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Source: OddBawZ

The T14 in War Thunder is the easiest tank to play in the game. Or… is it?

The T14 is a prototype heavy tank developed by the USA during WW2. It’s basically a chonker Sherman with a bit less armour than a Jumbo but a much lower profile.

It’s equipped with the usual 75mm cannon but what it lacks in firepower it more than makes up for in being an absolutely awesome assault tank. This is of the very few vehicles in game you can genuinely hold W in a downtier and just do incredibly well.

If you know how to play it to its maximum ability then it’s virtually unstoppable!



  2. The down tiers you get are Ludacris

    • Listen. I manage to get a full downtier once and a slight downtier out of like 100 games since the start of the year, I’m gonna take it.

  3. I spent 80% of the time uptiered when I play the T14 and it does not uptier well with that 75mm cannon. Maybe you’re just luckier to get same tier or downtiered in it but I’ve had so few “fun” times in it I rarely take it out these days.

  4. I remember once when I killed a T14.

  5. Hey oddybawzy how did you not get shot in the machine gun hole because when I use it I do and also what other tanks /planes should I use that aren’t premiums

  6. It still blows my mind just how good at this game you are! Insane first game! As always great work, I’ve been watching you over a year now and your skills are still impressive

  7. I wish my teams where as “good” as Odd’s, last week I’ve had plenty of games where i get 6 kills and thats more then the rest of my team combined >.>

  8. can you ask chatgpt what tank to use

  9. Something is really fishy about all this gameplay and it’s not the weird Scottish accent. I guess it’s cherry picking games on a media account supplied by Gaijin to promote a useless product, must be some margin for the author of the video in it. I’d even go further and claim that he was playing against Bot’s, but there is no proof at this moment. The past videos promoting other useless premium shit has the same elements, it stinks.

  10. Intro: OMFG, Bawz. You need a handicap, it is not a competition anymore.
    Maybe you should be forced to play a neon coloured paint scheme with warning lights and a huge PA pumping Russian Hardbass on top?
    I actually would love to see that. XD

  11. Day 132 of asking Odd to play the M56

  12. Ahh another complaining about volumetric video

  13. 13:10 “We hit him with a disrespect, right?” had me laughing so hard.
    HE is a complete disrespect to light vehicles in the current meta.

    15:20 How the KV-1 is at 4.0 you ask? Isn’t that clear with all the Russian Bias in Russian games? It is because of small-pp syndrome aka they, as a nation, have a massive inferiority complex. Just look at their history, man.

    22:05 Me spotting KV-1E: “Eeeehhh… whatdoIdonowwhatdoIdonow!?!?!” *dead*
    Odd spotting KV-1E: Super efficient track-and-barrel-torture. Clean merci-kill. Over in 20 seconds… Pure skill. :O 😀

  14. 14:36 we all know the answer I’m sure, Russian bias

  15. The only problem with t14 is i never have enough ammo

  16. Half the lobby must be bots or 3-year-old children playing WT but hell I think a 3-year-old can do better than the teammates OddBawZ had on the Japan game

  17. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    I really enjoy your content oddbawz. however. this is the first time ive felt compelled to comment that I didn’t like how you spawn camped the enemy. / got so close you showed up on spawn radar. it feels incredibly unfun when the enemy team does this. I know others will be quick to tell me the enemy team wont waste a second doing the same to your team but regardless of that fact. I still try to never spawn camp. no matter what. no matter how mad or ugly the match gets. even if they are spawn camping us. and we break out and flip the game, i will never participate in the disgusting behavior that is camping spawns, due to this i feel compelled to say something. keep up the fine work providing us with engaging and interesting content, i look forward to your future videos, o7

  18. It’s wild you can have 15 kill games and still (nearly) lose rounds. I swear people don’t realise winning is worth double.

  19. I didn’t know you were scooting I thought you were mainland European

  20. Ive never had problems with dealing with this tank. I guess once you start fighting Panthers in the M4A2(75) this thing is nothing.

  21. Got into a whack fuck fight with a T14 the other day in my ARL 44 lite. Neither of us could find the other’s weak spots from like 20 yds lol

  22. @OddBawZ I’m curious about something. Owning most of the tanks in the game, having all the lions you need, and having a great deal of skill, what brings you the most joy in War Thunder? Loving the content, keep up the great work bud!

    • Making videos on it and having a big community. It’s nice to have all these virtual things but it’s nothing but emptiness without this channel!

  23. Only fun in downtier. Do not buy it.

  24. Bawz any chance we could see the t92?

  25. Can you play the Tutel (T95)

  26. I killed one today with a kv 2 that was fun

  27. Man that last team you had was invisible. You carried that team. Great job Odd

  28. Lol OB one day you will realize that there is a scouted indicator.

    No answer for an uptier at this br. Kids take user 4.3-4.7 or even better Germany 5.0.

  29. Now that you’ve used the easiest tank, can we see a video with the hardest plane? The Po-2!

  30. You should try the Centurion Mk 1 odd, it has a good gun which ufp’s panthers until 500 meters and its armor bounces Tiger I’s and Panthers even at close range

  31. you should try the SU-152 if you haven’t, big gun and good reverse gear

  32. Just wait till you get up tiered against Germany. And some scary tank destroyers can just shoot through your front plate with an angle.

  33. I’d love to see a screenshot of the economic rewards after some of these games!

  34. yes, let’s teach new players that prermiums is the only way to play this game

  35. nope, the uparmored german KV-1 is definitely better.
    no stupid weakpoint below the barrel either.

  36. Great video Mate

  37. dude i gotta be honest im just coming back for the accent. it’s pure gold

  38. wish war thunder would give my account the armor algorithm like oddz i always die in one shcot in this tank. from any tank

  39. Yea snow maps… 3 “new” ones separate from the original. One of the originals I have banned. So yea. I can not even ban the map I despise.
    We really need 5 or more bans. 1 ban was to little back then but now it is a joke

  40. the m4a3 (105) is an absolute bully tank that you can hold w in a downtier

  41. In up tiers I cant ever seem to do well in T14 as other heavy tanks like the KV seem to just outperform me. and fighting Tiger and Panther feels impossible. I just reallly hate that american cannon

  42. the damage of the hispano HS 825 from the ariete and sagittario 2 is buged

  43. RIP tank my 15 year old sharpei

    M1a1 AIM is actually the easiest for me you can utilize hulldown take a whole hell of bombs missiles and even HOT tiger missiles I have done it before more than merkava

  44. The first game shows how insanely strong this tank is, granted that it’s not a full uptier.

  45. I’m really happy I got it for free with the warbondsshop.

  46. 10:31 HOW? How do you know you’re marked on the map??

  47. Making kills in a T 14 against T 34’s that clearly have no clue about weakspots, or Spaa’s that shoot with MG’s is definetly not a sign of skill or an overpowered tank 🙂

  48. Fun fact: OddbawZ is great at war thunder.

  49. OddBawZ would you agree they need to sort the full uptier system thats in place?

    for example some tanks really struggle on a full uptier and if it was me I’d have a .7 max uptier.

  50. Meet the Big Mac machine😂

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