The British Land Battleship, Independent – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. baron an ironclad was the first navy war ship built out of metal look it up
    the info is pretty interesting

  2. I guess bastion finally turned into a tank.

  3. i cant even play 30s after every match. The worse part is my tanks are “out
    on a mission” for ten fucking minutes.

  4. Johnny popper 630

    instead of calling the German tank German why not Nazi tanks ?

  5. Johnny popper 630

    plz tiger p or brumbar

  6. Christian Gatewood

    is this landship premium or researchable?

  7. I feel like no one plays with aircraft Anymore??

  8. do americans have a landship? (land battleship)

  9. LOl the closedcaptions or the first 30 seconds of the vid

  10. the only land battle ship this game needs is the TOG

  11. It’d be good if they bring in the Tog II

  12. i think that tog ll

  13. Daniel James Beggs

    NO TOG2 Disapointed

  14. Rayalia Maelstrom (Ray)

    Baron play the new 88mm flak truck at 3.7 with a 5 second reload

  15. Brandon bozeman (brandonb1108)

    What map is this

  16. The Penatrator 9000

    i tried it and it wont move,, idk why

  17. Baron can you tell us the specs of your system please it runs the game very
    well thanks

  18. hey its british ammo with explosive filler in it!!!

  19. How did you get some many golden eagles??

  20. Looks very steampunk

  21. Baron can u plz play infinite tanks on the iPad

  22. play calm down stalin

  23. i think warthunder should do world war 1 tanks moving into world war 2 and
    then morden tanks like from world war 1 tanks you work your way to ww2 and
    up and i also think they should add heils

  24. I was in a game with you yesterday, but you died early so I won’t be in a
    video :(

  25. Dude, leave it to the developers to make the only APHE round the british
    have be in a premium tank

  26. Help make my school trip possible pl0x!

  27. Take out the Tortoise and the Tempest mk V (47mm).

    good luck.

  28. kv-1 zis

  29. One of the areas that I’ve been particularly interested in is the area of

  30. how do you use x ray vision?

  31. Custom battle: the flak truck vs bombers but no dive bombers

  32. Jadranka Ledinski

    RBT 5 vs land battleships!!!

  33. Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Massingbird-Massingbird

    The Americans need a land battleship next.

  34. Максим Зимин

    british t 35

  35. Максим Зимин

    gaz aa dshk

  36. independent vs nb. fz. or T35 yess please

  37. why WT dont have Tog II?

  38. hugh mungus

  39. i have an idea, do ze german doom train the 88flak truck up front and
    bihind the 37mm flak truck

  40. did i see a consumable to make +1 dude in capture point?

  41. make a battle of the battleships custom battle video



  44. The british need some good tanks. What about the churchill with the 290mm
    gun… would be nice

  45. Have you noticed that the Independent is one of the,if not the only British
    tank with explosive shells and not only armor piercing shell?

  46. battle of the landships baron! t35 vs neubafarzreugh vs independent

  47. who thinks it would be cool if you could leave your tank with one person
    and fight with rifels rpgs and stuff??

  48. get off me nuts m8

  49. The Random Dude “The Object 430” XD

    And where is the TOG I and TOG II?

  50. pls get the swingfire british atgm tank

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