The DEADLIEST version of FV4005 Stage II in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay, Tier 10 British Tank . World of Tanks Destroyer, Most Dangerous Tank. World of Tanks The Highest/Biggest Alpha Rolls.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:30 FV4005
02:10 Announcement
04:15 FV4005 Action continues
12:00 Battle Results
12:52 Conclusion

FV4005 Stage II in World of Tanks is always worth to watch But this tank played in a way how Erjan_kz_1 plays it, just makes it so much more special.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Hi Dez, great video luv your content dont want any boxes thanks decoration level maxed out give to some other deserving fan
    Bonzo_dog EU

  2. My Highest Dmg in an Lowtier Tanks was about 3000 damage on Mines with a Cruiser IV.
    Kurt_Kettenfett EU Server

  3. I think my highest dmg this year is around 8000 with the Jg Pz E100.
    ardwin22 EU

  4. My highest damage was 6359 in the IS 7. Nothing crazy bot honest work xD Spoddy on EU

  5. Hi Dez and sexy ppl. AMX M4 54 7,8K dmg. TudorTanchist, EU

  6. My best damage was only 5k with t10 i think. I started playing wot like two months ago. I used to play it 9 years ago, but i had no idea what i was doing. adms2005

  7. Thank you so much for the amazing content this year! I cant wait to see what will happeng in world of tank’s in the future!
    My highest DMG this year was in the 60TP: 6139
    PzkpfwTiger01 EU

  8. Thanks for the game Dez, my highest Dmg this year was on Cliff by Leopard 1 doing 11453 Dmg and 6 Kills. Playing all the mid of the map.
    My ingame name: Succeeded / Server: EU

  9. My best game in 2022 was actually my dmg record. It was 8.7k in Vz. 55 – RostrelimTiPrdel, EU server

  10. ScreamingFist, EU server. My best battle was in Tortoise, 6750 dmg.

  11. I did about 6k with tier 9 progettto. Maybe not much but for me it was great battle

    Sardynka EU

  12. Love your content! Playing the Conway right now to get the FV soon.
    My highest damage was 7.253 with Jg. Pz. E100. Nick: 4753spinnie, EU

  13. my highest damage in 2022 is vz.55 5k damage
    User: alga1995
    server asia

  14. My best game this year by dmg was with 60TP on El Halluf. 9209 dmg, 2nd MOE but it was draw… missed one shot into enemy and no more time..

  15. If I remember correctly my highest damage game was in the early months of the year in my JagdPanzer E-100 and I did 7.4k damage. I play on the european server. Craaterii

  16. The moment i saw a ball of fire at the back of vz 55, felt super bad for t30 xD
    8.5k damage, obj 780, MrCro1 on EU, ty <3

  17. My damage record in 2022 is 8.324 and FV215b 183 did it.
    Nickname: Hrvoje850
    Server: EU

  18. PSYHOMAN ,in FV 4005 i did 9100 and i win the 260 tank. I was very happy.

  19. I did a 9’000dmg and 3’000 spotting with my AMX m4 54… i sadly forgot to save the replay

  20. Hi Dez! Thank you for the entertainment and wish the best to everyone next year. My highest dmg this year was in Obj. 268/4 with 6.1k , Keihacu Eu server.

  21. probably around 5 or 6k, in udes 15/16 i think.
    Dzuso EU

  22. Hi Dez! Awesome replay as always. I just started replaying WoT this winter after a few years break. I’m a free to play player and the grind is pretty hard, that’s why my highest damage is 5531 with WT auf Pz. IV just a few days ago.
    My account name is Dinu1999 and I’m playing on EU servers.

  23. Actually my dmg record was on E5 – 8350 dmg on Himmelsdorf.
    Server: EU

  24. My highest damage was 8.9k in my t110e3, will one day hopefully get 10k damage and send you the replay :], DeepF2ASH EU

  25. My best game this year I think it was with Conq ~6k that happened 2 days ago .
    Crystyans EU

  26. My best damage game was with IS-7 , 7.2 K

  27. 8358dmg EU server: cast0r

  28. My best dmg game this year was in Strv103b and it was a 7823dmg game. server EU, username: jasa787

  29. Hi Dez, my was in T30, somewhere aroung 6500. Thanks for the content a happy new year!
    Usernama: ms911
    Server: EU

  30. Actually got pretty recently 6k dmg in t110e3 in safe heaven and thats now my dmg record. ReeCat, EU.

  31. Muhammad Fizree Zaki

    my most damage game was 8.6k in udes 16 tier 9 sweeden “heavy tank”. it was 5 am at that time so yea one of those game I supposed. SuSubaru ASIA.

  32. Slazak Grzesiek - Zootopia comics

    Probably Progetto 46. I had only a couple random battles in this year so I don’t remember score.
    I wanted to go back in December but I saw BZ-176 ruined tier VIII so I gave up.

  33. My highest damage is only at 8k using M48 patton.
    Username: glenromerz
    Server: Asia
    Advance Happy new year!!

  34. Hello Dez, my best game was today on Progetto 65, 5k dmg with 3k spotting, jmlcd EU

  35. I love watching FV4005 gameplays, unless its a kill cam, but still. This tank is mad funny.

  36. Hi, thought highest damage deal was 8157 with sp2 114 but in fact it was vz. 55 with 8563 damage, so was a good year hope it was same for you,
    Nickname : floryyyyn , server EU

  37. Don’t really remember my best damage game, but I do remember that I have done 6k dmg last week on EU server with my loved tank obj 705a
    Pseudo : Mantanks13

  38. 9,6K dmg in my kran. it was my first game on the new map… and i farmed them all :).
    KarateKid1910 EU (belgium)

  39. Most damage this year for me was 2.9k in my Easy 8!

  40. Nice replay and good contrnt on your channel. Don’t play the game much as I whis I could, so not sure of my most dmg game.

  41. My highest damage 7k in a WT auf PZ. IV
    Much appreciated Dez! Keep up the great content.
    sucmikok, EU server

  42. Where ya find your highedt dmg and what tank info?

  43. Thank you for uploading I was watching you long time but you have now earned me
    My top damage was 6,2K dmg and 4K dinged with the 110 I was so suprised

  44. Most dmg game was at around 7k dmg in the T110E3 I think. Im working on topping that.
    Username is HardScoper_03 on the EU Server :)).
    Thank you for your vids, I enjoy watching them every time

  45. The love in FV4005 is indescribable, but only when RNG are on your side! highest DMG this year is in Vz. 55 on 7788dmg and it feelt lovely. CA_grim EU server

  46. Hi Dez. Awesome replay. Always great to see your videos. My highest damage was 8.7k with Grille 15 (Whobee EU)

  47. I had my best damage game in the TVP with about 7.1 k damage.
    EU server
    Thank you for your videos!

  48. 7k on T110E4 miki1612 EU and happy new year

  49. My highest damge game in world of tanks to date is 5.214 in a T28 Prot. Love your videos and the comunity, thanks for everything Dez. Marry christmas from Spain.
    Anjiro44 EU server.

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