The Devs Paid Me to Obliterate Nerds in War Thunder

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Source: martincitopantsLIVE

Play War Thunder now with my link, and get a massive, free bonus pack including vehicles, boosters and more, but most importantly my amazing decal!!

War Thunder is a highly detailed vehicle combat game containing over 2000 playable tanks, aircrafts and ships spanning over 100 years of development. Immerse yourself completely in dynamic battles with an unparalleled combination of realism and approachability.


  1. Better quit while you can

  2. Hey MARTON I got one of da fongos’s

  3. i am comment number 101

  4. Newcomers: “Holy sh* this game is amazing, Ill have so much fun.”
    Year or higher experienced players: “ITS F**KING TRAP, NOOO-“

  5. “tanks should be able to throw grenades” THEY SHOOT THEM!!!

    ps: im that sweat

  6. Hold on… Did you… buy Pak Puma from the Gaijin market? If so, do you still have a kidney?

  7. casually playing the most expensive tanks in war thunder

  8. I activated the bonus from the link twice now and it’s still not appearing in the game… help? I NEED that FROG on my PLANES AND TANKS!!!

  9. uve earned the sub!!!


    its always hotter When you game harder

  11. is there any way i could just get the icon?

  12. realistic is 4 tryhards but u can play it casually

  13. once got like 8 kills in one round with one plane, but was the lowest possible battlerating because it was a starter plane

  14. dicker max means something like fat max

  15. when wart hunder

  16. Got ur fantastic decal

  17. (‘”/{[,A d v e r t i s m e n t,]}'”)

  18. 5:50 Rockets. Missiles have lock on but same difference

  19. @Caridor you can, I’m a veteran with friggin frog now

  20. Tip: In order to kill the tanks in your current br, you have to go to “protection analysis”. It’ll help which weakspots are on tanks.
    Tip #3: ANGLE YOUR TANKS! It’ll make your armor better. Especially with the Tiger H1.
    Tip #4: Camp, stay still, have trigger discipline and you won’t be killed instantly.
    Tip #5: Just have fun in the grind, I certainly had fun grinding!

  21. It’s.. It’s alright. I mean I like War Thunder but Low Tier Arcade makes me wanna commit Toaster Bath. I keep getting put on the team that doesn’t know how to flank or move off of 1 point and cap another while the entire enemy team sits in a plane most of the game. Like I wish they’d simply just do GROUND ONLY ARCADE/REALISTIC. If I wanted to deal with a Helicopter or Plane hovering above me fokn tank I’d play Battlefield 3/4.


  23. Muhammad Ammar Rasyid

    Deep Rock Galactic next video?

  24. use aphe dumbass

  25. Meanwhile me with 600 hours of experience only at 8.0

  26. arcade with fucking 6 150 level crews is like playing CS GO againt snails

  27. for a second i thought he had the communist symbol on his headset

    then i realized it was the hyperx logo

  28. 5:55 i think its only workes on aircraft

  29. I have never seen someone say the t 60 is a silly tank

  30. no don’t give this game players. It doesn’t deserve it.

  31. War thunder, the game where spending $3k on the game within 3 years is below average

  32. Francesco Bruszkowski

    Was just grinding for the most useless italian tank in war thunder just to be treated like a pet and not have to do anything.
    Very time consuming. Very lot of grinding. Very cute. but most importantly. Very chill

  33. Tried the link with my old warthunder account and it worked because I hadn’t logged in for 3 years

  34. U should like gimme ur account gimme Martincitopants

  35. My friend grinded the french tech tree without premium. All vehicles. Took him 4 years. Yep. I grinded almost 4 tech trees with premium. Yep. This game takes away your time. But can be fun with the bois.

  36. sebastian the cat

    Imagine not uploading until you got a sponsor.

    OH WAIT:

  37. ThoriusBattengham

    warthunder is genuinely terrible, dont play it

  38. Babe wake up martincitopantsLIVE just posted

  39. 9:54, so no one is going to talk about the fact that the devs gave him (while temporarily), a 2 thousand dollar marketplace tank????


  41. Love the Deep Rock Galactic music!

  42. Love the donkey kong country returns songs

  43. кислий кефір

    My reaction to the martincitopants decal:

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