THE BRITISH KING TIGER – FV4202 (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

ϟ -Want Free GE?
THE KING TIGER – (War Thunder Tanks)

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. Upset that the app doesn’t work for iphone

  2. Is the m1a2 Abrams in this game?

  3. What do u use to record and edit ur videos

  4. Papa Trump pls touch me

    The FV4202 seems kind of weird at 6.0 but if it counters the T-34-85’s i
    wouldn’t mind if it hangs around for a while while gaijin “figures it out”

  5. Oh look, a late 1946 medium tank on 6.0. The same BR as the Panther which
    came out 3 years earlier.
    Now compare all the stats from the Panther with the FV4202…

    Gaijin in a nutshell.
    Same with aircrafts.

  6. Learnman at War thunder

    M48a1 and the f-84 1950s combo

  7. Mayuri-chan マユリ 中将

    Phly Please drive out the Flakpanzer I Modern Gepard.. and play him as a
    Tankdestroyer ^-^

  8. Average Asian (Mr. Sushi)

    16:00 How mature is it when you say that then moan, they say it’s a channel
    rated mature ?

  9. What did you say that the FV4202 was like? A British what? I don’t think
    you made it clear enough.

  10. churchill 1

  11. gaijin be like : we need to buff british to match the kv-122 of the

  12. lol ive never died by a fv4202 i usually 1 shot em with my 88mm of death

  13. Try the fatherlands own Panzer IV/70(V) with the Bv 238!

  14. -There are kids watching this channel now
    – At the same time … Cmon gun fucking rotate

    ayyy lmao

  15. Pls play maus

  16. Pls

  17. phly plzzzzzzzzzzzz make a vid on how to download user missions attempt#4

  18. Good to see that Brits getting a decent BR 6.0. Again the ammo seem to
    have to spam but seems normal for british. Thanks for the show.

  19. play with th3 sea huricane mark ic

  20. your the jerk that shoots the gunner over and over

  21. do da tortoise

  22. Official Boomtish214

    oh, how i wish the FV was this OP in WOT

  23. Not feelin the new intro phly last one was groovy

  24. Swingfire pls pls pls PLS

  25. Avenger!!!

  26. Phly the weak spot on the turret is the mantlet because to my knowledge,
    there isn’t one. The FV4202 was a Chieftain prototype or something along
    those lines, and when they built the Chieftain they actually excluded a
    proper mantlet because they really wanted to get 10 degrees of gun
    depression in there.

    Or the internet is lying to me. Which has been known to happen.

  27. Holy sheep! Pen armor slope of panther from 300-ish meter?? Is this how
    gaijin celebrate halloween? It’s not funny….

  28. Tech,Gaming and more From Down Under

    Isn’t that the baby chieftain… Looks a lot a like

  29. Phly please play the challenger and the meteor thanks awesome video loved

  30. IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stangrad. Play it Phly.
    Like if you agree.

  31. Siti Azwan Mohd Kamal

    do tiger h1 with bf109f4 with rocket

  32. Well gayjin needs to reconsider super Pershing. He has armor same to that
    of m46 which is a medium tank… the spaces armor doesn’t do shit. I get
    penned from different angles anywhere basically. And one shot is what you
    always get. While you have armor that or medium , speed that of heavy and
    the gun…. omg and I researched t44 shot and the numbers says it should
    pen wow so good but……… hell no. It’s pen is still terrible compared
    to Russians and Germans. And theoretically i saw t44-100 stats and his gun
    should pen less and he has less armor. Even though when he was against me
    he always exploded me and I shot him to the right side of the Manlet and it

  33. King tiger

  34. Take out the Panzer 4 F2 and the Ju-87 B-2.

  35. hi phlydaily my here brazilia you here realy good videos get my screnshot kkk

  36. Phly ,can u compare M4A3E2 JUMBO vs Churchill mk. 7 ; that Who is Better ?

  37. Was playing a match earlier, had a chance to clutch and I failed so hard.
    Don’t be a smart ass until the Match is over

  38. Phly play the t54 1947
    Like comment plz

  39. Want to counter a T-34-85 drive a Panther, none of their shells can beat
    the front plate and outside of 150m and APCR you don’t have to worry about
    the front of the turret. You can just blast through any part of their tank
    with your cannon. Anyone remember that Panther vs T-34-85 event where the
    Germans had almost 90% win rate?

  40. I see WT still making Cold War tanks fight WWII tanks cuz reasons

  41. Has he used the T20 yet?

  42. how about the M163 and the F7F 3 tiny tims

  43. Come on , king tiger is way too better than this FV4202

  44. bring out the is-2 one shoot wonder

  45. Free GE just on Android

  46. M3 GMC and SBD plz

  47. Holy Fuck good Video, kils and tank

  48. who wants the developer add this game to android or ios

  49. this thing fighting tigers, pz4s, t-34s, ridiculous. it utterly outclasses
    those old designs

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