THE DEADLIEST Sniper in World of Tanks | Grille 15 New Equipment 2.0

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Grille 15 Equipment Accuracy Aiming Time Setup. World of Tanks Tank Equipment 2.0 System Testing on Sandox Test Server – Equipment Test. World of Tanks Grille 15 Gameplay. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary.

I wasn’t super excited making this episode at first, like what’s so amazing about boosting already very good accuracy even more, right? But oh boy, was I wrong happy at the same time. Happy you guys pushed through, because I had a blast playing with Grille 15 in this setup.

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. improved aiming unit + guaying drive + aim time speed directives..

  2. What ’bout making the STRV 103B more accurrate + better aiming time?

  3. i like that new Berlin map because it’s wider..

  4. After seeing the most accurate arty and the most accurate FV4005 AND the most accurate Grille 15, i wonder if it is possible to get the Jageroo in the line as well. Let’s see how much that can be cranked down

  5. Fushihiru Mikheilaav

    Dez, may you try strv103 with same build? 😀

  6. Polski Czołgista

    Try to use 630+ view range on m48 patton

  7. My favourite jam is lime-ginger marmalade, raspberry is a close second. …and KV-2. KV-2 is my _jam._

  8. i played grille 15 today..
    BOOM critical hit, BOOM critical hit, BOOM we didnt even scratched them, BOOM critical hit, and lastly BOOM bouncing off of ebrs ass

  9. Summer fruit jam ftw! The king of the jam’s…

  10. hey dez make e100 mobile

  11. I did the same build using Leopard 1, with 0.23 accuracy. But at that point, the ping had more detrimental effect on my accuracy than all of the equipment. The Leo already has 0.25 accuracy with current equipment and the extra 0.02 doesn’t help much tbh. The Leo still can’t carry in most maps.
    But on the other hand, the supposedly inaccurate russian meds will have workable accuracy now. But WG won’t let tanks like Leo get additional armor modules. This doesn’t sound right.

  12. Favourite jam: Three Berry Jam, comprising Strawberry, Boysenberry and Blackberry. Friggin delicious.

  13. Maybe something like Obj 140 with insane DPM or Gun stabilization+accuracy

  14. Pls make strv 103B

  15. Apricot jam all the way.

  16. T49 with super accurate Troll gun

  17. now do this build on fv4005

  18. What about leopard 1, but with vents? it has 0.01 worst accuracy but vents maybe will boost accuracy more than 0.01

  19. No ventilation for more op aiming time ?

  20. SanSanSanSanSanSan

    Remember when Grille was new? The first version of Grille 15 had these godlike gun stats, until they decided to absolutely wreck the soft stats… The only reason Dez got such good performance is because of maxed out crew and Food.
    Without godlike Crew and food, even this setup will not work well enough.
    How do i know? well, i do own one myself and even when i use the exact same setup half the shots miss because the aim circle becomes as big as a mountain as soon as i move Turret or hull a little bit. This is the true Problem of the Grille and why it is the 2. worst T10 TD by winrate (48,42%). It takes a Bond Rammer and directive to somewhat get to an acceptable state of gunhandling. without bond stuff, this just doesn’t work.

    So no, Dez, i know you like the thing, and i do not intend to take that away, but the Grille is jsut simply not the best T20 TD. The only one that’s worse is the Chinese thing noone plays.

    • Grille is a sniper. The gun is accurate but it’s hard to hit moving targets because of the horrible bloom. It’s really good at being a TD. While something like an E3 would be the “best T10 TD” it doesn’t play like a TD. It plays like a heavy.

    • SanSanSanSanSanSan

      @Stubbari Yeah i know. thing is, the game shifted to a state where a tank that is bad at shooting moving targets/switching targets a lot can not compete with other tanks of it’s Tier.
      The maps and mobility meta are an enviroment where the Grille does not belong in it’s current state. That is why it’s bad. If you too the grille to the meta from 5 years ago it would probably have a really good winrate. Back when cover and corridor maps were a thing it would surely have been pretty good, if not OP. That’s not the reality of the game though.

  21. All that hype, and he missed the first shot rofl 🙂 but it turned out quite nice!

  22. Pls try Obj 430 U full mobility setup
    Or E 50 M full mobility/ramming setup

  23. Now do it with Leopard 1 please! Waay better soft stats than Grille, and 1600 meters per second premium APCR.
    Autoaim build!

  24. try a no bloom build, like the best gun bloom possible, maybe with Patton or something

  25. Dez you are doing a great job testing these changed. But will they break the game? Because they kinda look like this new equipment stuff is going to break the game

  26. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Enhanced KV-2? Blackberry.

  27. For me, the best TD’s in the game are Foch B and T100E4!

  28. SEEEEE, I TOLD YOU, RNGless Super Sniper TD

  29. All out he in my grille next update time to fack those EBRs left and right.

  30. well, not to be negative, but WG did fu MM, and Physics, and Removed weakspots, and dident manage to balance gold ammo, and, and, AND they will FU this as well. I bet EBR can mount x-ray and f*** ur grille barrel and put a knot on it! Pls. WG dont fix the game – just keep introducing all sort of stuff we dont need…..UPS got a bit negative there!

  31. the issue with the grille is that it has worst bloom than a tier 3 tank when turning the turret to aim and on the move. like it is in a league of its own when you look at the dispersion on the move values

  32. Psychedellic Toxin

    So, standing still accuracy with an STRV doesn’t count, but standing still with a Grille does?

  33. Bálint Adorján

    “Oh BOOY!!!” XDD

  34. Wait, thats illegal!

  35. TwistedMusic Videos

    without setup leo1 much better

  36. NIce just nice !

  37. Will you try Strv 103B with this bulid. Will it have like 0.2 accuracy? XD PS: In siege mode 🙂

  38. I would love to have seen this build with Vert Stabs as well as aiming unit and GLD. I think the reason you weren’t getting spotted much was because most people couldn’t run binocs and were dropping coated optics for other equipment.

  39. this is evil

  40. Everybody is just going to have extreme setups….making a lot of tanks unplayable and others OP.

  41. DezGamez Good Evening from Malaysia Subscriber. Please try to tune FochB autoloader with High Damage and Lower Aiming Time, Thank you.

  42. Dez you want to know why you don’t get spotted go and watch claus kellermans video from yesterday one leaf on the edge of a tree gives 50% concealment

  43. Dez do the ultimate E50Ram build with engine power, forward speed, and spall liner!

  44. Unstoppable Type 5 Heavy

  45. Maybe see what the new system can do for the T49 and Sheridan ? and +1 for a KV2 build as well some stronghold tank builds could be a hoot also!

  46. I wish you would stop using food and directives to simulate real players.

  47. Hi. Please do JGPZ E 100… 🙃

  48. of course he is performing very well with your own skill and your crew skills aswell , , how is the grille without your crew skills ,
    Nobody of the normal players has that crew skills like you , Dez 🙂

  49. Dez says it’s good,
    Dez misses his first shot,
    Me: I’ll pretended i didn’t see that

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