The Dumbest Tank In War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

The LOSAT CCVL is one vehicle I've been wanting Gaijin to add to War Thunder for a long . fires Kinetic Energy Missiles (KEMs) which are very powerful. Unfortunately, everything else about it sucks.

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The Dumbest Tank In War Thunder


  1. Missile wobble still happens, it’s just rarer with good ping. If you’re unfortunate enough to have like 180 ping, the missile will still always wobble. Even with a good connection, it is borderline impossible to hit exactly where you want. Right now there isn’t really any reason to take LOSAT over anything else in a 10.3 lineup.

  2. I love how all Americans missiles somehow act special in this game

  3. Anarchy And Empires

    I actually really like this event, none of the vehicles are any good so No one is going all sweaty for them, everyone is just playing the game like Normal.

  4. TheGreenlandicGamer

    The LOBAD is so disappointing, I hope they fix it somehow. Congrats on 300k subs btw 😀

  5. Blue Skies Trevor

    Seems to me like this this was made for hull-down defense. I could even imagine them fitting a periscope similar to the m901. It probably would have been great at defending the Fulda gap from Russian tanks. Not so much with urban offensive work that is most common in War Thunder.

  6. bro you get more SL from one heli kill than i get form 6 kills in RB without premium.

  7. you asked for the tank u got the tank u bad noob lol

  8. 8:25 spookstons greatest nemesis

  9. You say its the worst, but British infantry tanks w 2pdrs exist in this game.

  10. Jerry Juutalainen

    Oh wow almost like a vic with 0 elevation/depression sucks on small shitty cqb maps what a surprised (still waiting for top tier to have proper 2-10km maps)

  11. so, i test drove this and noticed… its a kinetic missile… that acts like a chemical weapon for some reason, ie it blows up on fences, and it doesnt go through a tank and pen the tank behind it. also like you said, they should be separate pods, so i can choose what side i want to shoot.

  12. day 53 : you should try the jagdtiger sometime. it’s extremly slow, doesn’t have a turret, gets uptiers all the time, and most importantly, you’ll have to play with german teams. the very definition of suffering.
    (i know he saw this comment, but imma keep at it until the Jagdtiger video is out)

  13. Looks like the PID algorithm for the missiles had its gain tuned WAY high

  14. day 28 of asking spookston to play the amx50 foch

  15. Delfinen Teddyson

    12:27 he’s titanium

  16. I don’t understand how someone can look at this tank and say “why cqc no work???”

  17. (Sorry to ask but) Video 89 of asking for AMX-50 Foch or CA Lorraine Gameplay

  18. Shocktrooper⚔️

    Honestly I’m here for the comedy and high kills and watching you dumpster trash players 😂

  19. That metal pipe sfx at 1:08 is golden

  20. Day 38 of asking spookston to play BT-42

  21. Does bro not realize you cant aim the turret vertically?

  22. love the cnc generals music in the background lol this vehicle does look like something from the game

  23. long range with this mate

  24. only reasson I am here is becouse I want to see spook get killed by cas

  25. I knew this thing would be dog ass to play mainly because all it has is missiles and its a 1 tap like anything else with a fat rack of missiles. the only thing cool about it is how it looks

  26. You getting hit by that missile caught me off guard lol

  27. Johnny 5 tank

  28. im just here for the vibe man lol

  29. I think it is fine that the missile disintegrates on a collision with quite a formidable obstacles such as telephone poles or brick pillars. At least laser receiver and control surfaces definitely won’t operate after the collision. And rocket motor most likely will explode simple due to the stress.

  30. One of the reasons LOSAT what cancelled was because the missiles required about 800 meters to reach terminal velocity. Anything closer and a kill was not guaranteed.

  31. 2:00

    “Without a miss” 🤣

  32. i have got 6 kills with it lol

  33. Live, Love, Losat

  34. Oh, I’m just here for vibes ty.

  35. Definitely just here for the vibes (and memes). It’s like hanging out with an old friend, who just happens to know a lot about tanks. It’s great.

  36. Fuck war thunder and their Russian bias just glad that their shit is getting pushed in by Ukraine

  37. absourdly funny monke-philosoph

    so basically
    a metal pipe launcher


  38. I tell the Truth !!!!

    3:40 nahh im here for the trashtalking of the tank in the video while waiting for the 10 kills match

  39. We just here for the vibe

  40. Day 6 of asking Spookston to redo m3 is all you need

  41. Algirdas Radzevicius

    Twenty-ninth time asking you to play BM-8-24 (perfect low tier rocket launcher)

  42. War thunder feels like it was made as a joke like let’s see how much time and money we can make these morons spend

  43. Here for the vibe.

  44. Less here for skills you have, more here for your suffering

  45. @spookston can you play a British Challenger DS 👀🫠

  46. Belkan nllggers should be g2ssed

  47. 8:41 encounter: Reward “WITHOUT A MISS”


  48. “Worst tank/vehicle in the game”
    My man has never played with the BM-8-24 it seems

  49. imagine being a tank crew in eastern europe and someone launch a rocket powered telephone pole at your vehicle

  50. Disciple of Dagon

    LOSAT when heavy ERA and inches of cast steel: 😄
    LOSAT when pile of bricks: 😔

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