The Craziest DERP Ever! :D | World of Tanks Halloween 2020 Special Event

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World of Grenadier Mega Derp Gun – Better Than Waffentrager Auf. E-100. World of Tanks Halloween 2020 Special Event – Mirny-13 Guide and Tutorial – Halloween Event Coins, Tanks, Special 3D Style Camos, Special Crew Members and more. World of Tanks Halloween 2020 Event Rewards and Guide, Mirny-13 Halloween Special Event Grenadier Gameplay.

Well, this event is what it is… But for me the thing which makes it the most fun is the special called Grenadier with AutoReloading Gun System, which deal simply crazy amount of in the Halloween Special Mirny-13 game mode.

What do you think?


  1. Are things going better in the second day of the event? People working together more?
    Either way, best of luck on the battlefield and in yet another GA:

    • Arne Ingvald Pettersen

      Hi Dez! Sjamanen EU

    • Damani Likes Trains

      Yeah, compared to yesterday, today people work together way more. Something that i found funny is that my first difficulty 2 win was x5 hornets without platooning, wouldnt have expected that happening ever. We also won our first diff 3 with a x5 cerberus composition without platooning, they all communicated with eachother quite well and focused targets. Youd expect them to be unicums but they were actually the average player just like myself

      NA server

    • Damani Likes Trains

      also 8:00 t28 proto turret turning 360 it feels kinda cursed

    • I have a feeling the crazy 2021 idea is to become a wot billionaire

    • Hiya Dez! I agree that the T49 is awesome to play. Just unlocked it with the missions.
      Username: GoldenGoblin EU1.

  2. I really like the vibe of the reworked map. It’s like a post apocalyptic world. Camos are cool too!
    Username: Szabolcs993
    Server: EU

  3. 8:39 I hope you are not wearing it KappaPride

  4. Username- AGB_7
    Server- EU
    The time required for cooldown is ridiculous and the amount of credit required to cooldown is way too expensive for free2play like me. Although gameplay is fun.

  5. Are all these player listing their IGN and server here the same players that don’t understand the Halloween event?

  6. Username: Poolvos
    Eu server
    I actually like this gamemode a Lot

  7. Dan-Alexandru Bucur

    Username: Alexandru_Bucur_Dan
    Server: EU
    I actually love this event but i hate is pay to play buuuuut even other players don’t play as careless as in other events they really put effort to play well and communicate with allies so maybe is pay to play but the quality is better like even a noob play better when you have no choice either money either you play better to win something at least :))

  8. Username: daris999
    Server: EU

  9. Username: Antigeol
    Server: EU

    The amount of people not knowing anything at all about the mode and doing their own thing is amazing… I mean how hard is it to watch a single video on how to play the mode…

  10. Username: 4753spinnie
    Server: EU
    Great looking 3d styles 😉

  11. Ugh, more annoying watching streamers just to get free stuff… Really wish they didn’t do that crap.

  12. Like the event, cant wait to unlock Grenadier 🙂

  13. Username: s4f1x
    Server: EU
    So hard to play without platoon of at least 3 but kinda fun in some way.

  14. bolid_cat EU
    WG hit the hardest thing with this event , team-play xD and huge pay wall is so WG style, nothing less expected xD

  15. Username: ScaryFox2
    Server: EU

    The mode is good but the long colldown of the commanders ruined it for me.

  16. Username: Str0ngAss
    Server: EU
    WP gun. I think they test it now.

  17. IGN: dalelerah
    Server: EU

    The gamemode is fun but a huge grind

  18. username howard9417 server eu I like runnind around killing the bots, fun mode

  19. Username : Thesniper101
    Server : EU
    I love this event but it’s really hard. So I can accept some gold to help me.

  20. Username: 8×57
    Server: EU
    Dope event

  21. Username: matiit1999
    Server: EU
    This mod is good but i think cooldown system basically is telling you not to play the game

  22. username: blaz_gunner
    server: Eu
    I think this mode is really fun to play with friends…it jist had to be less pay to play

  23. Server: EU
    //It’s fun game mode but to play it in the platoon

  24. Username: Darkama666
    Server: Europe
    I like this event.

  25. Username: Eddie__75
    Server: EU
    I do not like the Mirmy-13 games at all.

  26. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Username: juanjo_dpr9
    Server: EU
    The credits needed for this event is something out of my mind. 225k credits for stimulants is a massive kick in the butt of non premium account players.

  27. this event obviously is teamplaying. and hard with trash team.
    name: bigoverlord
    server: EU

  28. I tried to be MIRAN but this is crazy game mode and fun but gold hungry so hope dies last.

  29. 2:39
    We thought that it was gone… but it returned…. again…

  30. nick: baerengar
    server: eu
    far too much grind…

  31. Username: Hibiki49
    Server: EU
    The skins that cost gold are so much better than the ones you can unlock… It’s only good for the commanders to me

  32. User: lacusta
    Server: EU
    This mode is 100% for platoons, in Random, if you are lucky you can’t win on difficulty 1 and maybe 2 too, but on difficulty 3….you need a platoon with good players and really work as a team!
    And i think that is not so…ok. At least not for newer players. Maybe next year we will have a mode that will be easy for randoms too.

  33. Username: timluca97
    Server: EU
    Gold is sadly more and more the only way to have fun, especially in new modes

  34. Username: Cakirson
    Server: EU
    The event could be better, but still had fun with it, however it’s frustrating not being able to win every round 😀

  35. Username: ccorpse
    Server: eu
    It’s ok.

  36. My computer can’t handle the fog, so sad me, can’t play the mode I was hyped for 🙁

  37. Username: ALProsk_321
    Server: EU

    First, I suppose the waffentrager event will be the halloween event. But this is cool 🙂

  38. 13:10 Once when i played M103 i had 5 anomalies 😀 2 of them were crew inspiration and mobliity, that made this fast and fat tonk.

  39. Dez, the only thing that I don’t like about this event is the random team members that are crucial to win. You get a team with some Muppets it’s game over. I have had one team that actually tried to fight the immortal and a group of guards at the same time. They got decimated. No way to save that game. Had 2 games in a row with this sort of team. Really annoying as this mode is fun to play.

  40. Καϊσίδης Γεώργιος

    Georgios2002 EU
    I like this event! If you have teamwork it’s easy!

  41. If only I could progress.. Today the mode is bugged for me: delivered mirium not credited so no progression at all…

    User: LovelyBerta
    Server: EU

  42. username: elanthebassman

    server: EU

  43. User: frosty12
    Server: EU
    I really do not enjoy the event because of the restrictions on playing, also the gameplay could be a little more interesting

  44. I did my shopping naked today and people liked what they saw.

  45. Username: FURIENsvk
    Server: EU
    I love the rewards for this event especialy credit boosters. but these crazy credit amount for recovery is not worth for most players

  46. Name: denuch13
    Serwer: Eu

    Well… havn’t actually an opportunity to play it yet with my teammates, and randoms are just horrible in this mode. Anyway, I’d like to get free crew members 🙂 Need them to prepare for grind to STB1.

  47. Username : Krazor
    Server : Asia
    This event is really cool. I like the new camos and the headlights feature.

  48. Username: Alpha_Tank1
    Server: SEA

    i really love the gamemode, especially the autoreloading t49!

  49. IGN:Quick_Destroyer
    Server: Asia
    I really love the t 49 especialy hitting opponents on the ass

  50. Username: ddbox
    Server: EU
    I love so much the atmosphere in this halloween mode, especially in the last phase !! 😨😍

    Good job to Wargaming and the creators of Silent Hill ! 👍

    Unfortunately I play it alone 😢

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