THE DAY I ANGLED (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

Tiger 1, Tiger 1, and another Tiger 1 gameplay . Finally we’re allowed to angle . War Thunder. Enjoy!



Intro: Mercury 82 – Dangerous Game

Background: Pursuing Tikiness – The Fly Guy Five
Hadouken – Lupus Nocte
Winnipeg Sneak – Arthur Benson
Working the Nightshift – Duke Herrington

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. Sorry for the re-upload guys. I had to fix something.😉
    And again

    Did you angle today?

  2. You should make a playlist of the synthwave music you use, i love it

  3. Ok so question
    Has anyone seen a sad bt5 trying to get godmode while shooting your panther so you let him get godmode bc you feel bad

  4. He had no time to waist. He take evey moment for shot 🔥

  5. Евгений Капыш


  6. Евгений Капыш

    Кстати давно не было Мауса)))

  7. asasin pro 2020 dragostan

    Will you make some planes content?

  8. I like you

  9. Special 300k?

  10. Love these vids. Any chance on playing world of warships at all?

  11. im wondering how to get this beautiful decal on ps4

  12. Raquesis?! It's Lachesis!

    17:00 local tiger tank too angry to give up.

  13. Some god level edit there… Love ya Dollar

  14. New drinking game do a shot every time Dollar says Angle…

  15. Help me Dollar I used your link and Gaijin didn’t give me your decal

  16. Poul Henrik Christensen

    Late to the party as always, was stuck in a corner , really amazed about the 90 degree turn, from one perfect off set video to the next one, and that game play, had you placed strait in to that square box as a number 1. Well done.
    Love it Thunder bro.
    568724 out of the perfect100 as always , edit and stuff level , un freaking believable, and i do love the Tiger in the desert end, and also the “tunes are perfect”

  17. 17:37 A little cancer moment 🙂

  18. I wanted to see dollar playing the is 2 in warthunder it feels like very powerful

  19. how do I get your Decal on my Tank?

  20. How close is your face to your screen today, Dollar?

  21. Illyasviel von Einzbern

    Congratulations on 300k sub!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉 looking forward for great video and stream!!

  22. I miss war thunder chat.

  23. dollar i buy GE form ur link and i got ge but not ur decal 🙁 why help me

  24. Airplanes are breaking the game big time and devs dont care, no wonder people are leaving and calling it crap game

  25. Shannon Sven Gagate

    I noticed you’re using Tobey/Bully Maguire memes now. I love it! Keep up the good work dollar 💯

  26. 2:53 bruh, it was me

  27. that ending! lol!

  28. The beginning of the video perfectly sums up the German tank experience
    Get to objective late, get first shot off, cant penetrate anything, get one shotted through thickest part of armor, respawn, get bombed immediately.

  29. Fock this russian game

  30. 3:20 achei que só acontecia isso comigo kkkkk(risada), bom saber que é por causa da Gaijin 😮‍💨😅
    @DOLLARplays não entendo nada o que você fala, mas entendo o que você faz 🤣😅, bons vídeos você faz! +1 inscrito 😁

  31. Other World Explorers

    Love the Tiger 1 !!!!

  32. What is the song at 3:46 called pretty sure its not ANTONIN CHACHKINE – SLAV ?Shazam cant tell me! I really want to hear the full version

  33. Я охреневаю с игры)) То при должном явном пробитии из танковой пушки снаряд о тонкую броню разрывается в крошку, то пулемет браунинга пробивает 200 мм брони под диким углом… Дурдом, дом для сумасшедших.

  34. Thanks dollar, I needed something to cheer me up after a bad week.

  35. I love angling tiger and dodging to about 10 rounds before dying

  36. loving the videos still to this day dolla keep it up man keeps me coming back to watch a game I don’t play just to get a laugh ^^

  37. Fashwave Tiger intro and outro were sick man, Goddess Nassim Al-Youtubani would approve.

  38. 1:35 my boi Larry enticer

  39. 3:44 song ?

  40. I can not get the same decals as yours… What do I have to do?

  41. Damn I can’t believe I missed this upload, well at least I go and rewatch your vids regularly enough to find this one lol

  42. I hate to give youtubers help to play warthunder BUT your videos allways make me laugh and allways make me want more so i’ll help

  43. How the fuck do you see anyone in those bushes and such, I’m so pissed that I can’t see shit, getting killed from invisibility 😀

  44. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. The hat… I want THE HAT… no… I need THE HAT. It isn’t on your merch page so I was wondering if this is foreshadowing magic 1970’s man?

  46. You need to bring some HE to deal with those M18s and other such vehicles.

  47. Владислав Рудей

    Dont play at this shit.

  48. Lorenzo Rios Dresch

    I love it

  49. Just wanna say, that Tiger thats on the marketplace is literally 400$ lmao

  50. Hi! I looking for the ” round 2 meme” since a long time. Anyone know where it come from?
    DOLLARplays, you rock !

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