THE BOYS ARE BACK – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m thrilled to be playing World of Tanks with my buddy Ik once more!



  1. Sorry QB – but wtf. The world is on the brink of WW3 and your prancing around in Russian tanks. Have some decency and maybe stop the vids for the next couple of weeks until we know where this planet is going!

  2. Nerd alert !

  3. Nothing wrong with “married man gamer” bromance 😉

  4. aQuestionableQuestion

    OMG the nostalgia…I remember the days of the terrible 😉 trio combo of Ike, Jingles and yourself. Any chance JIngles might join in some time in the near future?

  5. Finally ik is backed

  6. Back

  7. Can we expect a vid of you Ik and jingles in the near future?

  8. “It’s like pissing with a boner”, yes we all remembek Ik

  9. Robert hållstrand

    Quickybaby my man.. Honestly dude, playing tier 8-10 with players shouldent be there, dont it tilt you? How is it even possible to reash high tiers without even being a good player??? WG ffs, change…… Should need to earn tier 10, 42% winrate aint enough.. im am so tiltet right now, all of them with low IQ cant even speak the international language 2022 and lives in Europe hahahahah

  10. How do you not have intuition on a tier 10 tank crew? Like really? Had a long, long time to get it, haha.

  11. good teamwork nice to see that’s why I like platoon friends

  12. you have known him my whole life dam thats a great friendship

  13. “I love that man! Platonically of course.”

    Hey don’t ask don’t tell! :DD

  14. bubbles_official

    “wanna have fun” never works you gotta say “me and my buddy really like your vibe and we were thinking if maybe we could buy you a drink and you’d join us”

  15. People: “The t-10’s been power creeped” Me with my 3 stars: “nyet” *4,000 damage a round*

  16. you mean you love ike platoonically?

  17. Do you still play wow?

  18. Platooning with my friends is why I’m still playing.

  19. This sounds like an Ikzor review!

  20. I used that place alone many times and did great so stop speaking shit.

  21. Looking at the bc 155 58 arty y can’t it equip vents when the turret is fully enclosed

  22. Nah. Playing Russian tanks is crass and insensitive. Just dumb. I made allowances and even and apology, but I take it all back. Blood money. I’m out and goodbye.

  23. This is basically 15 mins of Quickybaby simping for Ike lmao.

  24. In video games which have occupied my entire social life for the last 12 years, somehow I haven’t made any long lasting friends. I can remember finding friends I would play with every day, some for months or longer and then they all ghost me or I get bored of the game. I don’t get it, I remember their gamer tags years later but they don’t even send me a message goodbye.

  25. this is what a bromance looks like

  26. I am against the war, but Putin said correctly one thing. It was alright to bomb the capital city in the hart of Europe, put now it is not alright to lunch an assault on Ukraine, the country that was once SSSR and now is supporting NATO. I am from that capital in the hart of Europe, it is called Belgrade, and it is in beautiful country called Serbia.

  27. what class were you in wow?

  28. platoons are broken, they should have their own matchmaker

  29. The M.K. Young Show

    Flashbacks of the old Dream Team days… good times.

  30. Квартет Пятерых

    he loves him platoonicly

  31. Get Jingles to join you two again for some more TOG platoons!

  32. On a all the way around m48 is better in my mind

  33. Heia norge 🇳🇴

  34. Next video will be on Redtube:
    Quickybaby and his beautiful Norwegian doing things you can’t even imagine. XD

  35. The pause after saying all the people he played with just reminded me of my bitter-sweet moments with the boys. Less of those moments since we’ve become older though.

  36. shame on you for still playing russian tanks

  37. need to isolate your mic, everytime you bump the desk its being picked up and were hearing the low tone

  38. I was just looking at my recommendeds and I see a qb video, but when I look at the date it was lauched, i saw 8 YEARS AGO. First time I ever had a recommeded more then 1 year ago… crazy… 8 years

  39. Time to BOYCOTT Belarus’ ‘Wargaming’ !! Free 🇺🇦

  40. Huzzah for Ike!

  41. Awesome seeing you folks together again!

  42. SigarettenSnuiver

    Fat brothers in arms 😅

  43. Origami Paper Planes And Tanks

    there was once a time when i was playing in a KV-2 and when i rolled out i saw 2 more KV-2s on my team and i tried to platoon with the other KV-2s, one of them accepted, and one of them declined but the three of us( me and my platoon mate+ 1KV-2)somehow went to the same place and then, BOOM! BOOM! and BOOM!

  44. Holy shit Ikzor???!

  45. Sardonic Spartan

    I’m still playing WoW.

  46. In town!

  47. Arthur van dulmen

    what has been up the last couple of weeks??

  48. memeoverlord 2010

    If you use soviet tanks you are supporting genocide of ukranians by Putins army.

  49. To support Ukrainian people, put Ukraine flag on all of your tanks.

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