The BROKEN Type 5 Heavy | World of Tanks Arcade Cabinet

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks version of Type 5 Heavy, The Fastest and Most Powerful Type 5 Heavy Ever. World of Tanks Cabinet Game Mode with Crazy Tank . World of Tanks Update 1.17.1 Patch.

Official Arcade Cabinet article:

We are back on the Arcade Cabinet game mode to test out some more silly tank builds.

What do you think?


  1. Whoo im the very First to Comment!

  2. Back in the early squad!

  3. Arcade game where you don’t lose credits

    don’t gain any aswell

    just pure heat spam and insane buffs

  4. Dez, do the caliban. It’s so fun in tier 8 in arcade cabinet

  5. I tried calliban on this mod and its fun xD for me i think armor and innacurate guns (like deathstar) is fun on this game mode

  6. they should keep that accuracy like this, who in WG comes with that old idea waiting for circle to shrink? LOL its tank gun, not anus 😀

    • @Ironlizard imagine the camping if all TDs would have 0.1 accuracy, games would be stale, and oh boy lets not talk about arty.

  7. i think this mode is lame but i like to see you play the maus and t 95

    • Goratch the mule

      Those tank do not benefit from this. Top speed is not better on engine power and acceleration. They can reach their top speed easley in normal game mode. But will still be slow as fick in this game mode

  8. This game mod is one of the worst WG has ever made…. It only highlights the games shallow gameplay by removing mechanics. And just makes certain tank absurdly OP….. Tanks that I dont have.

  9. I am gonna download game again. I wanna play this mode.

  10. Now can we get the indestructable and unstoppable Maus part II?

  11. Wtf is an “arcade cabinet”. As an Englishman this isn’t even in the English language. Weird.

  12. The STB should be disgusting in this mode with gold spam and dpm because now the gun handling is insane and its stupid fast with the insane turret traverse

  13. CS 63 OP

  14. tried 3 time the Type 5, EACH TIME, everyone just spammed gold, was just not funny

  15. This should be normal mode to begin with. I mean WoT is game for toy tanks battle.

  16. Vincent Steenhoek

    This game mode feels like RNG is actually STABLE, yes, Heavies have a clear benefit here over other tank classes, but amongst the heavy tanks, this mode is feels SUPER balanced and fun. ACTUAL FUN. I hope they keep it and make it a heavy only mode.

    Only single tier tanks is great too. I love it.

    • Vincent Steenhoek

      And to add on, this make you immediately use different map positions creating all new dynamics for gameplay. Imagine they keep this for heavies but in this mode all tanks have twice the hit points. Then you have the longevity too.

    • Yes this mode is actually fun, not that standard random shitshow

  17. Try 112. It benefits from that pretty well.

  18. No fun from playing so WG introduced dumb.mode for retards.. just great

  19. Hate this game mode. It brings nothing expect 15-1 but faster.

  20. obj260 full ramming billd pls

  21. What about EBRs?

    • Today I hit one for 1149 with my JPZ E 100 from 500 m on full speed move. Man I wish I can do that to the wheelchairs in randoms too…

  22. 268/4 is pretty funny too

  23. With this kind of accuracy aimbotting will hit the roof

  24. Pretty fun game mode caan see myself playing a few matches before Getty bored would prefer some new maps for the regular mode.

  25. rushing the hill in type 5
    this was hilarious

  26. bro you forget add gazalin.. whats a point superTURBO without gazoline ? if boosting engine power su boost to the MAXXXXX 😀

  27. I started playing with my covered with dust JPZ E 100 again. I missed it so much <3 Now I am usually top 3 players 😀 If you haven't played it - i recommend trying it - it is really fun

  28. What. Did they actually make wot fun again. Impossible

  29. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    Try the T57!

  30. Vk168 is a ramming beast

  31. Try to play the Caliban in arcade cabinet

  32. Got boring relly fast

  33. I would be okay with them buffing accuracy of every tank even by little bit.

  34. 268 v4 do it everyday

  35. more with E100 and MAUS please…

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