The British Take On D-Day | Churchill Funny Moments (War Thunder)

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British Take On D-Day | Churchill Funny Moments (War Thunder)

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  1. Had to reupload this as youtube didnt release it correctly. Hope everyone enjoys!
    Phellas in the vid! –
    Webe –
    Aaron –
    Warlord – is just a good boy

  2. Ya Come oUt Next Tuesday

  3. You were nicer then me. When I’m in that situation I’ll drown my tank or find some way to commit suicide just to deny them the kill and cheapen the victory

  4. cristoffer koschnik

    Stalin damands
    > Play Su-7
    > Gulag

  5. Vertopian Gaming

    its a shame more people dont know how to use smoke correctly like this

  6. Dear Americans we all don’t have the same accent we pronounce words correctly your not correct stop thinking we’re all posh tea drinking queen lovers from the 1700s

  7. Take out soviet ufo and il 28sh

  8. Removes ballons, leaves helipad with aa. Well played gayjin

  9. I’m just curious, so I’m going to throw this out there:
    If you could go back to any War Thunder patch , which patch would it be and why?

  10. Phly, could you play with the Pz.II F?

  11. I’m confused why you’re going up against a j.panther (6.3) with a 4.7 churchill…

  12. Andrei Bogorodski

    are you guys high on drugs? 80% of these things are not funny yet you lough histarically

  13. The censor bbrrrtt must be completely out of ammo after this video, given that each bbrrrtt cost 65 rounds per second…

  14. When playing with us brits be prepare to edit out a LOT of swearing haha I laughed so hard at the amount of BRRTTT

  15. again funny as keep it up phly and friends

  16. almos 1M subs

  17. phly can you play the J6K1

  18. i always thought that the map with the balloons was just broken cuz there were some wired line on my screen and i didn’t know that there were balloons

  19. 3:21 completely misses seeing enemy tank 😮

  20. This will probally get lost in the comments but i love watching you play and i have been watching you for years, your content is so much better than anyone else. I love sitting down and watching your videos everyday. Keep up the great videos!

  21. Nice video and kills

  22. phly pyoremmyrsky attempt 42

  23. Bjorn__Valhalla

    the only time i’ve seen you miss a spot Phly! 3:21 you diddent spot the tank in you binos flanking you to the south 😉

  24. UNSC Hellbringer

    Can you play valiant hearts please

  25. I got killed by those balloons too many times because they just weren’t there

  26. Alberto Giavani

    The pz iv sucks

    I mean
    30mm side armor
    88 front with the tracks

  27. British version of Fury. A Tad Cross

  28. The British version of Fury is “Rather annoyed”

  29. Mfw I don’t have some lads to roll across Normandy with

  30. You mean phantatic

  31. i wish i had fiends like u to play this game 😛

  32. ItalianSpaghett4

    Virginkampfwagen vs Chadchill

  33. Anunhappyteddiebear

    i get nothing but xbox game pass ads..

  34. We’re close to one million subscriptions. Good Job Phly ;>

  35. Hold up while I get my 4.7 kv from Germany

  36. Finest British Tea

    The churchil spqm was annoying tho man

  37. 1:44 It sounds like Nickelodeon 😂

  38. Guys, please explain to me how to download war thunder, how much is it, and how heavy the storage is, thx uf u know please reply it help so much

  39. Bugger we never say bugger no never made me so happy when that popped out.

  40. Hey phly i would like to see u playing with the Ta 154 A-1 u never did a video about it… u should do one😄😄😄

  41. GET BARON BACK INTO THE GAME !!!!! Don’t make Powerhaus gaming a legend!

  42. Stepping on the beach do do do doo

  43. phly loves too push peoples rear in

  44. Tortoise Tanker

    Holy, you haven’t played the Leopard 2A4 in over a year. Can you play it. The Swedish or German one

  45. Germany gets a lot of the the good tanks and they still consistently lose the match

  46. Yohan L.naraidoo

    remember when phly said it was a german wet dream… it clearly isn’t now lmao

  47. Phly trying to be friendly by not playing Firefly

  48. I like it when you or your bros speak german, because ich bin ein deutscher🤤😂 (vorwärts, sch*iße)

  49. globgabalab books

    phly should do the old intro

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