THE DREAM GAME in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm going to have a game that goes so well in World of Tanks I must be dreaming!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Old Alecto with gun rammer used to be like this..

  2. sentinel supremacy army

    Quickly baby I need your help with war gaming they are destroying xbox and ps4 world of tanks I’m asking for your help I believe that you can help us change their mind I know your mostly play pc but if you get on you xbox you will see what they did it’s destroyed can you try to help us.

  3. Fadin’s Medal, the one that everyone wants! LOL!

  4. pay2in cancer vehicle

  5. アルファイド

    Is this game p2w?

  6. I think I got 1 Fadins Medal out of the whole 9 years I’ve been playing!

  7. It was in an O-NI with the durp, I did 7 kills and 3.5k damage (Idont remember exactly). I remember att the start when an Ikv 90 came arund the corner and one shoted him. That was when i new this was gping to be a good game. 😀

  8. Day 3 of asking QB to play World of Tanks Blitz

  9. this think is nothing against T71 da

  10. too bad world of tanks is a BS unbalanced pay to win garbage game

  11. In my opinion tanks that are Overpowered like Obj.279 (s), Obj.907, T95 / FV4201, AMX 13 57, E25 greatly influence that battle especially when they are in the hands of a good player, and this does not seem like a game to me. honestly, not to mention that they are allowed to make a platoon with similar tanks, the other day I met with me in the 3x Obj.907 team and the battle was won without too much effort.
    Now honestly, does it seem fair to you to meet a platoon of such tanks? In cases where such tanks are in a team, they have an 80% chance of winning.

  12. last week with amx 13 75, 4.859, no fires or ammo rachs, which is 1 dmg less than max dmg with shells xD

  13. Tortoise, Paris map. 8.5k damage, 8 kills. Got me TD mission 15 for the obj260(?) completed with honours.

  14. I only bring 1 or 2 clips of gold and consistency do well in this tank. You can penetrate the rear of almost any tank with your standard ammo so flanking is the way to go. To make it work I slapped on a turbo because acceleration and top speed feel lackluster without.

  15. My only Fadin’s medal is in the spg that everyone gets in in the Su-5

  16. I got a nice game in my bisonte with 7 kills, 7k damage and a 1vs3 win while lowtier 🙂

  17. My best battle was with patton i did 9.1k dmg and 2 Days later i did 8.9k with Amx 50B

  18. You should finish every game on fire.

  19. congratulations u’ve used up all ur luck for the rest of the month

  20. WarThunder _Mushlih

    Hey Qb,Can you make a Review of the Pz.Sfl.1C Tier 4 Prem german Tank?
    Thx,Will be Really Appreciate it.

  21. brilliant game! took my amx 13 57 out after watching this,aced it with 3k damage and 9 kills! best game in a long time!

  22. How do you get this type of world of tanks

  23. QB: my dream round with AMX 13 57
    Me: Every battle with AMX 13 57 was like i’m in cloud nine. Please I don’t want to include E25, I dont want to get dirty.

  24. GW tiger Pig 6300+ damage… not my best game but my most lucky one

  25. Very nice battle, but its a pity, that you are not in the team clash.

  26. Wait a minute…. he does receive 82k credits, spends 95k credits on ammunition and repairs.. how does he net gain 27k?

  27. I think my best game either was in December of 2019 when I got my first 10k dmg game, in a WZ 111 5A, or it was a few months back in 2020 when I got my third mark on the Centurion 7/1 (first tier nine i had three-marked) and a few games later got my first Kolobanovs while being on about 200hp.

  28. Τσάμπρας Γιάννης


  29. Yes have this tank, and half my shots miss. What cheat mods do you use?

  30. Great game bro, loved every second of it!!!

  31. Maybe I forgot to say that it was on Ruinberg?

  32. What’s with the weird gun/turret movement from 0:45 to 0:54? Mmmmh

  33. What is your opinion of World of Tanks Blitz

  34. I remember long time ago when 1st started to enter the japanese tanks in i played ONI….9 kills – win – alive 8-9 more medals etc….LONG TIME AGO!

  35. soviet ?? gamer všech dob

    my best game was in the scorpion g 5,945 dmg and 5kills but i think that my standart b game was more fun did 4,9k dmg and 10kills and i was stock 🙂

  36. Hi qb, I have a replay on wot replays in the Excalibur where I got 5.3K damage a kolobanovs medal and nine kills I think which is better than this replay in every way (no offence) and I would appreciate it if you at least had a look

  37. What is that weird barrel movement from 0:45?

  38. Great fun to watch and to play. Dream game.

  39. 6k dmg game in Standard B before nerf, most intense battle of my life. It was on the lighthouse map, lost some HP at the start, but fought like I was fighting for my life. Top gun I think at the end, crazy game.

  40. That credits does not look right. Received 82k, spent 95 k maths shows you spend 55k – which is right. Incidentally got a Fadins the other day grinding the GW Tiger SPG because of its low shell count.

  41. Thats not the dream game for a LT. Probably a dream game for a MT…

  42. Bourrasque, 11 kills, 6700 damage on himmelsdorf WITHOUT HITPOINTS LOST
    It just shows what matter op tanks can do to lower tier games…
    I actually hoped the game was good enough for qb to review it

  43. Please play war thunder and stop playing this sheity game

  44. Hmm best was in a Pz S35 10 kills but all I got was a high caliber which I thought was a bit of a rip off.

  45. This light tank was conceived by the AMX corporation, which was to mount the 57 mm L/100 gun. The project was delayed by difficulties in production, and the vehicle was still not ready for presentation by the 1950s. At that time, the manufacturing of a modified frame with a 75 mm gun fixed turret had taken priority and the 57 mm variant had been discontinued.
    This luxury car has an XP bonus of 20% and a Silver bonus of 40%.

  46. Epic battle QB!!

  47. Once again no crew shown before match so he had them max out crew again and failed to say anything about it very poorly played QuickyBaby, Claus does better reports because he shows crew.

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