The Easiest Tanks to Play in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today ipeakz is going to show you why in World Tanks the Italian tank destroyers are amongst the easiest to play in the game!



  1. Mehhh we only like the Hetzer am sorry.

  2. The tier V and VI could use a top speed buff to at least 45. The tier 8’s win rate is likely due to people grinding out the actually good turret, the stock turret is cheese.

  3. Back on the days as i recall only t34-1 has that turret armor at t7 poor aim and not good hull but somehow its quite OP because its an MT and can sidescrape.

  4. The difference is that vipera has to face tier IX and X, where the armor is not as effective anymore.

  5. Please stop misusing the word “epic”. It’s so ignorant, dude. It’s also so 2013.

  6. THEY WELL Nerfed soon

  7. Guðmundur Hunfjörð

    the meta is so BORING!

  8. I hate this line, when i have it on oppo’s team i change my game mode, you cant play your heavy in normal way becouse a fucking shit is impenetrable using gold lol.. you need to do another role becouse a TD is better aromored than a heavy.. I think the entire line need a nerf, like the Vipera having all the top of the turret green easy to penetrate, the Vipera is more balanced than the entire line, sorry for my bad english i hope people will undertand my opinion

  9. They can’t really sit in front of everything, I shot one through the front with heat on the SU-152 (because why would anyone use HE when HEAT rounds have 250 pen) and landed 750 on it’s face and it wasn’t even a direct frontal shot but a side scrape angled hit and still went through the front like a lightsaber through a bulkhead.

  10. I can see now that there is no balance in the tanks now. As you can see the TD of American tanks is a very less upgrade. Imagine other countries TD has automatic reloading but in the US has long reloading. I hope that their will be a new update that the TD of US will be upgrade the reloading time and armor

    • lol E3 is a lot better than this TD, its actually could be best TD in tier 10, competing only with 268v4 and E4 is also a very good TD

  11. Wtf i dont know what easy with this tank. They move like HT,running in 30, got a gun like of a tier6, below the t7 standard, until you use premium, eats spg shells like breakfast, and easily run around in circles by fast tanks. At least MM doesnt let you join a T9 battles.

  12. how i enjoy wot, just spam gold and destroy another’s gameplay experience

  13. Andiamo!

  14. WG ruins the tanks we loved to play like the t29 or the kran, then they put this line of tanks in the game that are even way more powerful. Just doest make sense. And let’s not talk about the leaf blower arty

    • dude it doesnt make sense because its not like that, this tank is so overhyped, its not a good tank, dont believe me? get one and play it yourself, you will be very disappointed

  15. i think that rn the winrate can be only near 50 due there being most of the time equal italian tds in both teams. so as of 5 italian tds win in one battle, 5 other italian tds lose in that same battle thus overall showing us 50% winrate. give it a few months when the mm will be less filled with them and you will have matches where italian tds are matched against other tds and we prob will see increase in winrates.

  16. yesterday i had a fight in kv2 against the tier 7 smv. dude was on 600hp and coming me at frontally. then he came to face hug me. appearantly kv2 is tall enough to see his roof plate of turret and so i took his 600hp with overmatching that roof plate.

  17. i havent played wot pc in a couple yrs.

  18. Game is broken…..and another gold spammer…come on QC show some real skill play….

  19. Taking on that tank is a pain on the ass

  20. Quicky could you try mobile?

  21. Go to high ground, dump the mag in hull down position, seems easy but where’s the fun at?

  22. This was the easiest kolobanovs ever.

  23. I wish they would have made the roof armor weak on all of the italian Tds not just the viperia so they actually would have a weak spot (to higher caliber guns) and also be more vulnerable to artillery compared to some heavies. These things are the absolute worst thing to fight against in WoT, but especially when I’m just trying to enjoy my Japanese heavies and the tank is so tall that you can’t penetrate Italian TDs’ lower glacis and premium rounds are too low pen to even bother using against them while their clip potentional is so high they can one clip me in my Type 5 if they high roll a little bit.

    It just sucks shooting a premium AP round at a minotauros lower glacis, it bouncing, and then I get one clipped by HEAT ammo straight through my turret and I cant manipulate my armor like a maus because of the Type 5’s profile

  24. For me the Vipera is absolute trash. It lacks penetration unless you go after lights and meds.

  25. vipera is trash

  26. Then QuickyBaby made a video pointing this out and the rest is history lol

  27. So he was top tier but fires full premium ammo. Why?

  28. Yeah I hate how every match I play tier 8 or above, I always see an Italian td. It pisses me off

  29. Toxic hull down TD in perfectly made for it corridor map.

  30. Is this the new t29. Have we found the new king of the hill?

  31. Why does QB keep saying “undoubtebly” instead of “undoubtedly”?

  32. I uninstalled a week ago…. it is shockingly … liberating. I don’t have premium, so I don’t feel forced to log on, I am un-utter ably tired of the consistent making of new tech trees with zero modules that carry over to the next tier, I am tired of 80% crews on stock tanks (as teammates and for myself), I am *tired* of feeling that I *need* to pay to play, let alone pay2win.

    I can just watch replays and say “yep, that looked awful” and not have it have any effect on my life, as I am not going to have to log in to “play” a game that has an awful power creep/research drain system that makes me more frustrated than happy when I spend time “playing” it.

  33. dont worrie, its too shit to be nerfed

  34. These tanks have broken the camel’s back for me. I’m taking a break. Just completely fed up of the dull af meta.

  35. even the tier 6 bassotto is a great tank, the armour isn’t really there though you will bounce tier 5 mediums however it has very nice alpha damage and great camo.

  36. I just don’t know how to deal with a T9 and T10 Italian TD, no matter what tank I play, they are made to be easy brain dead tanks

  37. Vipera
    There is a very good explanation why the Vipera has a very average win rate
    In almost all the battles I have fought in the Vipera, I have been matched up against Viperas on the other team
    If the matchmaker does This consequently then since there Will be viperas on both sides.. the win/loss ratio would be close to 50%

  38. Vipera top is weak compare to normal tank counter part but vipera fire inter clip faster

  39. For a FTP player like me, the grind on this tank is hard, I hope it gets better when I FINALLY upgrade it all.

  40. The AT7 Outline is a Crysler GF

  41. I thought the thumbnail was a jagtiger 8.8 lol

  42. WG has no place for logic.Lets nerf Kranvagn, because everyone is playing it and it’s the best tank to fight 279e and Chieftain!but also creates Minotauro.

  43. 7:39 Small typo, it’s not 305 mm (God forbid you give such ideas to WG)

  44. Outlining is so buggy lmao , sometimes even stop working all together

  45. They need to have at least bad lower plate or something, it’s what a 10y old would make as a tank…

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