The Desert Bat – Bat Chat 12 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  2. Shihab Bin Humayoon

    65th view apparently<3

  3. Motovlog circon plz

  4. Iordan Sorin Titus

    Deja vu? My brain tells me that I’ve seen this video already more than a week ago…

  5. I thought it said “The desert bait”

  6. Yesterday I had the strangest 3 mark ever.
    I had like 89-90% or Revalorise.
    I played 1 battle (lost, 900 damage)
    And boom. Somehow 96%.

    I just don’t know anymore…

  7. Hey circon, super bedankt voor de vrolijke video’s van afgelopen jaren. heb er veel van geleerd en ben er beter door gaan spelen. realy nice. keep up the good work man!

  8. Amazing vid..again!
    Btw, i can’t see that ingame progress of the missions (below the remaining tanks) i have, and i have that on Setting, anyone knows why ?

  9. oh dude your face…. it seems that you are not enjoying the game anymore i feel you ….. just playing for the stream …….

  10. Those 140 snapshots on the move against a light tank doe. Most centainly Russian komrade

  11. gud gaym, makes me wanna play one of those automosquitos

  12. I 3-marked that tank with standard ammo only, wasn’t that hard tbh, and that’s coming from a 51% player, 59% recent

  13. i thought this was a quicky baby video because of the yellow in the thumbnail

  14. Please Circon streaming on YT

  15. Quickybaby style thumbnail, gg

  16. 3rd marked the bat(d)-ass-Chat Saturday

    but the batchat 12t doesn’t feel at home in the tech tree i think cuz of the mid-mounted turret.

  17. oh wait, I was on the stream…. well, nothing wrong with watching it again 😛 circAC

  18. Circon, bedankt voor alle tips & tricks. Zo heb ik er tenminste nog wat aan !

  19. thumbnail text in quacky style( white yellow white) – don’t do it again pls

  20. jesus how do you still play this game

  21. Gonna die niw. Cause your not supporting.. duh. Is it the tank or have your balls shrunk..

  22. This vids got almost the least rounds fired…

  23. Follow line around and hit em Inna ass like that Howard Stern sounding guy

  24. That zoom out seems pretty unfair

  25. sooooo a desert bat is coverd in honey and almond sprinkles?

  26. i do 5.2k combined: 2.5k dmg 2.7k spotting in B-C 12t and get first class, circon does 4.3k, gets ace…

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