with an conventional round , my muzzle velocity is around 900m/sec theirs in 1400 , fast round equals easier aim and “higher” range , i cant even see the opponent and they have thermals , but hey i have 250mm armor and i am 45kmh fast , not even enough to retreat 😀 , anyway , love your videos go on and create more

  32. Now play the t10m, the way I look at it is an early mbt but with armor

  33. Why not a conventional tank game mode with no planes.
    Just heavy tanks brawling it out.

  34. I love using heavy tanks Also I play italy

  35. I’d take ground RB without planes over heavy tank focused tree.

  36. Best heavy tank is the Sherman 105 at 2.7 (technically a medium but at that br very little is getting through the front)

  37. Hello, I am pretty new to war thunder, but have been watching phlys vids for a couple years now. I am on ps4 and can’t find anybody to play this with. How can I find gamers to game with?

  38. I agree,it is really annoying when you have a heavy tank from WWII era and some 60s technology 10tons armored vehicle with HEATFS destroys you.
    I think it would make more sense to put the tanks into their own era and let them fight like that but that would require such a reconfig that it might screw the game up more.
    For example I had such a great battle in a Jagdtiger against an IS-3,we were shooting each other,hurting this and that,but nothing major,like tracks and turret. But when you are facing a BMP there is no fun.

  39. Where is Phacecam Friday Phly, where has it gone hmmm

  40. phyl he is the way with the m103

  41. Yeah phly I just belive all of the heavies need to drop down a half tier and they would mostly be where they need to be.

  42. I’ve mentioned many times that all they need to do is implement a filter that either restricts post ww2 (hfs vehicles etc) or allows all (basically as it is now) So at least people have a choice.

  43. I still believe the BR system should be replaced with a “year it entered service” system. Y.E.S. basically. Basically segment vehicles to years they entered service and take them out of the rotation by the time you reach the year it was no longer used.

  44. Idea: BR based off unlocked ammo types. On stock HEAT in an MBT? Lower BR. No HEATFS in a heavy tank only AP? Lower BR. And implement “uninstall” for ammo types.

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