THE E-25 IS FOR SALE, sigh.

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  1. I hope this video will be the response by everyone, in every thread, yt vid etc. About the E-25 haha.

    • Thats what I was going to say. In EU it’s the Mutz, not E 25 :))

    • But like someone mentioned on your main video EVERYONE on NA server gas one. All year round nearly every game has an E25 in it sometimes 3 and that’s every day of the year not just Christmas

    • wood1155 – you are correct. On the NA server everyone has a cockroach. It really isn’t a big deal anymore because they are usually played by Muppets in platoons who yolo at the start of a match.

    • Seriously though enough milking money. They need to start improving the game cuz tier 7 battles are now flooded with E25s. Money hungry pigs wargaming is

    • sixdonuts And ends up with brother’s in Arms , top gun , and so on … Yeah I like those matches , enemy team barely got time to realise what’s going on and it’s over ! 🙂

  2. Man, took me a month to earn the E-25 in a mission after they took it off the market…this cheapens my huge effort it took to win it.

  3. Well i’m one the EU server sooo nope.
    Glad i allreaddy have it :p

  4. Hopefully the E-25 wont be on the EU server, but i fear it will…

  5. I already own one but haha I’m going to enjoy these cockroach jousts and duels to the death.

  6. I dont even remeber how i got an e25. I sure as hell didnt buy it. But i have one

  7. Fucked up thing? in the techtree this thing was worth $30 US. T92 was $20 (Converted from gold prices on own)

  8. nailed it

  9. Everybody should have acces to all this rare tanks,so go f.. your self bitches!

  10. Today got a warning in the forum for asking why WG didn’t sell standard e25 without gold and xp boosters. They censored the word Greedy

  11. Wargaming are so fucking thirsty now, they’ll surely sell the Type 59 this month.

  12. King Jeremy The Wicked

    No problem with this sale, vast majority of players i see in it dont have a clue how to play it. It can be really anoying at times but i really dont understand the hype behind it. Only problem I have with it is that it promotes really bad gameplay when it’s released like this, especially when each team has 4-5 e25s. I only hope they dont sell defender again, that thing should never have been released…

  13. Nice meme

  14. Wargaming logic…

  15. Oh thanks. I would have missed it.

  16. They need shekels

  17. I’m agains This OP TD in the game. When I see one I focus it even if it means to ram it to dead to lower his HP. That machine gun on wheels I hate it. BTW I’ve been playing the game for years not putting a $.

  18. Best.

  19. So accurate in so littly time

  20. I bought my E-25 wayyyyy back haha I love playing it but every time I use it, I have to take a shower afterwards.

  21. I own one of these i dont play it because its not fun. I hate wg for continuously putting it on sale.

  22. ?????????? its become a tradition to every year put the E 25 into the calendar

  23. its now actually a panzer 58 mutz

  24. Oh! Good that I quit this game 1 year ago, because it’s run by a team of idiots! It keeps showing over and over again! If you still play this game despite all the obvious cashgrabs and fuck-ups, you might want to question your own intelligence! Still enjoy your gameplay, Circontje.

  25. Its kind of funny, in all my years of WOT I have never memorably been wrecked by what felt like an OP tank… until the Defender/Chrysler GF came along. The E-25 has never seemed like its terribly good against me by random pubbies.

  26. Wargaming’s annual meme meets the greatest meme of all time

  27. I just got mine a few hours ago and boy oh boy, I LOVE IT.

  28. 11 Wargaming employees disliked this video

  29. Oh my the tank that never ever was to be sold again oh gee ???

  30. Such a good response to the E 25!

  31. Thanks for reminding me! Give more some of that sealclubbing goodness, mmmm-hmmmm

  32. This tank is so easy to 100%moe

  33. This is another reason why l quit WOT they say one thing and do another. They almost never listen to players or CC’s. lt was removed for a reason irregardless how many are on NA it should have stayed in the bin.

  34. I personally earned the E-25 on the NA when it was a mission. I wish i could bring that shit over to EU without having to rebuy stuff. WG needs to quit fucking around and allow players to play on all servers. Even if it means having seperate stats on each server and blocking server exclusive tanks from being played on other servers.

  35. Why do they keep on selling tanks which didn’t see the class-wide nerfs due to being premiums?

  36. Everybody that got e25 doesn’t want other people to get it. So by this tradition, after i get my e25 [so i have a complete e series] i will not want it to be sold anymore!

  37. Sebastiaan De Vries

    is it a nice crewtrainer for my german td’s?i would really fance 1 then

  38. Bought it Just so I can stop bitching about E25 owners. I won’t bitch if I AM one.

  39. Glad I am playing on the eu server lol.

  40. I’m hoping the leFH18B2 will be on the NA sometime during this Advert!

  41. Boy am I glad I quit WoT like two years ago.

  42. they should just removed the the E25 all in all

  43. Where are your parents WG?

  44. I don’t know all the fuss. I bought one last time, it didn’t magically improve my gaming, it turned me into a magnet because everyone wants to kill you out of white fear, sometimes even your own team members hate you having it! And I’ve seen plenty of other players just as bad with it die just as fast for driving it. When you see someone shoot up the map with it, they would have done it anyway with any tank probably.

  45. Pz 2 J next pls

  46. im so hopefull now that they sold the e25 that they’ll sell what i want….the defender lol im still waiting….

  47. I was planning to buy defender and waiting for it but after I saw e25 sale , I just gave up and I wont buy anything from wot again, they are liar. Merry Christmas

  48. PickelJars ForHillary

    I hope every War Gaming employee dies the most painful death from ass cancer for this.

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