The dirtiest game of 2018? – E-25 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

While doing personal missions, i may have played my dirtiest game of the year.

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  1. We reached peak dirtiness trying to get some of the personal 2.0 missions done.
    +2 is a great idea btw! /s

  2. Where is your camo net?

    If you want dirt that doesn’t wash off then play the CGC.

  3. Circonflexes That was disgusting, let me just go wash my eyes out with bleach, k thnx bye

  4. “Welcome to the lower tiers bitch!, aren’t you happy they sold this tank again?”


  5. G-sus Circon… That wasn’t funny. Ok, a little funny.

  6. I started wot just as they pulled this tank off the market and wanted it ever since. I was always on a break when it was on sale. I just won one in a big crate. I didn’t buy any crates so I’m not surethane were it came from. I kill you now pewpewpew!

  7. Penfold What-ho Chappies

    Hope u had a shower after that e25 cockroach game lol

  8. cruelty to low tier tanks 🙂

  9. So fun playing low tiers nowadays, having 2 lefhs and an e-25 every game

  10. The only time I’ve left unfriendly comments to players on the other side has been when I’ve been blasted with APCR by E25s while I was in a lower tier tank. I told the last guy his other hobby must be kicking puppies. He actually didn’t write back…guess he knew it was true!

  11. 4:25 “Why is nobody shooting this guy, are you kidding me!?”

    Because they have no awareness, like most low tier players. Most have not even begun to make use of their mini-map, let alone master it. Even if its the only target that’s been lit up, expecting them to shoot it is asking too much. They sit and wait for the target they are focused on to pop back up, they aren’t even looking around.

    TL;DR – They are fucking clueless.

  12. take a shower

  13. Steel Wall on E-25 insane / Support Pay To WIn !!!!

  14. Dirtier than the “Limited access” section on PornHub.

  15. Fuck this OP broken piece of shit..

  16. Hey man, have a good night and lots of enjoyable games and fun in 2019 !!!

  17. You dirty bastard

  18. 6:11 lol what’s wrong Pz? don’t have enough depression? ?

  19. Not enough gold spam to be dirty. You shot some of those people with AP. :p

  20. So….has anyone had any luck getting premium tanks in the 11 box deal? i’ve got the urge go for it

  21. Just got this tank and it’s a good time for sure

  22. When you’re just really good at your job…

  23. Top tier E25? Bad things are gonna happen!

  24. that is so fucking filthy lol

  25. Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled!
    Shelter your weak, your young and your old!
    Each of you shall pay the final sum!
    Cry for mercy, the reckoning has come!


  26. And this is why I call the E25 my HAPPY TANK 🙂 . TDS .

  27. “Oops we sold it again!”

  28. Im glad i quit this game

  29. Hope you had a shower after playing that game

  30. I like how Circon is stuffing his face the whole time.

  31. nice gold spam love you

  32. ‘German bias!’ lol

  33. The peak of arty dirtiness? LeFH18B2

  34. poor that BDR, probably still new to the game so he think the tank can reverse faster than forward.

  35. Nice seal clubbing in an OP tank with 40 APCR premium and 20 AP rounds against tier 5s.
    You made a few new players uninstall the game.

  36. That poor BDR got gold spammed by a invis E 25 oof

  37. I bought one of these in 2016. Good times.

  38. the 3 medium tanks that camped the end of the little “low water” crossing in the center…… all fucking game
    then didn’t shoot the t29

    well fucking played…… holy fuck

  39. plass twoe is always cool

  40. WOT wonders why its numbers are going down…

  41. Why do u have American commander voices for different tanks, like the e25 or the 705 I saw earlier?

  42. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for how good you actually are as a player.
    E25 isn’t usually played this good

  43. fountleroy tinkertoy

    why would anyone give this fat fuck 200 e ?

  44. “look at all the spotting I’m not getting.” As he spots multiple targets.

  45. Thank you for motivating me to go play this tank. Time to fuck up low tiers on the 1st of January 2019.

  46. My hero, take on tier 5’s in the most OP tank going, you should be very proud of yourself

  47. Started watching your stream in the last month, I never watch Twitch streams but it’s a really nice stream you got going on, congrats and thanks for the entertainment Circon. Happy new year!

  48. That poor BDR has 3100 battles and a 46% win rate. The despair was palpable as he was trying to reverse out of the line of fire. This is his WOT experience.

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