The Concept (1B) of World of tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Concept 1B, in World of Tanks, was just rewarded to all those who finished ranked battles – but is it any good?


World of is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download.


  1. •Qahnaarin Peacekeeper•

    I remember watching QB’s livestream while he was playing this tank. I was impressed by how good this tank is. 💯

  2. really quicky, over powered tank, come on show your skill. youve done that for years. sad day for you……..

  3. we had it till a couple of months ago on console, maybe even last year, I don’t really know… damn we’re wargamings test rats 🐀 💀 😔

  4. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Its funny how that Lowe practically gave its self for you to shoot at it. That almost never happens with me. I guess the magical powers of a unicorn has the capacity to warp reality such that conSPICously opportune or easy shots just pop up and avail themselves… But I am just a lowly complainer who doesnt have a life in WoT worth mentioning, but hey, why not say so anyway eh?

  5. Gandhi has Denounced you

    I’m free to play and I pen nearly all of my shots with the 60tp, even shots I shouldn’t pen

  6. Donovan Christman

    The concept 1B sorta reminds me of the M60A2 Starship in some of its features.

  7. 🤔 Console has had this tank for a few months now, Pc needs to catch up you Plebs! 🤣🤣

  8. With premium and without premium no difference? Um, no…

  9. Pay2win cancer reward for the highest paying pay2win players
    I don’t think I’ve ever shot ammunition that moves that fast before!!!!
    Armor meta exists only to “encourage” players to spam gold, or lose.

  10. Congratz!

  11. This tank is very good

  12. Your videos look like Arse on a 4k monitor. Dont have an issue with any other content creator only uploading in 1080p. Its like your compression is garbage?

  13. Thanks! You’re the first person who doesn’t say that this thing is “op” because it can play on a ridgeline. Thank you very much.

  14. James Irwin-McConnell

    Worlds most annoying tank is any wheeled vehicle. Least you can stop a borrasque.

  15. James Irwin-McConnell

    Missed out first shell against the bc (so we pretending the pantera shot didn’t happen then? 😉 )

  16. This is one of favorite tanks . It looks cool its got a good gun and good speed . And no i just dont like good tanks i have 279 dont like it by i also have the k 91 and just carried another tier ten game in it love that one too.

  17. I love playing really well on my first game in tanks…. cause I usually peak there

  18. NO WAY . The worlds most annoying tank has to be the wheelies and arty . But they are not really tanks so maybe that is what he meant . Idk .

  19. 5:30 clap shots lol

  20. Yeah yeah yeah…..another OBJ 279E type of thank …..or i should say another Chieftain at level 9……in the hands of above “medium” players…..what else?

  21. 10-20% pay to win? More like 50-70% pay to win.

  22. 1B cant overmatch the ass armor on most high tier british and american tanks (38mm, 1.5″ of armor in imperial, thats why the value is so odd, but thats the case with most armor values on american and british tanks). Is not a big deal but is still a downgrade

  23. Me who playing 7 years and doesn’t have any tier X. ( only a premium) And allbof the tech tree tanks are uprgraded minimum tier V. I upgrade all tanks at the same time.

  24. Themis Spanopoulos

    GG mister Quackybaby, must have felt nice to win this one 🙂

  25. I don’t like it, honestly. Removed my equipment and crew and let it collect dust…..
    Until sometime

  26. Clap Shot – a new wot term, not sure what it could mean but sounds good.

  27. This is why WoT feels pretty pointless to play F2P. Big game for most players @ 7.1k damage, with 1500+ base experience? Da! Pocket change credits for you! Good luck getting enough for a T6 let alone a T10…

  28. Prestige Loft Racing Pigeons

    quicky baby is a superior player compared to the baboon aka skill4ltu

  29. The concrpt of WG is pay to win.

  30. Well, you could have got this tank for free so stop complaining it’s p2w…. Please. Have a nice day.

  31. 4 games in this tank. all day stuned and missin left right and center. allso this is so not fair that camping like this gets rewarded..

  32. i hope they fix the servers and dont just run with the money

  33. what a beast of a tank

  34. Absolutely gone shit this game 🎮 mm is so broken

  35. Did arty seriously not shoot you that whole time you stayed on the hill? Crazy.

  36. Tier 9 Chieftain let’s gooo

  37. you fired 0 premium rounds as they are for credits…also with consumables so…

  38. Christian Bittner

    something you could’ve mentioned is its HE weakness…this thing REALLY gets hit hard by high caliber HE and artillery for that matter. A good strategy against this vehicle is actually to load HE. frontally when using gun depression its a monster but the sides are pretty weak even with smaller angles. the Hatch on top can be hit by bigger tanks and the drivers spot is an ok-ish target as well. beneath the gun there is a chance to pen this thing with ap but honestly just load HE and beg for arty support

  39. Remember when tanks had weakspots? Yeeah me neither, this breed of a super conqueror and a chieftian should not exist

  40. I really miss those intros from a couple of years ago to your videos😀

  41. weird looking tank :))

  42. Hey QB. Love your stuff man. I have a question for you please.. i tried to log into my NA account and it said that it couldn’t connect but if i switch to EU i can log in?

    • Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device ( is not responding.

      That is the message i get

  43. Quicky for the love of ….. shave that stash and cut ur hair. U look absolutely ridiculous

  44. 11:00 into the back of the american tank destroyer you mean? 😀

  45. I´m sorry QB but I have to respeak to one of your facts drestically ! It´s not only 10 – 12 % pay to win. It´s at least 40 – 55 %.

    At least in my Opinion.

  46. You had to do rank we had to get it in battle pass for console. Feel sorry for these who grinded it in rank

  47. your face puts me off

  48. Why would I watch a video of a tank most of us will never get.

  49. sucks the only healthy tier has been ruined now

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