THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY | Stock Syndrome (War Thunder AMX-30B2)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY | Stock Syndrome (War Thunder AMX-30B2)


  1. phly tracks repair themselves

  2. 12-37 phly began like 4 different comments lol.

  3. Tracks can repair thrmselfs since a few monts ago

  4. Press F for respects to Phly for self inducing insanity for us

  5. Intro: 10/10 Editing of the intro: 11/10

  6. Guys this is a tip, if you do not have a repair kit, then you must rush a cap point because then you can repair the tank for free

  7. tbh and i feel bad saying this but watching Phly suffer is more satisfying then watching him succeeded

  8. Jpz 4-5 *do it*

  9. aLeX The Gaming Gopnik

    What is Le music


    Loving the unloved: T-34-57 1943 and T-34-57

  11. I’m a new player anyone wanna add me IceNinja115


    Lucky XM-1 bastards in ur first match

    I always have to fight T-64Bs and Leo 2A4s

  13. now play the Type 74 stock

  14. Dude u look like my Ap world teacher


    Phly, that wasn’t Ivan drunk, that was Ivan SOBER

  16. I’m up to the AMX-30 (1972) and I actually think I might quit it’s a severe punishment for not first picking Russia or America.

  17. Loving the unloved
    Attempt #8
    I-16 type 10 with historical information please

  18. can u play churchill at the british such a painfull tank

  19. leopard a1a1 stock is true suffering ))

  20. I’ve done a TON of battles with 8.0 and below teams, and fought entire teams of XM-1’s on the enemy team. Matchmaking in War Thunder is broke as fuck, and only getting worse.

  21. Wtf was this intro XD

  22. You can repair tracks now? atleast we can go to cap and repair now.

  23. You peasants think this is pain? Go and play the T-54 (1947) Only. None of those later models that get APDS or HEAT-FS. Plain Old T-54 1947s against these things.

  24. T92 GOT BUFFED

  25. Once you’ve seen the intro, it cannot be unseen.

  26. Phly, I absolutely love the reference to Far Cry 3. That is one of my favorite video game scenes.

  27. play the heavy tank no 6

  28. According to a friend who’s a tanker, a single track repair should take about half an hour if you work quickly and all the track links are in good shape. During battle you either fight and wait for extraction or leave the tank and run.

  29. Please play the jagpanzer iv

  30. Even stock you can repair the track.


  32. Do the A1A1 on stock!

  33. Play the conqueror stock. Try turning. Feel pain.

  34. play the Chi-Ha Attempt #2

  35. Your ”Fly Eye” Is your range finder dude LOL

  36. I was looking for a new car
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    Cuz now im driving off the lot with a used sub compact

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  37. Vaas = Legend

  38. Wood is great armor against HEAT

  39. Soviet union national anthem is my phone alarm

  40. You should do more of these sir.

  41. @PhlyDaily New challenge if your in the market for more pain, get a kill with the weakest bomb in war thunder the SD10C, a 10 kg anti-personnel bomb for the He 51 C-1, C-1/L and B-2/H German planes? attempt.2

  42. haha go suffer Phly xD

  43. I swear to god this is actually my alarm sound 😀

  44. Was it worth Phly?

  45. Phly does not get the full experience with this. He has maxed out crews and he is doing this for fun.
    When you do this as your shitty daily grind just to unlock basic mods so you can repair, stop fires, shoot accurately and get mobile this shit gets old real fast. The even shittier part is that to be on a somewhat level playing field you need to play 100+ crap matches with a severe handicap depending on the tank. This is the reason why most people either quit high tier or completely.

  46. Phly, for playing top tier and not knowing tracks repair themselves here is your punishment: ALL YOUR VIDEOS MUST BE STOCK from now on.

  47. Phly play the Russian fw-190d-9

  48. loving the unloved

    m2a2 pls
    atempt #3

  49. tracks can repair itself

  50. If you can’t beat em, join em.
    Play the XM-1 and contribute to the problem

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