The Devastating MILK TRUCK WAR OF 2019 (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. I’m really loving the custom battles again ❤️

  2. Benny’s died R.I.P ?☠

  3. Hey Phly, take out the T-80U and get an Ace using only ATGM’s. Attempt #14

  4. I’m definitely getting old and I can feel it. lol.

  5. 2:44 The Chadian-Libyan Conflict enters its final stage. As both sides begin to field massive amounts of technicals, it comes to be known as the Toyota War.

  6. 5:30 Hahahahah that poor little fucker with his message

  7. Benny’s laugh made my whole Sunday feel so much better.

  8. surprised i didnt see a single mk via aa british 1.0 anti air.

  9. Does BM-13 count as milk truck?

  10. Did you say your name was Butt German Bej amen?

  11. Benny’s laugh is incredibly Benjaminly funny

  12. Phly….Your dignity is non existent after that name bludgeoning

  13. where is 88 truck

  14. What happened to crossout?

  15. What is cheese, really?

    For every problem, the solution is always NEEDS MORE DAKKA!

  16. B10b in high tier challange. 🙂

  17. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time

  18. how drunk where you at the start of this *wheeze* jesus

  19. You see comrade, if capitalist is not of crushed by truck, is of drown in milk.

  20. Hey Phly i haven’t seen you play the chieftain marksman, can you play it
    Attempt #1

  21. Yes how did Alpha get de-capped with no friendly vehicle on it ? Should I add that one to the growing list of hacks.

  22. I won a talisman for this veichle

  23. I just wanna be Benny’s friend after that intro

  24. The legendary war of the Russian Milk Trucks and American Mail Trucks

  25. I’m positive Benny would have laughed so hard he would have a heart attack if he heard the time I said “Matban” instead of “Batman”

  26. Hey phly could you please go back to the Sherman firefly as it is my favourite tank and it is also very competitive as the shells have been bugged like shit

  27. Did Benny diedied in the end ?

  28. Neurofied Yamato

    Do Katyusha count as a milktruck?

  29. Morally Ambiguous

    How does one take part in one of these? Not interested in being in a YT video just want in for the fun’s 🙂

  30. Nicholas Dombrowski

    Phly take out the chi ha 1.3 tank it’s soo satisfy when u get long range kills plzz try out

  31. Jåÿdôń Türñęr

    Play the f35 attempt #4,563

  32. phlydaily can you play the Somua 35

  33. Milktruck vs Helicopters


  35. Hmm!Tasty.

  36. Jake Winterstorm

    star wars simulator

  37. Is it bad that I want a t-shirt saying “I REFUSE!”?

  38. What is Benny’s channel

  39. el carro de completos de rootgames

    is.. perfect

  40. Tank vs ships

  41. Is it worth getting these trucks?


  43. Play the Conqueror for the British Rule! Attempt 2!

  44. Phly has a great mind, a ‘special’ mind, ‘special’, but great 😉

  45. Loving the unloved please Phly
    Fairey Firefly
    I-16 type 10
    Preferably with some historical information

  46. Please play the Panzerwerfer 42 Phly,thanks Attempt 12

  47. Dear phly, can you take out the panzer IV 70(v)? Its and amazing armored td with the gun of a panther at 5.3

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