The El Halluf TD experience..

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Source: Circonflexes

The classic TD spot..


  1. td experience = camp off 😛

    • So what would YOU do on this map driving a slow TD with no turret?
      Camping TD’s is most often not the problem, it’s the heavies that push on to places where their TD’s cannot help them.
      Drive a slow TD – get spotted – your dead.

    • @Nico Meier spotted the td player. na but really im just sayin thats how the tds play the map.

  2. China number one

  3. mingles with circon!

    • Nice, flexing with Circon, I like a bit more, but, maybe not every week, but in 2 or monthly I guess. Circon had Q&A before, broaden that……

    • @vanvan22 I second “Flexing with Circon”. It works also as self irony, the man is not that stuck up.

  4. This tank is my most hated t8 td

    Just wanted to say that, carry on

    • Why out of curiosity? I dont play the game anymore i just watch circgod

    • @Frenchiee 96 it kinda fucking sucks

    • This is tied with the isu for me. Three marked before it surprisingly. Love the trolling hull and love the gun as well as the reverse speed. List goes baby waffle, t30 then the isu tied with fake tonk

    • I just really hate how it’s stats are jambled up, one of the worst health pools at t8 basically requires you to play a sniper role but it’s hull is of a heavy tank, yet something sneaky with 0 armor and a turret like the borsig has more health

    • Aswell as the isu, 200 more health and a bigger gun

  5. My T29 has depression. It’s a real killer.

  6. Impressive…

  7. The first shot must have clearly felt like a sudden strike from a god for this poor peasant.

    • That’s a really well aimed shot!
      I’ve seen crazier, though.
      My platoon mate once drove a Jagdpanzer E 100 on Malinovka (I think) in an all tier 10 match. I was driving a little behind him, and then out of NOTHING comes a blind shell from the enemy Type 5 Heavy using the derp, slams into the jp e 100, and penetrates the cupola.

      30 seconds or less into the game, and my friend was down more then 1400 hit points.
      THAT is a crazy shot.

    • A couple weeks ago I took a shot at an SU-100M1 that was backing off a hill in my T29, RNG made the shell loop over the hill and penetrate his roof.

  8. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I really like this TD it has that WZ-111 1-4 top gun, armor is can pull off ricochets (if they hit at the wrong angle) very high penetration (271 AP/ 340 HEAT/65 HE) and it has that Jagdtiger damage (Yes a tier 8 wields a tier 9 damage)

    • So? ISU 152 has does 750 dmg. Also at tier VIII.

    • Syahareen Sha Rani

      @Nico Meier I’m not saying the ISU is a bad tank (is just I miss the old BL 10 gun from the Obj 704) is just I really don’t like the prem ammunition that’s all …

  9. Class play and commentry.

  10. Cherry coke over pepsi max cherry any day

  11. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    That’s a nice starting position for a TD on El Halluf from that spawn. I usually go there with my TD but most of the time I have to share that space with Heavies, Mediums and sometimes Arty…

  12. But that MR 45 player is the sort of guy who subsidies F2P like me, so that’s ok, and if he’s on the enemy team, even better

    • No, fp2 games with premium options are not distributed as “a minority of players let the rest play for free”. If they play it’s because of the huge base of players to play with, the majority of which don’t pay. Remember, if you are not paying, you are the product.

    • @TheGrandexeno I don’t understand the ‘if you are not playing, you are the product’, care to explain?

    • @Mickleblade if you are not PAYING.
      It means nothing is for free, so if you are playing “for free” means you are the product offered to someone else (aka, a someone to play with or against). And that is the truth btw

    • @TheGrandexeno an! Ive understood your logic, eventually.

  13. “263 you didn’t deserve to get artied.”
    Just like William Muney says in Unforgiven, “Deserves got nothing to do with it.”

  14. that 263 did work too. good job both of you.

  15. Circon trying to land that pepsi sponsor

  16. Look at all those noobs poking that ridge top.. I never get those games.

  17. You are great man (in WoT), but that yo know !!!

  18. All these people in chat asking what the alpha is and other details

    Bruh there’s this great new invention called Google

  19. Look at the base xp of afk bot, look at players on losing side base xp

    Why is weegee punishing actually playing the game?

  20. First shot blind shot hype… End of game blind shot hype… Go to recycle bin🤣🤣🤣

  21. How does your view range stay full max even when you move???#

  22. Paul the Average

    Where is your turret Circon?

  23. I remember doing dailies for cancer grinds. I’d always have those games where I died early and the team would barely squeeze out a win. 300xp doubled! Peak efficiency!

    • It’s so nice when you can do 3k, 4k damage and still lose. Yet the moment you die early with 1/10 of that, the team suddenly wins.

  24. I liked this tank when i grinded to the tier 10 might come back to it

  25. Impressive first shot, absolute mastery confirmed

  26. OMFG I cant stop laughing , His last 2 kills = into the trash can cya later buddy! lollll

  27. Currently my only 3 marked Tier 8. I hated it when I first got it but when I got the top gun…


    • I honestly wouldn’t recommend it though. The alpha is juicy and the pen is fantastic. The gun handling behaves like a sledgehammer (too big to be a dedicated sniper, too small to be called a derp) but the entire platform is just underwhelming.

  28. Nicely played. 😁

  29. *Brutal increase in pepsi max cherry sales has been noticed*

  30. That last blind shot was beast mode!!

  31. Why these games never happen to me ??? :-))))

  32. he probz get the sexton fom first black market

  33. This man fancies himself a god? Pathetic. The biggest heresy you’ve ever said. Lost all respect for you after that.

  34. Yup, El Halluf TD still the same since 5 years ago

  35. Great shot on the Japanese heavy “I’m a God” Lol, well maybe a Demi-God. nice game

  36. Honestly, i really liked this tank (back when i used to play this game, developed and managed by a bunch of monkeys). The gun has an awesome punch, maybe my favourite gun sound, and is half-way reliable. If only the machine itself would have more than just a ton of pure fake armor and laughable 1k HP so you could play it as agressive as its meant to be played…

  37. I had a p happy game in my t32 this morning. About to buy m103 and free xp to top gun/ turret

  38. When you just KNOW where the enemy are without even spotting them and can kill them blind, THAT MY FRIEND . . . is when you know you are plying this game too much! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  39. hmm its not ISU 152

  40. Too easy. Haha!!!

  41. Nice arty gameplay 🙂

  42. Isn’t it lovely that someone who moved 50m from the cap can do so much damage and stop entire flanks? That certainly is great map design!

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