The E-100 is NOT a Tier 10 TOG II

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Source: DezGamez

Is E-100 still good, or is it like a tier 10 TOG II? World of Tanks E-100, Tier 10 Super- Tank.

It's been a while since my previous video about E-100 and let's talk about it how it feels now, in 2023… Because some are saying it feels like a tier 10 TOG II. I don't think so and here is why.

What do you think?


  1. How do you feel about E-100 in 2023? And what do you think, which tier 10 tanks are like a TOG II? Tanks, which always makes you happy to play against for easy damage.
    Have a good one and see you soon!

    • If the armor of the turret didn’t had any kind of changes( and no im not tanking about adding extra armor only, I’m talking about changing and increasing the angle a bit more so it bounces due to a better inclination) the it’s and will always be a trash tank that gets easily destroyed due to a shitty turret that doesnt have a proper inclination and it’s basically a big weakspot for those who oress the “im good at this game” button, aka 2.

    • I genuinely think the big gun is better. You get punished for peeking at aiming at people with this tank, so having to try to use the dpm with the small gun just makes you even more vulnerable. Sure the gun is way better as a gun in general but the fact that you have to angle your armor constantly makes pure trading and alpha feel way better for me

    • Sigurdur Bjarnason

      Used to love it few years ago, until thos super meta tanks came in. Chieftain, 279, kranvagn and now the Mino. I just can’t make the tank as useful for the team as I did those years ago. Frustrating because players used to fear and respect the E100. But I fell that’s just not the case anymore.
      Keep up the good work Dez, always a pleasure.

    • I still like the E-100. But the 60TP made it somewhat obsolete with the big gun.

    • Type 5 Heavy

  2. Luís Augusto Panadés

    It only buff non premium rounds: premium rounds pens it like butter. The pen is bad, the gun handling is bad, the accuracy is bad, the mobility is bad, the camo is non existente. So the vehicle is an natural underperformer. And only can be played with gold just to be bad, like all german vehicles that only works with gold.

  3. Taking your experience with them wich of the super heavy germans are the best and the worst

    • Hmmmm… For me (personally), VK 72 -> E-100 -> Maus -> Panzer 7.

    • @DezGamez VK 72 is the Clan wars tank right. I did not have that tank in such an high consideration, i believed that it was little better then the tech tree one…

  4. The Wiggle E-100 is what I call it. Moving forwards and backwards and wiggle the turret all the time. That’s the only way to survive all the golds

  5. We call E100 and Maus farmingsimulator. You just farm damage… And only thing you need is HEATS.. And you can angle.. But then you wonnt shoot in E100. Cause everytime you aim someone, youll get gold spam in ze turret.

    E-100 with 350mm effective armor on the front side of turret would be great. It would still have copula and FLP.. Or maybe bigger gun mantlet like on old non HD model..

  6. Maus is a great tank , u can’t compare it to tog ii , with field mod and bounty turbo I have moving 27kph speed which not too bad

    • Maus is the in the realm of tier ten tog ii cause you really don’t struggle to pen maus if you have decent aim

    • @Kings_ Nemesis that is because in general Maus players are bad, penning good player in a Maus is ofc not hard but its not a peace of cake either, also average tier 10 player is far from being unicum which Makes its armor pretty good

  7. We need a fun mode to build your own tanks mix turrets etc..this would breath new life into the game and be super fun and creative

  8. Like dollarplays nicknamed it “the maus house” maus is always a challenge …. The pinyata is 50 B and t 57 heavy

  9. i would argue that panzer VII is quite more a meat piniata than maus tbf

  10. in my opinion you want to play e100 with big gun and you want to 1v1 apponents you have tons of hp and 750 alpha its

  11. This tank is a pile of garbage. So is world of tanks

  12. I enjoyed my E100 with the 150mm and that’s how I 3 marked it within 170 battles

  13. Agree ! E-100 should only be played with the big gun. It’s a trading tank, unlike the Maus, coz the armor is not that good.

  14. It’s not hull-down, and that’s all people see and expect these days.

  15. Agree Maus is definitely out of the meta. Need a armour boost to the front of the turret and 10mm extra on the sides.

  16. I actually really enjoy the E100, it’s a fun tank that isn’t straight out OP yet can troll enemies if you know what you do.

  17. Nice clickbait

  18. SnapShot w/ the Big Gun – sheesh… Teach Me Your Magic Dez!

  19. Depends on mm and map.. I don’t play my E100 much.. but big gun alpha seems better..

  20. Would love a T6 Frontline, oh the TOGS…

  21. mouse need a buff with all the new op it need better armor

  22. Wachira Narongsack

    Imo, maus is beter than e100 in being a superheavy. Both of them needs gold to be good against other heavies. I have both of them but i like my maus more than my e100. But i havent tried the small gun on e100.

  23. e100 is plain bad, i am at 56 % wr overall and about 2.5 k wn8 overall, so thats me and i think e100 is a bad tank, its trash. I would at any point prefer to sit in a 5A and move fast and shoot accurate. I have never found any reason to waste 6 million creds for an e100, same for maus to be honest, all the german superheavys only work if all enemys are braindead, but if you have only ONE enemy with atleast ONE working braincell, german super heavys become dmg pinatas especally tanks like vk k and pz kw. 7, vk k can atleast trade and thats it. Don’t buy german heavys they all suck, change my mind.

    • Agree on E100, but Maus is a good tank, I thought same, until I played it. Thing is, average Maus player is bad and you are good, so yeah in this case Im happy to see Maus, more hp to farm, but average player is far from being good, and when you position correctly, angle perfectly, Maus can bounce and farm, Maus has insane survivability, 3.5k hp and good player prob bounces another 3k on average per game, so its like 7.5k hp. You have sick trading potential.

  24. I stopped playing it coz every game my turret was full of cheese holes from prem ammo. Too slow and armor from 2015

  25. I still use the big gun exactly for the memes. The small gun with gold rounds will usually do more dpm.

  26. FV 215b is the true tog II of tier 10

  27. I never played with E-100 but i would also not call maus a tier 10 tog, I think Maus is the most influencial tank i ever played maybe IS-4 would be even better. And i mean it becouse tanks like kranvagen and other boaring hulldown tanks are uselles when it comes to pushing in the open. When Maus is in the open the only thing u can pen is small lower plate and turret if u dont angle enough. +it has 3300+hp. And is4 has about the same armor as Maus but it is much faster and has a much smaller siluete.

  28. Face on the majority of the E-100 should be 340 mm thick so majority of heat shells at tier X has slightly under 50% pen rate. If a Russian med can have 400mm plus, E-100 can have 340mm at least.

  29. Only game where I love e100 and maus is war thunder …in that game …well its german need to be usless

  30. Correct! Tog II is a way better tank tier for tier!

  31. Really wish they buff the frontal superstructure of the jadgE100. At this moment it feels even weaker than the maus frontal turret.
    I can survive the troll gun, but pls just buff the armor so it can survive longer.
    At the moment its just like a tier 10 sturer emil

    • lol no, last thing this game needs is a JagdpanzerE100 which can sit hull down.

    • @Janis Karklins I dont mean overly buffing it. Just add maybe extra 30-40mm to the front. The current 220mm thickness is totally inadequate.

  32. That shot to the Maus… I get that all the time when I’m trying to shoot while geting shot. I guess it’ some kind of server error in which only one action out of the two gets processed if both happen at the same time.
    Nice video!

  33. which mod did you use for that garage?
    this garage is much more delightful than the WG ordinary one

  34. Maus really needs a gun mantlet and apcr penetration buff.

  35. Where is tog from title? I see only shity e100 gamplay…

  36. Wow; You need to be EXTRA pay to win to get that kind of RNG!

  37. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    I will get Tiger II by this years end as my 130th vehicle, it will be a blast with retrained Ankou Girls Crew!!!

  38. maus is just straight better than E100 its armor can actually work when angled correctly ….e100 gets penned in the cheeks ….slight over angle turret penned in side turret its hopeless asf

  39. 20kmh, “paper” box turret. I can’t deny this TierX TOG2 claim.

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