THE BRAWLER | IS-3 Soviet Heavy Tank (War Thunder Gameplay)

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BRAWLER | IS-3 Soviet Heavy Tank (War Gameplay)


  1. Hey guyz! Whats up? Stalin here. Welcome back to the channel. In today’s video we will be continuing to request the use of the ASU-57 and the I-153P. You will watch as Phly uses his skill to defeat his enemies by using the unpredicted. If you like videos containing cheekieness breekieness OR sneekieness then please drop a like on this request!

  2. Challenge. If you are allowed to land a plane in the middle of the map? Try this. Pick any plane you want that has Rockets, destroy a tank with Rockets while on the ground.

  3. Phly I just want to say Thanks for all the hours of entertainment that you have given me, I truely enjoy your videos if even at times you are shit, I still enjoy all of it, Thank you! ^.^

    Nooo Thats so RNG, nope thats phly 😛

  4. please more support for these imitations of AI. They are the true hero’s of the game! Phly pls send this to Gaijin!!!


  6. Do German combo tiger 2 and hornet with devil dog gamer!!!Love you phly!

  7. Phly, take out the M4A3 105 and the P-40E Warhawk for loving the unloved

  8. does he still not realize that if you put your big aim circle (in 3rd person view) on the target if you’re behind a wall, it will still shoot right where you put the big aim circle? you don’t need to have the small one on the target, it can be up on a wall that’s in front of you? like at 7:55 to 7:57 ?

  9. I feel stronk in IS4 and some times its downtiered too much and bounce alot of projectiles. I just like maus on battle field

  10. suuuuuuure …….. toooootally wasn’t picking his nose he says

  11. CHALLENGE: Phly shoot a plane down in RB in any tank of your choice with a SMOKE ROUND. #attempt 1

  12. PHLY play the Kv4 please keep up the good work #LOVE YOUR VIDEO’S

  13. when i face the is-3 i just aim for the driver’s hatch 2/3 times the shell bounces downwards after it hits the lower gun shield.

  14. *Cavalry charge* 4:33
    *Surprise left flank* 4:47
    *Surprise right flank* 5:39
    *Combat losing slightly* 5:53
    “Our men are routing!” 6:00
    “Our men has rallied!” 6:17
    *Combat winning slightly* 7:20
    *Rear flanked* 7:36
    *Worried, casualties sustained. Combat losing slightly* 9:03
    “Our men are routing!” 9:39
    “Your general has been slain!” 9:57

  15. 12:15, what is that


  17. 2:38 How did you spend 400K SL between garage and loading?

  18. Stalin approved video

  19. phly2k : smoke criminal

  20. A literal blind hunt XD

  21. R6S crew:

    -commander: Tachanka
    -Loader: Fuze
    -Driver: Kapkan
    -Gunner: Glaz

  22. I need help playing as the M4A3 (105) and basically the whole game

  23. Phly Plz do a game with B0ris’ sound mod

  24. ORYG1N is moving channels

  25. I’m laying in bed in my middle class home eating whole wheat bread. Plain bread. I have 3 slices. This is the life.

  26. That “Blind Hunt has ended” at the beginning XD

  27. That Strv player probably shat his pants when he saw that replay


    Anyone wanna sub this poor youtubr’s channel

  29. You need to add more music to your videos

  30. carrying 13 shots says alot about what you think about IT

  31. still need to play the rest of the IS family, The IS-1, IS-2 IS-2 mod 1944, IS-2 Revenge for the Hero brother IS-4M and the T-10M then do the entire KV family KV-1 L11, KV-1S KV-1 ZiS-5 KV-2 KV-85, once those are all played you’ll have all Soviet Heavy tanks not including the premuim ones

  32. Well, I’m gonna go play the IS-3 right now, love the bounces, especially when I bounce a strong round sent straight to the side of my hull and they just say in the chat “Bullshit, it shoul’ve went through and kill your stupid Blyat-3″… well… check dat curve on the side armor boi.

  33. Phlys habit of shooting in 3rd person view is making a war thunder look like a FUCKING WORLD OF TONKS

  34. Keep scrolling

  35. kalinka malinka kalinka moya… 🙂 Thanks Phily 🙂

  36. MightyPeppers Gaming Channel

    Wtf. Me and my pal will try for realistic battles forever and never get one (i play germans, while he play russians) yet, ill see phly play russians with germans, or vice versa all the time.

  37. Lord High Inquisitor Constarpheus Beruntanus

    You should maybe play this for one of the intro moments
    Without lyrics
    Credits to the creators

  38. Break out the KV-220….

  39. Hi phly can you please tell me the music in the start of the video?

  40. Kalinka, Beautiful song… now do a katyusha video and play the song in the intro

  41. I am happy that tank got up to tear because that thing was a pain in my ass

  42. josephstail Mr coin

    Gulag all officer go to gulag

  43. josephstail Mr coin

    Is -3 is my favorite tank in the world

  44. I need help. I have the tiger H1 and have just finnished researching the tiger E but i don’t know if the 180K is worth it. should i buy it?

  45. The monument.

  46. *super Pershing next plz*

  47. Use m8

  48. how can u got so much goldeneagle man!!!!

  49. nope, sorry it didn’t convince me to play that tank. Now in that game rules only mobile machines, and there is more fun with them, almost every heavy tank is just a meat 😛

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