THE BRRRT BOYS (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

A-10 and LAV-AD (and some m163) gameplay. Lot's of brrrt today 😉
War Thunder “Wind Of Change” update, American tech tree gameplay. Enjoy!



Intro: The Pink Horse – Ben Elson

Background: Those Vinyl Nights – The New Fools
The Original High Riders – Duke Herrington
Funky Flat – Martin Landstrom
Winnipeg Sneak – Arthur Benson

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. Eduardo Fiarme Zaffani

    A10 cannon is almost useless… You have to use the AGM 65. This missile is very good to kill tanks
    And its a GAU 8 use full auto hahaha

  2. Did u turn the ballistic computer?

  3. I can’t play Warthunder because of crappy ping, dollar help me rather to ease that urge.

  4. Hey DOLLAR papa! Try again BMP-2M, but with the ATGM-VT! With the new sound its very fun. c:

  5. Defund ThePoliticians

    Dollar, after Arnold Schwarzenegger made the remark of “screw your freedom” to people who didn’t want to be stuck inside during this ridiculous lock down. So I really don’t understand why you keep using him as a meme in your videos because I’m only going to thumbs down every video that has him in it his family supported the Nazi movement, young Arnold was even part of the Nazi youth movement before acting in movies. Schwarzenegger is an evil person and every time you put him in your videos I’m going to continue to report your videos. Sorry not sorry

  6. 1:37 It’s a machine gun. Just hold it

  7. Finnaly found you

  8. Flaps, flares, who cares. Just do it !!!

  9. When i bought pz.III M it was with side armours, but when i played More, theey disapeard! Whats the problem?

  10. Even though I don’t understand much English, I watch your channel and I think your videos are amazing, I’m Brazilian and I always watch your videos, you’re very good

  11. helicopter paracopter?

  12. Oddly vulnerable when strafing though, iv taken down a few as they engage teammates. Once with HESH, it was GLORIOUS

  13. 13:50 I was enjoying pizza out here till I heard rockets smashing through thick armor that I shat my pants. Jesus lord give this guy a license check.

  14. eeeyyyyyy DollarPlesi is using aircraft!

  15. Brrrrrrrrt bois without PG-02?

  16. The a10 engine sounds like my pc fan and the fan from fnaf 6

  17. Francesco Shaliani

    Si dice cannone


  19. lol, nice video

  20. Isus Nazarećanin

    I was gonna go to the comments as soon as I saw you flying, yeah it can calculate where your shells drop you can kill things from over a kilometer away, same with rockets and bombs.

  21. Most top tier planes have balistic computer, ya just need to bind it in the settings. Helps a lot in GB.

  22. totaly going to war XD engine off XD

  23. wich song is it at the end ?

  24. Michael D. Uchiha90

    One word

  25. 14 minutes in pure joy

  26. Great video Dollar!

  27. god he has Kung Pao

  28. The table is on the table

  29. Hey dollar I love ur vids bud u used the a 10 wrong u have to go wery low never pull up

  30. Heyy dollar, I wanna ask, can you make a video playing the Cat? Not tigers or panthers, but THE cat M18

  31. AnotherTexasBoi

    I have question, why turn off engine when strafing enemy? Does it hide from missile?

  32. Made war thunder look so fun that I downloaded it.

  33. Try some ballistic computer and some bombs too

  34. Yeah Trier war Thunder again. Dont have enough Money to even repair my vehickes anymore. Remembered why i deleted this Shit Game

  35. why does this noob play like he just bought his way up to jets and doesn’t know what the hell he is doing

  36. Dollar: “My official first kill”
    Me: *standing ovation*

  37. Ярослав Данилов


  38. Amazing video 2022 brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrts out of 51 joe

  39. Strykende alpha 🎮

    This Video is so awesome

  40. Wiktor Brankiewicz

    Me too! I can’t see anything too! And it’s so annoying ://

  41. use TA-SE

  42. 8:14 had me wheezing ngl

  43. Adventure buds gaming

    Correction the freedom bois

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