The Craziest Tank Now?! | World of Tanks Object 268 V4 Gameplay Update 1.10

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 (Объект 268 Вариант 4) Gameplay. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Big Rebalance. World of Tanks New Map Pearl River and New Battle Communication System 2.0. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Review, Update 1.10 Test Server, New Equipment Test. World of Tanks Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

Because you guys like to watch them so much, here is another one. Another crazy build using equipment system 2.0. This time I am going to pimp up with the most aggressive setup possible. Let’s increase our DPM with some mad ramming action!

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. Comment something cool! 😛

  2. 11:08 yes men we see that.

  3. IS-7 won the title of the biggest boner killer of the year for Dez. xD

  4. That Trackshot… Holy Moly 😂

  5. Next episode Dez will bring out the kamikaze ebr105

  6. I actually cried from laughing when the is 7 was like..NOPE

  7. Nogoodusernamehere

    THe IS7 cockblock, actually laught irl.

  8. This was my first Tier X TD love <3 till she got nerfed. I am at best, a mediocre player. She made me feel like a MAN among men. Then they shackled her :(.

  9. OMG the bleeps ;-; I’m in tears I was laughing so hard when I heard you cussing out that IS-7 !!! LOLOLOLOL

  10. social3ngin33rin

    lolololololol that 1st match!!!!!
    You are not top damage in last match 😛

  11. something cool! 😛

  12. i love it when dez said the artillery might help when there was no arty lol

  13. Nice equipment, WG. Welcome 3 minute battles instead of 4. They wont do the nerf or remove wheelies, now they break the game with equipment and make battles even faster. Guys, time to start looking some another game to throw your money on.. RIP WoT. World of Clowncars has 3min battles for you. Thanks for the video, unbelievable to see how WG keeps still thinking how to break the game even more.

  14. @10:51 Welcome back to Dez suffers

  15. i haven’t laugh so hard as i did when i watched try #1

  16. 4:11 wargaming nerfed the top speed of ERB’s because of the Turbo Charger equipment..

  17. Dez, back in the day……WAY back in the day… you had a video on the Chinese Light Bulldozer tier 10…. thinking, maybe you could make it even a more deadly rammer? good idea?

  18. 10:47 when everyone expected to see a lot of ramming damage
    IS 7: Nope 🤪
    DezGamez: 🤬
    Me: 😅

  19. DezGamez can you make an episode which use the equipment 2.0 to ram the same tank with different tanks which are good at ramming to see which tank is the best rammer?

  20. your videos are so dark

  21. Why is it 12 v 15

  22. 10:50

  23. i sold mine never played it and hated it vs the 263

  24. Id like to see a Maus with spall liner, improved config, and hardening. @dezgamez

  25. Dennis Strutwolf

    What is, if you use this equipment on a E75 TS? 🤯

  26. It did not took them 6 months to realize it. WG knew it’s op even before releasing it. It just took them 6 months to collect all the gold for premium account for people to grind it and then when there is no profit, they nerfed it. Like they do with every new vehicle – like the EBR 105.

    If you think that the balance team in WG does not know what they are doing, then you are a fool!

  27. Please try Obj 268 too with the new equipment 2.0!

  28. Pickle Supply Company Yep!

    @dezgamez You might consider your first video on 268v4 laughing about how great it was and indicating it was your new favorite? Rather than indicate how stupid and broken the 268v4 was, YOU personally helped sell them, sir. I believe you even complained that the 430u caught on fire too much, and managed to get the burn rate reduced? So….wtf man?

  29. going for the first ram,getting tracked,master card moment

  30. Who knew eh? Grousers are still crap! I note the change from Shipthenutz to the Wot_contributor account…

  31. I am grinding towards this TD right now.

  32. i remember when it got out, i was the only one of my WoT friends that had the 263, so i got it for free, they nicknamed it “The bully”, cause it didn’t care what tank you were in, it was going to bully you to death…

  33. So, it’s russian Rambob now? 🤨

  34. Overall ramming build looks pretty useless tbh

  35. All the 2.0 equipment is dumb… you can create all sorts of broken vehicles like the EBR 105 video…

  36. Dez has lost it*

  37. I have never heard Dez get so annoyed 😀

  38. As SOON as he went over that rise on Hill my first thought was, “That IS is going to track him…..”
    Holy shit that was hilarious.

  39. Spam that 2 key yeeeah!

  40. 17:01 I’m hunting the raming action like a haWWKk!

  41. E.T. nachHauseOnanieren

    I love the Obj 268 4…the armor is sooo strong and the gun yeeeeet🔥🔥

  42. Ivans guide to melee combat in a tank no.2

  43. He said top dmg dealer? Wasnt there two people that had 4k dmg in the last battle?

  44. all those people didnt know how to pen the 268’s front lel

  45. Maybe after I get my driver another 2-3 skill I can try that build… but I bet I’m still going to get tracked. Nice fun action there!

  46. 10:50 it’s first time i heard that to you CC’s just part of the game 😅..

  47. 17:39 went right through on barrel..

  48. It is still broken af

  49. Ionut Florin Hulea

    never peak against jagpizda

  50. Game crashes constantly. Any tips because wg still isn’t fixing this shit

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