The Dumbest Tank In War Thunder

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A while ago I made a video saying that Gaijin should not add the infamous Sturmtiger (aka 38cm Sturmorser) to War Thunder, as it would probably be both frustrating to use and play against. After getting a test drive for the ungainly heavy tank turned assault vehicle, I think I was more or less correct. The 380mm rocket has abysmal velocity and loves to do no damage sometimes. It also can be destroyed if someone shoots the barrel, sending you back to the hangar real quick. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely fun for a bit, but it does get old.

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Songs used (in order from to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Makin’ A Sweep, Fire For Peace, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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The Dumbest Tank In War Thunder (Sturmtiger)


  1. What do you mean its not a good vehicle? IT’S BEAUTIFULL.

  2. So it’s basically what the kv2 was in world of tanks

  3. Sturmtiger? More like lucktiger

  4. Set up your keys to increase the ranging. Range it to 100 for up-close and 300 to 500 ranges for further targets. Rangefind key gives you a low-estimation so add 50 to 100 to whatever number it gives you. And you’ll be hitting tanks directly.

  5. Honestly, I feel like hitting a tank between its hull and turret with this thing should just lift the turret out of the tank

  6. The German Propoganda Association


  7. Nah strum tiger is funn

  8. • ••••••••••

    Just wait for the Panzerhaubitze 2000 …

  9. Don’t take this seriously

    You don’t need to angle the armor, you need to angle the barrel 💀

  10. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    i suggest you go to the Toyota, into the Armor Analytics, choose the Shturm round and see what happens to the model as it hits.

  11. Just me or does the Sturmtiger have noose on top for when you need to reload

  12. You CAN blow up the shell while its in the breech, happened to me when a leopard 1 hit me there in realistic battles

  13. It was not supposed to go directly into enemy fire. It was a backlines tank.

  14. squad up with them, firing line meme

  15. All I know that in my short time of playing COH2, I hate this thing with every ounce of hatred

    Anyways, nice vid

  16. i didnt get the vehicle. simply didnt have the time and didnt want to spend more money. (i did get a couple other premiums with the discounts..). i hope i am not missing out too much, looks like a ton of fun. the most asked vehicle ever and they decide to be dicks even on their anniversary and put it behind either too much time or a paywall… maybe for the 25th anniversary they ll devide to be nice ahah

  17. Game became such a bullshit over the years.

  18. Can someone help me i lost me warthunder acc that i used to play for 6 years

  19. damn thats why they placed it in rank IV

  20. For once, Gaijin added something the community asked for and made them happy.

  21. You can actually shoot down the shells of the Sturmtiger in flight if you catch them at the right time

  22. Don’t know why, but seeing it’s little chode of a barrel sticking strait up made me cackle soo much… lmao 😂

  23. Sees Locust, erases it. “Boss you killed a child, that’s why you’re the best boss!”

  24. cool they added forward artillery

  25. I still think of the sturmpanzer two is way better, t1 derp killing Abrams is always funny

  26. Wasteland Wanderer 1216

    Eh…… It’s HEAT-FS bait for those who have Spaded M47s,M48s and T92s.

  27. If the phrase ‘send it !’ was turned into a tank, this would be it.

  28. I love the Halo: Reach orbital strike dialogue for the opening bit

  29. I want to see that person’s killcam at 2:28 because that was one hell of a shot

  30. IS tanks are broke. They’re straight up made of stalinium.

  31. Buff the SturmTiger, give it a
    cruise missile, lengthen the reload

  32. sturmtiger = just for fun, just it, no more

  33. I had 7 kills in one battle with this thing.

  34. I believe the sturm tiger is only added so gamers could “do The funny”

  35. How do you even get that thing

  36. Long John Long Dong

    4:58 split my sides

  37. Here we go bitching and whining about everything this game does. Like every other game is perfect. Fuck off

  38. I kinda hate it cus when I try to have some fun in my tortoise I get blasted by that thing😢

  39. on jod they added artillery

  40. That c&c Generals music in the backround is just beautiful

  41. I meaannn, non-viable doesn’t have to equal unfun, eh

  42. Good thing I’m a German main so I don’t have to deal with dumb thing

  43. I need this fucking thing in my life

  44. Isn’t the speeds of several German tanks increased compared to reality? I remember it being I think the tiger. Way faster in the game than in reality. If we’re taking about realism here. I might be wrong in the tank but I remember hearing something along those lines.

  45. I dont know if Iam the only one, but I just dont see anything funny on war thunder. I dont know if Iam just strange, or there are people like me.

  46. “Wait a minute… I hate war thunder!”
    But yeah, it’s basically an artillery tank.

  47. What I learned from this video: the Sturmtiger is just a “ballpark it, it’ll probably work”

  48. Patriotism At its Finest

    I’ve killed the sturmtiger by shooting the round in the barrel. It resulted in a dopamine hit

  49. How are you supposed to get this? its not in the game

  50. Sturmtiger players have no life cuz they are foccused i feel kinda nad for them all they want it’s just some fun from da game

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