The Craziest Battle in 2019? | World of Tanks The Impossible Battle | Object 430 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 430 (Объект 430) , Tier 9 Soviet Russian Best Replays / Best Battles. Best in World of Tanks.

Today I am going to show you one battle, where player is going to do something impossible. Even if I would be biggest gambler, I would not bet for the win, being in 1 vs 7 situation.’

Just sit back and enjoy!

Battle player by: bummcyk

Thanks for sharing that replay with us!


  1. Come on now… That was something special, wasn’t it? 😛
    Anyway, continue enjoying your day/night/evening/… Catch you next time! ❤

    • Awesome game Bumm!! Excellent replay and analysis Dez! Thanks and take care, Vern

    • Hey buddy. Im with anxiety. Waiting my New setup, Ryzen 3600 and RX 580 8 GB. To play wot ??

    • I’ve watched this replay on another channel

    • well awesome battle, the most epic fight. He should get gold and bond from WG, or please WG give that player a tier 10 rank reward.

    • Thanks for sharing this, soo lucky i had yesterday a battle with my obj. 430 in the same map and the same side but i was nowhere near this lucky, i shoot 30~ rounds and hit 3~4 times that actually did dmg, the others… Bounce, miss, miss, bounce on t49 ass, bounce, bounce, miss, miss…..

  2. Amazing dude!!! Great replay and comment

  3. Considering that any game you don’t get set on fire in the 430 is extremely lucky, I would agree. Considering the number of hits he took at the beginning and still no fires.

  4. I seem to be doing much better in my E50 than my Object 430 .. 62% winrate vs 58% …I really hate that gun depression on the object

  5. I uninstalled it because of wg’s crap app game centre. It just won’t start ???

  6. Honestly the best part was vs the tortoise, really nice move ! That S.Conq tho ? 10/10

  7. I smell aimbot

  8. Must have been yelling ‘RUSSIA’ a lot when shooting 🙂

  9. Yeah that one would have you pumped up…Adrenaline time!!!???

  10. Wow what a crazy game. Thanks for sharing that with us Dez.

  11. Incredible, another videos of an op “stronk” russian med! No bias here, just a good wholesome soviet game “working as intended.”

  12. Impeach the orange Clown

    the only thing what make these vids interesting is that one guy always carries his team of muppets.

  13. This battle is not crazy. it is good like watching someone skilled playing splinter cell.

  14. When russian RNG channels stalins will.

  15. Many muppets as usual
    Still made the tortoise look silly ?

  16. What is up with these obj. 430s overturning their vehicle. Saw some chieftain replay with 1vs9 carry and enemy 430 overturned their vehicle there aswell

  17. Hey look an unbalanced tank kills 7 bot accounts. Moving right along..

  18. Couldnt have done it without adrenalin perk.

  19. Just goes to show that even in top tiers the winner is decided by the team with 1 less muppet than the other! Lost for words.

  20. if i were in that obj 704, i would have used HE

  21. At 3:20 he should have just rammed the T54E1 and would have saved him from the second shot. So it was a major misplay and costed him precious hitpoints. Not that he needed them to pull off a great game.

  22. Glad us console peasants got to keep this at tier 10 when the 430u came out

  23. I like how the Obj 704’s name is The_Idiot_Kid

  24. this battle shouldn’t come up as a good example – we should really raise question like how a 120mm Tortoise HESH cannot do even a single hit point to a medium? 120 penn on that… Really nice WG, and I play my 279 and get rekt by tier 8 all the time cause WG must protect noobz….

  25. Drink a shot every time the teammates say gg

  26. OP player, OP tank, and a bit of stupid ennemies are the ingredients of one of the best game I’ve ever seen.

  27. All of these people in the comments crying about how this and that would make it so this game would never happen. Can’t we just be happy that its a really good game and someone had a great time? All of these people crying about it are just upset inside that they never ever have any good games like this because if they did they would understand it takes a lot of luck and other things then they would have nothing to say but gg.

  28. I hear you saying object 440 not 430

  29. this shows how much retards there are in the game

  30. TančíkMajster Zeman

    Are you kiding me? Omg SO COOL

  31. Lucky bounce in a russian tank is just the tank working as intended….

  32. The best match I have ever seen XD

  33. Thank you Dez

  34. idk why those enemies didnt played with HE

  35. I dont think, that was “the best” game.. was trash.. does not matter, hom much hp has TDs, when you have med with hp to take one shot.. he has not, but he was lucky.. both TDs, had shoot him, so that was just luck.. nothink say about idiot s.conq 🙂 so no skill needed here, but still he is lucky so, why not

  36. GRreat great great job from that guy, awesome!!! thanks for this replay Dez, cheers from Serbia!

  37. Guess what… NO ARTY !

  38. 430 luck meter:
    -hits a snapshot after seemingly retreating behind cover
    -enemy 430 decides he wants to play a different tank
    -bounces a 704 frontally
    -bounces a shot from above by the skoda t50
    -hits a shot on the T30 between a gap about 10 times smaller than his aiming circle because russia best sniper tenk
    -survives getting hit by a HESH round from the tortoise
    -enemy super conqueror tries to moonwalk over a hill

    The guy who sent this replay is pretty skilled but this is some 1 in a million kind of subsequent luck lmao

  39. Well i think its an op russian tank with some good plays and a bunch of look

  40. It was definitely a great game but i guess this guy used all his luck for the next 7 years

  41. Hey Dez, do you know the joke “…but my mama said, I am special” 🙂

  42. Obj 430 is pretty good tier 9 tank.. ez to play, 430U is harder

  43. Omg that 32 dislikes were friends of those 7 players who lost hahaha

  44. It reminds me one of my old replays in the past with my old type 59 on Komarin where I had luck during the battle with some full hp ammoracks haha but RNG is RNG haha

  45. Russian bias

  46. yeah,…6 players which are to smart to use HE shell,…as usual

  47. 5:30 Father Christmas

  48. This is why I don’t play turretless TDs.

  49. its not a tank its a tanker 😉

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