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Source: TheRussianBadger

Join me in War Thunder! Use my link for a FREE premium aircraft, tank or ship and a three-day account boost as a BONUS: Also available for free on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.





Background music is licensed by Epidemic Sound.


  1. Nobody:

    Badger: I was saying poor in a respectful economic context

  2. Do a R6 video completely based on the new Caveria elite

  3. Xbox free. Last time I check cost 49.99

  4. #recruitrank

  5. I got shot down by a bf 109 with your decal… I reported him

  6. Let's eat, OXICLEAN

    put an acog on the adats

  7. The Master of Vibes

    When badger said this MiG is next I deadass though he said the N word.

    Good thing bajur puts subz

  8. Does anyone skullker voice chanher i want to use it so bad

  9. “…they dropped the sun on us twice… ” part had dying 6:59 to 7:30

  10. aw man I posted a link in badgers server in the garbage section and got banned for it I thought it was for garbage well i guess I unsubscribe I know you won’t really care about one simple sub but still at least leave a warning or something it’s not like I spammed it 2 times I only did it once so goodbye I am sad and disappointed it came to this

  11. Leo The Gaming Penguin

    Badger: *subtitles faster than a man can read*

  12. How do u use the code on xbox

  13. Soviet Union:
    First Human in space
    First Dog in space
    First Satelite…
    USA: First man on Moon
    USA win the space race.

  14. Scottish Koala a god in War Thunder . . . . not even close xD
    but he is a good lad

  15. Ever noticed badger looks like the Frontman of the band Godsmack

  16. I want to see the video of that AA aiming at the crowd that Scottish koala was talking about so if anyone knows the video plz tell me

  17. The only reason I’m here is because I was going through my analytics and this video was the top one suggesting my content. Yall are pretty entertaining.

  18. Why doesn’t Eekaj post more

  19. Dude you gotta do a review on the bioshock games

  20. do only pc players receive the decal?

  21. Badger this is not fallout why is the ncr in this

  22. do more war thunder

  23. Bro what happened to Clarence?

  24. Heads up for anyone who DOES play War Thunder, I’ve been playing for two years and I still got a free tank from using that code of his. Don’t need the tank, but it also gives you the US 1st Armored Division decal.

  25. I headshot ash, none more to say

  26. Badger usin honey to get coupons for a f-22

  27. i work at pizza hut just got home from there and i open youtube and the first video i watch is talking about how people have no pizza experience

  28. The whole vid : double tap -=-

  29. How does the boost work if I already own the game?

  30. Anyone else want siege to have this as a weapon skin

  31. how do i get the decal?

  32. 7:21 i love it when he key frames characters talking quickly because that animation is FUCKING NICE

  33. Funny Valentine Did Nothing Wrong

    “That’s against the Geneva convention.”

    Who’s gonna report me? The corpses?

  34. SkYRIMdstryer19 the Warlord

    AH-1Z Viper? That’s a weird way to say AH-1Z Cobra

  35. You call it Geneva I call it a war crime barrier

  36. Get the Bismarck and dunk on a tank from 15 miles away

  37. America: a country where everyone own guns and soon tanks

  38. Me: has grinded WT for 2 years and doesn’t have ABRAMS yet

    Therussianbadger: So……. do I press R

  39. Sure is a shame war thunder is becoming an unbalanced cash grab lmao

  40. Hagrids motorbike ride? At Disney? You sure?

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