The Correct Way To Setup and Play TD’s

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. I knew you werw going to make it a meme

  2. I love how you stayed cool without laughing saying this shit

  3. You have to do an arty video dude.

  4. Flaming GaminG by Inf3rnO

    Nice Troll;)

  5. Man, how did you manage to keep your voice so cool and not burst out laughing your guts out while recording this? Epic!!!

  6. LOL, good actor as serious tutorial 😀

  7. I shot straight Vodka out my nose…that shit burns like a mofo

    That aside, this is some funny shit!!

  8. I laughed so hard for this video! :))))

  9. Ha ha brilliant

  10. Around 2 mins in I was starting to think that Lemming had been dropped on his head. I slowly caught on when he went to the back corner :P. After that I just laughed!! Good one young man!!!!

  11. haha thanks for wasting my time

  12. Hahahaha u remind me of the guy in jingles channel full HE yet he still did good

  13. That fv is skilled af bro hahaha

  14. PLZ do more videos like that! i almost pissed my pants! loling to death 😀

  15. The sarcasm is strong with this video…

  16. Lol. Great vid. The chat is perfect and just a bit too real. “Stfu noob I am support tank” ?

  17. After all that you still did more damage than most of the people in chat

  18. the sad thing is that he was trolling and still did more dmg then people who actually tried……

  19. You totally outplayed me until 4:34. Well done :p

  20. Very good advice! I learned this lesson long ago in my Hellcat. I played way to aggressive and got killed in the first minutes of every game.

    You sarcastic bastard! <3

  21. I did it all wrong

  22. This Fml was hilarious. Do one of these troll videos to educate us on how to set uo our tanks. I vote you do this for heavy tanks next time ????

  23. I’ve actually done a full HE load out on the Grille for shits and it’s surprisingly effective.

  24. Sarcasm: It’s just another friendly service Lemming offers

  25. Hahahahaha! Pure gold!

  26. Just the average Td player playstyle…

  27. I was a little confused when you did the full HE, I got the idea this was a joke during the consumables. Lemming, you are comedy gold. I feel sorry for the KANTO player on your team in the Patton lol.

  28. LMFAO!!
    I guess you got a second account for random things like this??
    Please do a video for all different class of tanks.

  29. hi about you make a guide for witch tank is better for noobs

  30. Tried this in my TDs and it didn’t work out all that well for me, I guess I just have to practice more..

  31. Wow…just wow…I haven’t laughed so hard for a while…

  32. Rastislav Chynoransky

    Hilarious!!! Has all the hallmarks of great TD players, including CAPS typing!

  33. Priceless xD

  34. This was very helpful, but I think it’s a bit hard to play TD. I usually play arty, can you do an an arty guide next please? ty love u

  35. sorry but I really for the first time disliked this comment which other people call sarcasm
    to my opininion I call this disrespect ( i`m better)
    did you notice you started calling names and even ended it in the post stats in the Pm to sgt freddy calling names
    Probabaly not your day well it happens to us all I supose

  36. Wow someone pissed u off!

  37. Haha such a troll.

  38. 6th sense hasn’t gone off – 75% crew. Laughed so hard :))

  39. good tips. tnx 😛

  40. Hahahhahaahahhah

  41. Great delivery. I was laughing the whole time. “Swarmedbylights” ..

  42. haha nice troll 🙂 bro 🙂 Lemming make video what tank is the best for credit making? (net Income)

  43. nothing new to learn on this video…i do the exact same setup on my tds…but u get x2 the damage i get…guess thats y ur a unicom huh

  44. That was pure gold 😀 😀

  45. Thanks for the awesome guide,me and my Klan will be doing this from now on

  46. LOL! Arty please!

  47. lol, was this for real?

  48. Unfortunately there are more and more guys that are playing like this….

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