The British Are Coming, Tea & Medals for Everybody – War Thunder Fv4202 & Brigand

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. make America great again play the super Pershing

  2. classicmusicforce25

    choose one

  3. It’s Friday today

  4. hurricane Matthew is coming, death & billions without power for everybody-

  5. wait he said “if you’re listening to this right now the day of release,
    which would be saturday…” holy shit im watching this from the past before
    he posted the video

  6. no it’s pretty good if u know how to drive it

  7. никольское.

  8. It’s like watching a blind bat

  9. Baron, “medianoche” means midnight. That’s the name of the Cuban sandwich


  11. Baron, your British accent ain’t got %$^# on Squire’s…

  12. Um it’s Friday not Saturday lol

  13. JJ “Niris Chuy” CP

    Baron! Media Noche literally means “Half Night” and it is a type of bread
    very similar to the one used on Hotdogs.

  14. is a higher or lower battle rating better?

  15. U need to stop trying the British accent it sounds like you’re taking the
    piss mate just letting u no

  16. “Media Noche” means MidNight ;)

  17. Yes Florida does have great Cuban restaurants lol

  18. Baron talar i en brittisk accent är okej – nu gå till Gulag.

    Också vad om Män of War måndagar med Slickbee?

  19. baron i was that t29 holding down the church with you on the first clip i
    shot my machine gun to try and warn you about the tiger2 on the other side
    of the house you were hiding behind

  20. Antonius Wahyunugroho

    chieftain better

  21. Cornelius McMuffin

    64mm of bulletproof glass. XD

  22. Silent-x-Night (SiXx)

    Its like a baby chieftain

  23. I wonder if Baron has ever actually met an Englishman or an Aussie…

  24. Bristol brigand was a replacement for the Beau fighter and the crew
    consisted of a Pilot ,Navigator/Bomb Aimer and radioman /Gunner

  25. Your English accent is shit hahaha

  26. i want to “YOUTUBE” around
    but im not good at commentary :/

  27. Baron, how about PREMIUM kv-122 NEXT ????

  28. Play the Sturer Emil

  29. You sound Australian rather than British.

  30. Hey Baron! Play the T20 420 blaze it tank!

  31. baron i dare you to play W.o.T (world of tanks)

  32. Use the panther

  33. farting vehicle 4202

  34. I hope nothing bad happened to you back there is Florida during the storm!

  35. Baron please don’t do an English accent. You need so much practice it’s

  36. baron please take out the Cromwell or Comet

  37. enter.the.void.II

    Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore, it died in the beginning of 90’s.
    Technically Ibrahimovic is half Bosnian and half Croatian.

    You’re welcome

  38. Divenire Blitz survival Games

    The British 83.4 is amazing apart from the shell choice

  39. ROFL ! brigand has 2 lower class tea makers in the back

  40. Maus family emotional stability from now on

  41. Siti Azwan Mohd Kamal

    After see your video i want to play realistic battle

  42. cap the point early game and watch German team camp af.

  43. the crew are radar and Nav.

  44. in the aircraft

  45. How do you use the binoculars? (Not the scope for shooting, the other thing

  46. Yeah – 2RTR here- challenger 2 has a bivvie good for makin a brew ?

  47. We call Derby football team the Sheep shagers . When I say we I mean
    Nottingham Forest football team.

  48. Malanoche… it reminds me of a mexican mafia. CSI, anyone?

  49. Stay safe Baron !
    Fuck that hurricane

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