THE BRITISH HEAVY TIGER TANK | Insane Heavy Tank A33 (Excelsior)

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Source: PhlyDaily

THE BRITISH TIGER TANK | Insane Heavy Tank A33 (Excelsior)


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    Love you!

  2. S O V I E T T O N K

    The chonkhill a33

  3. Phly:Ok ok ok ok lets reload crew member

  4. “We’re going to give the enemies a taste of their own medicine”
    *gets shot*
    “Stop that”

  5. Hey fly I just watched one of your old videos with the yer-2 (l) and I would personally like to see it again

  6. Congrats

  7. Day 33 : pls play the etendard IVM so I can learn the meta

  8. Hey, in case you weren’t joking about your Dad not liking you. I’m a Dad and I like you. Good luck with you and Mrs. Phly.

  9. Bosnian GamingChannel

    16:15 When you shot from other part and shell flies around the world. It instantly came back from world traveling:


  10. The Maus was, in effect, electric.

  11. alexander leo overbye

    monkey moment 13:15

  12. Cobra Pirate de l'espace

    you shoot in the ammunition stock and nothing happens. You pull on the rear bumper and the tank explodes. Welcome to war thunder, the game where skill is useless.


  14. 6:29
    My family when I finally open up.

  15. Lol, he’s gonna post a 3 second long video of him screaming “It’s HERE!!!”

  16. You are gonna be a great dad!

  17. Do not spend even a single cent on War Thunder or any other game developed by Gaijin. They are not worth any financial support.

  18. Day 56: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  19. Anyone else notice how the tracks a phasing through the armor plating?
    That has to be some top secret British technology.

  20. Mini tog 2

  21. I always love facing the 8.8cm flakbus, its so satisfying to kill, whether you use HE, ammorack it or somehow take out its entire crew with AP.

  22. Thanks for recommending the Stuh 42, y’all PC guys stomp us on Xbox, so it’s fun to pull that out late game and flip the table right onto y’all’s faces, lol

  23. “You have depression? No way!”

  24. 2021.7.53 Dhafi Zahran Farasha

    yey old intro

  25. 13:17 Phlymonkey escape from his cage and Phlydady has to lock him back in his cage

  26. Hey Phly I love watching the Vids and all but I have not seen a recent one were you take a low tier plane with a much higher tier and use the low plane to wreck the place. as in… under 2 maybe a bi-plane in a battle that faces p-51’s.. and such. That was one of the first vid’s i watched of yours you trolling them in a lower tier just out-flying them. please find you alone or bring the cackling old lady friends you got and make some fun.

  27. 38:33 uahahahaha

  28. Phly could you possibly do a video about the spj-fm its a low br but it’s fun play around with

  29. Day 2: Art of the Sherman Masterclass

  30. This thing is so fast

  31. Anyone else having massive problems playing this video? Every other video in my feed is playing normally but this one stops all the time or reverts to 480p?

  32. Dude you are awesome I had such a bad few days these week and every time I lay down in bed roll me a joint and watch you video dude I laugh at you video it’s awesome with them Russian accents I’m dien I love it man you the best phly I wish you all the greatness of the world and happiness for you and you wife and soon your little baby! Keep it up!!🙏🏽❤️


  34. pancharder der paijas

    Do some CAS with the Yak-9Ks new AP-Belt

  35. Anyone else didn’t got a notification too?

  36. Phly, how come you still have Level 3 on Battle pass??

  37. I like how the tracks go through the armor.

  38. Christopher Torres

    Hey adopted. Lmaoooo

  39. 6:16 conversation between me and my doctor

  40. Javier Sanchez Ruiz

    @plhydaily what can I do yo get this discounts on ps4? My account is still linked to it

  41. Disgusting Lifeform

    15:28 phly lore???

  42. News_Internationale

    Stuff like this, I bring out the Emil.

  43. If you shoot the cheeks on a any t 34 it will take out most of the turret crew

  44. moke

  45. This is one THick Prius

  46. Tog II but fatter

  47. Galactic Marksman
  48. 15:33 awww phly ill be your dad 🙁

    On a serious note I hope you’re dealing well with that, and i’m so excited for your baby!!!!!!!!!!

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