The DERP Sniper!

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Source: Circonflexes

A in the IS-M!


  1. hej hej

  2. Gonna save this to watch later for when im depressed at potato team and need to laugh

  3. Blyatiful performance

  4. That battle turned out very nice, especially with the nice help of the Pudel.
    And of course Circon’s extremely good situational awareness

  5. “What does he play?”
    “Oh. ok.”

    • Well I blame Circon because years ago when I started playing I was watching him stream with Jingles/Foch & they were all saying that players shouldn’t rush up the tiers. So I took their advice (to an somewhat extreme degree !) and played thousands of games at each tier until I was happy with my contribution and then moved up.

  6. 3 Decals on a tank??!!?

  7. 3:52 this made me so happy to watch. It just shows you can throw as much gold as you want but if you don’t aim you’ll always lose to a competent player. Ggs circon

    Edit: better yet circon didn’t fire a single premium round as he didn’t need to.

  8. 11:40 that realization when he found a statpadding sealclubber

  9. Nice meme

  10. That Somua player is a muppet!!

  11. Do you have advice on how to play this? I have to grind the 705 and I hate this thing.

  12. I had a good laugh at the contrast between the in game praise for the Pudel from Circon & chat compared to the post match rush to judge lol !

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