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Source: QuickyBaby

The Cobra is something completely different in of ! A reward British medium able to deliver 4 x 120 mm shells in 4.5 seconds!



0:00 The Cobra Tank Review
1:30 The Statistics
9:42 What to Equip?
13:07 What Field Mods to Use?
15:15 Crew Skill Recommendations
16:16 Game
26:39 Second Game
33:42 Domination Montage
40:26 Third Game
43:38 Results
44:20 Conclusion
50:07 10 Year Anniversary Gold Foil T-Shirt


  1. Filip Ladzinski

    Love the content, been a long subscriber!

  2. What about credit making with this tank? Is it good ?

  3. I got 8 tokens from last season, and that was when i was busy with school, so I can probably get the Cobra by the end of the year 🙂
    I also have a super skilled Cromwell B crew I can use

  4. Vlastislav Čokolino

    Can’t wait for the low tier roflstomp replays 🙂

  5. Idk if i like the trend of new premium tanks like the Cobra and Caliban which are either broken or bad depending on RNG (whether you actually hit and penetrate)

  6. put this cobra back in the box… boring tank.

  7. 24:56 read in game chat. it reads” gg GB pleasure playing with you “. How does that player know QB is playing? QB has anonymizer on.

  8. I prefer to support this tank than not the EBRs, which are a cancer in the game

  9. Hey @QuickyBaby I’ve been having a bit of an issue with the battlepasses in the past.. I usually don’t play enough to “unlock” much however I’d love to get this tank.. but as far as I can count I can only buy up to 21 tokens however I would prefer to just grind for it.. how long would it approx take for a medium to shitty player?

  10. Tobias Markstrom

    The horse shoe is turned upside down, all the luck will then run out…

  11. I love to see the passion he has for this tank

  12. Time to bring the tank back.

  13. Dont use turbo, use improved aiming instead.

    • Imo this tank is a poor choice for accuracy as it’s got pretty good base and you won’t be able to fire accurately at full speed.

  14. Light tanks smasher literally

  15. did anyone else notice he was talking about the the other cobra firing hesh and it was actually HE

  16. They should add Sylvester Stallone as a commander for this tank saying after the kill “You’re the disease and I’m the cure”

  17. Horseshoe on the front is a symbol of luck. However, it’s facing down meaning it’s bad luck. Probably for anyone caught by the full mag

  18. these are not going to be fun to play against..

  19. These new standards make me wish to play game less.

  20. I guess its too late to raise the real world technical issues of firing HEAT and HESH from the same barrel? HESH works best in the rifled gun, HEAT works best in a smooth bore gun.

  21. Ah yes sniping at quick targets with HESH. What kind of crack did they smoke this time? I was hoping so much for a new kind of ammunition loadout.
    Regular round with good Pen and normal damage.
    High damage round with lower pen and a “classic” 120mm pen HE shell which is good enough on its own, but no, they had to add a sniper-HESH round completely crippling low armored tanks. I cant wait to be in my Tier 7 Medium and die in 1.5 seconds after encountering a Cobra.

    To be fair: Most players will suck in this tank because they can’t handle the 50second reload time, but the few players that will use this tank correctly will completely dominate.

  22. Nicola Orsingher

    There is this tank… And then there is Rinoceronte…

  23. @Bohl Amon No, it’s one of the most expensive tank to play out there.

  24. my FV4005 : Hmmmmmm… this guy’s entire clip put my HESH to shame

  25. The horseshoe looks downwards so the luck fell out of it. It has to be upwards with the open part, so the luck fell into it and get kept there… so yeah: No luck for you! 😀 Nice review and congratz for 10 years of (good) content. *thumbsup* Keep it up.

  26. This is the example of the MONEY GRAB that the CYPRUS CARTEL is perpetrating on fans of the ORIGINAL GAME THAT NO LONGER exists ! You are putting money in the hands of the same crooks that are ripping off millions of online users, on other platforms. Good job qbaby. Feed the evil.

  27. I always thought the Horseshoe is supposed to b mounted open end up so the “luck” doesn’t run out….

  28. another throw-your-credits sh*t

  29. Its not WTFe100 Levels of deadlyness but come on…. 1900 clip damage in 4,5secs? Amx 50 100 has a similar clip potential but it has soooo much more of an intraclip reload. Feels like a baby WTFe100. And when this faces T7 tanks? gg

    At least its not stupidly overpowered (considering that you basically had to have it minmaxed) and the average player wont do as good in it.

  30. Tolakos Green Love

    Well, this tank lives up to its name, because the closer you are to it, the more dangerous it becomes…Just like a Cobra! 😛 So, you just engage those tanks on long distances and you should be ok 😉

  31. Another OP BS tank in Wot .. whar a surprise…. But now we call it dangerous !

  32. HEAT as it’s “silver credit ammo”?? HEAT is garbage. 3.8 aim time when HEAT needs to be carefully aimed at flat/flush areas. Tracks, spaced armor, odd angles, etc, are not HEAT friendly. Yikes……

  33. Laur's Woodwork

    OMG!!! QB you overthinker!!!! You are soooo annoying sometimes :)) 27:31 dude!!!!! Just shoot , for crying out loud :))

  34. Matěj Křížecký

    Hi, I think that you forget to put vents in the second slot to improve its performance

  35. this tank will definetly be a keyboard smasher when you get nuked at the start of the game haha

  36. the tier 8 grind just got a lot worse…

  37. Johnny Lawrence approves.
    Strike Hard
    Strike First
    No Mercy!

  38. Yawn, another unneeded OP autoloader.

  39. Long story for short: this tank looks a piece of shxt to me. By the time your are fully loaded, the battle will be nearly over on many maps.

  40. Looks like the potentially most toxic tank so far by a good margin.

  41. Im thinking this tank might best be compared to the Emil II. Its comparable dmg in comparable time and both with a armored turret.

  42. Better to be truthful than suggesting casual players will do well in a tank not suited to them.

  43. If they gave it higher pen, even the Krans, OBJ 297’s, and the Chief’s would cower in fear of this tank. It’s no the hero we deserve, but it’s the hero we need.

    EDIT: Also, why tf does this thing have better after shot camo than the B-C 25 t AP???

  44. I was that STB-1 Lolz

  45. 140 dollars jeeze…

  46. Sorry but this tank is bad, fun but really bad

  47. 25:07 how did that 430 know it’s QB when he’s got anonymiser on??

  48. 50s reload? Good job! We have come full circle to the old autoloaders

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