The Derp with a plan! – World of Tanks

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Having a laugh with the derp vs tier 10!


  1. 1:51 I called it in chat

  2. first time my sub in the vid <3 chillings

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I love Derp-Panther videos I really do It’s an absolutely blast to see Wish I had the skill to do it

  4. that was fun 🙂

  5. Derp tanks are nothin’ but love.

  6. Healthy burp leads to chonky derp.

  7. Michael Hildebrandt

    First reaction: Panther II with Derp = NAY!

    End reaction: LOL – I need one Derp Panther 🙂

  8. Man with a plan reference?

  9. I hope that there will be DerPatton after you move to tier IX <3 😀

  10. Thanks Circon, you make the rest of us just seem like idiots because we try so hard and you just seem to blat around and have fun with a supposedly crap tank and still do really well in it. Well done man

  11. When WG anounce that will nerf HE few weeks ago,you said you suport that!! And yet,you have a dozen video having fun with derp gun…not good man! Dont suport nerfing HE!!

    • They’re not nerfing HE, there was too much outcry, especially from players of the KV-2, which was going to be an exception initially.

    • @groundbeef2 I know they will not nerf! I was talking about this

    • Yea, cus i have the intelligence to realise that the derps are not good for the game long term. A 105 derp at tier 8 aint even in the same realm as the SAME GUN at tier 5.

    • @Circonflexes yet you play it and having fun! I want to keep playind and having fun too. I agree,that 105 derp in tier 5 is a bit OP,but hey,how about 200 tanks in tech thre that are OP??? Are they good in long term for game??
      Fight against that,dont fight against HE pls!
      P.s keep up with nice video! Regards!

  12. This wasn’t golfing, it was mini-golfing! Derps can be a lot of fun, when they’re not on their period. I was kinda hoping you’d lob the last piuuu shot over that little rock, but thar’s just me being silly 🙂

  13. Why Panter Derp and not Pz4h derp ?

  14. doon worry man burping is healthy

  15. That was a great clip

  16. I think it would be interesting to view the teams initial reactions seeing a derp Panther II show up … then after it carries, seeing their reaction as to who it was driving it in post-game results.

  17. I saw that live on Stream..i laughed my a** off xD

  18. Sees Derp-Panther: Updoots video. A true man of culture.

  19. great video, always fun to try and success with something different!

  20. golfing with strv

  21. Well this Is the first time i heard you laughing of Joy this much on a defeat! This Is nice! GG!

  22. Disfigure my elegant Panther with this abomination? I don’t think so Circ ! ! ! 😠

  23. Your fault for going in front of the pta.

  24. My sides!

  25. The tier 5 VK2801 used to see tier 10 with that derp.

  26. Circon Panther golfing = best golfing.

  27. Syahareen Sha Rani

    The Lord of derps continues

  28. dammit Circon….. yep I love the derp never in a wild dream of doing with the panther…. mind has been changed… now to go grind credits to buy the panther back…

  29. What’s the name of your aim circle mod?

  30. *I TRACKED HIM*!! *FUCK HIM UP*!!!
    Should be his new sub notification.

  31. Hmm, must retry the T-34/122 again, it didn’t work before and I doubt it’ll work this evening, but in the interest of doing something stupid on my birthday, why not?

  32. hi. is there a way of knowing how much damage you have to do to get a mark of excellence? a mod maybe??

  33. Campaigns to remove Derp guns – plays loads of derp guns. Class act eh?

  34. When he sees how bad the MM is, does he give-up? Does he suicide in the first 30 seconds and spend the rest of the game pinging the map and spamming the chat? No. Our Hero and Savior, the Memelord Circonflexes formulates a plan and not only turns the situation into a 1st class mastery badge, but manages to get in a round of golf as well 🙂

  35. OFF TOPIC – T67 moved out from New Balance Tech Tree – new players will need to be shown the joy of this tank

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